Friday, January 28, 2011

DR. ROGER LEIR on The Turkey UFO incident

The Turkey Ufo recording, one i consider too good to be true was recently talked about by Dr Rodger Leir. Would like to know your opinions on this as well.
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Michael said...

This is amazing if it's real. I only say "If" because you never REALLY know for sure. They look like every sci-fi movie version of the so-called greys. Sort of like an underdeveloped human.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a fake. This UFO appeared a few times, always from the same two(? looks like front and side view) angles? If you would know a UFO hotspot where you can shoot such astonishing pictures, would't you buy a better camera or lens after you saw that thing a few times? Digital zoom is nothing but crap. And besides that, is that all material which is available? Nothing without so much zoom? No footage where you can see how that thing moves or at least disappears? And this guy is the only one who filmed that thing? What are the odds?

Trstknow1 said...

If this is real then there's your smoking gun.

Far Out! said...

Wow! if everyone had 200mm lenses with electronic doublers there would be so much hard evidence like this around. wow again, i am convinced.

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