Thursday, January 27, 2011

RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when near a UFO

An interesting case here in UFO History. A RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when approaching a UFO. Pilot was never found after leaving RAF Binbrook in 1970.
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Anonymous said...

This is just one example,why Pilots
don't want to mess with these things!
"I had heard!Documentary" that in some cases where a plane, was to get too close to a ufo..that is, within the crafts operating energy field!
the plans structure would be weakened, and it would just fall apart, not good!!
But this doesn't always happen, which makes me wonder whether the
event is deliberate, or not!?
So we can appreciate a Pilots concern,..don't get too close!
The ETs-ufo. know what their doing, but does the Pilot?..when messing with their technology!

We need to know more!.......?

Anonymous said...

RAF files on this incident were declassified some time ago. A thorough enquiry was held into the case and the findings are summarised here:

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