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Ufos over Vancouver Island on January 22, 2011 - Chemtrail connection ?

Would like to hear from as many people as possible who also spotted the bright light seen near Vancouver Island recently on the 22nd as a reply to this post.. What on earth was going on there.. Ufo? .. some test? Your comments appreciated. Also the Examiner paper discusses a Chemtrail link to this recent sighting.

Mr. Stammberger estimates that as the object first became visible he was facing North and that it was approximately 5 kilometers distance from his location. The second appearance took place at a range of 3 kilometers while he faced towards the West. “That was huge. I film the moon from up here some nights and I think that [object] in the sky looked about half the size of what a full moon looks like. It was quite big and it lit up a significant portion of the sky.” There was more to the sighting than just a big mysterious flashing light. The camera captures what appear to be structural elements of the UFO suspended from the sphere. He described how, “When I zoomed in you could see what looked like a metallic body that hangs down below [the object]. I turned away to get the camera on a tripod and as I turned back the object had turned back into a ball-shaped sphere of light. So it seems to have some sort of shape-shifting or morphing ability.”

“Maybe they’re doing something to contribute to cleaning up the chemicals that the military jets have been dumping in the sky over British Columbia,” explained IslandOnlineNews’s Fritz Stammberger. A spectacular UFO was captured on video by a Vancouver Island online news service as it flew below the clouds over the provincial capital last Saturday night. This story is the subject of today's new episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition . Mr. Stammberger spoke to this reporter from his Victoria, BC location, describing how a large, luminous object appeared “half the size of the full moon” from his rooftop location where he taped the event.

“We were really sort of stunned at that one. It was a fast fly-by, there was no wind, it went directly over my head. During that one I experienced a little bit of fear because I could see the object a few miles off. And it approached very rapidly, it came directly over my head [while I was travelling in] a small rowboat. So I did experience a little bit of fear wondering what it was going to do, if it was going to do something. But it just sort of kept on clipping by right overhead and off into the distance. We were just sort of stunned. They guys on the boat, they had a little more to say. But actually just the day before that happened, I filmed what I believe is the same UFO over downtown Victoria.”

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Anonymous said...

looks like the sun setting in the distance through the clouds

Anonymous said...

I saw the video and emailed Victoria Chek Six news about it because I couldn't find anything on it. They responded by saying it was flares from a search party. I think they should investigate a little better because there is no way those were flares.

Anonymous said...

the same night i saw sumthun flying from west to east over white rock. it was moving pretty fast and had a wiggle motion to it. i have seen a few too many things that i know were not planes that seem to strange.

have you noticed all the sighting latley around the world? really strange kinda exciting too! mastaD

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i saw a UFo off saltspring island 2 x in may 2011

a cylindrical sphere in the day, and not a plane or helicopter, hovering and then disappeared,,
it is real, there is no doubt

i do not drink or take drugs, and i have a witness who is a spiritual lady there who saw it as well
she seemed unshocked and told me they live at both poles of the earth
the ships can leave from the inner cities they have

all i know is it is bizarre and yes real
and man is a jerk to not care about this
man is so selfish greedy, a horrible race and uses less of out brain powers than we could
we ruin our families with emotions and standards set by the illumanati or the masons that control the money and world systems
and they are just evil controllers
i think we need visitations from more peaceful planets
to teach us a lesson
i have no real theories on any of this
except if they are angels of light and good
let them land

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