Sunday, January 23, 2011

Argentinian Air Force website hacked & hacker exposes Mendoza Ufo crash

Just been advised that the Argentinian Air Force website was hacked with a message left exposing the UFO crash in Mendoza back in 1985. This comes only a month after the Argentinian airforce agreed to officially study Ufos. RealUfos would like to know more from people in Argentina who knew anymore about the ufo incident  back from 1985 to come forward. Thanks i have added the screen captures of the hacked site below - and by the way hackers don't go to this effort for no reason:

A hacker intervened on the official Argentine Air Force (FAA) apparently to claim information about a strange event in January 1985 in the city of Mendoza.

The hack page lasted a few hours of Thursday (20) and is already standard, but it was enough that the author's message - which introduced a photograph of a pilot, and his signature on a text telling about the alleged incident in January 26 1985 - circulated on the Internet.

In his complaint, he indicates that this day has fallen a cigar-shaped object in the area of Papagayos and that a large number of military personnel and foreign national was present.

Even the daily Los Andes would have reported in the same day that a tremor shook in the region and the people connecting this to the fall of the UFO.

The full text of the hacker:

Do you know exactly what occurred on January 26, 1985?

Through a research conducted with people of the region, they said that day they seeing something, both in heaven and on part of the area where something has fallen, the place was surrounded by government agents, without naming those military foreigners.

Through the report of another person of high trust, whose name I do not think to provide, was sent to the area where, he told me he saw a cigar-shaped craft and beings within it.

Worst of all, there's a video of this accident.

Cease to lie and hide.

We hope this project they are working to address issues of UFOs in Argentina, not end up being like the rest, where you hide all sorts of information and, especially, train disinformants.

Images taken from the hacked website:

Where is Mendoza:?

(by the way Im finally back into my daily Ufo blogging after numerous issues with broken laptops travelling and flus .. daily updates non stop now!)

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Chachico said...

hey i have the images of the hacked website. By the way, i love this site :)[email protected]/sets/72157625756298591/

use them at free will.

Anonymous said...

Preventing any of these governments to misinform or train people to do so is as tough as giving up on your favorite hobby. Specially if it gives them any sort of advantage over someone else. They're so stuck on the primitive, competitive state of mind, wake up!

Anonymous said...

Going to the link posted above displays:

This member is no longer active on Flickr.

They're really desperate to keep this one quiet.

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