Saturday, April 23, 2011

Firefighters spot Ufo lights over North of Holland in Rotterdam ?

It seems that i got some facts incorrect over this recent report
A reader has corrected me:
The firemen, in the newspaper, did not see an UFO, but they saw ''mysterious'' lights that resembled flames. Nothing was actually ''flying'' yet, but the strange thing is that they found nothing in the area. Which is strange since the drought and the large fire hazard that is related to . 
And the area is Bergen not Rotterdam.
Here is one news article on it
Posters comments:
The newspaper of today tells of a strange, amber-fire like sighting in the dunes of ''Bergen'' (North of Holland). A resident of that area noticed it, his description is: ''between a moving and flickering'' light. He called the fire deparment because of recent activities of a pyromaniac in the area. Firemen, a police helicopter to track fires and persons and firetrucks were dispatched to the area. They found nothing, but several firemen confirmed the sighting which did not resemble flames. This all happened around 0:30 nighttime. Normally I would discard this as an UFO but see it as a fire, but since the sighting from ''Rotterdam'' is on your site, this maybe can be related to it.
Previous Ufo sighting from nearby  Rotterdam back in March 2011

Lights or lanterns over Georgia ?

Further footage of those lights over Georgia the other day. Im thinking lanterns but would like your feedback on this one:

Siberian Alien Confirmed as a hoax !!

Confirming the obvious - the Siberian alien footage was confirmed as an elaborate hoax:

Literally: Siberian ‘alien’ WAS a hoax made out of a loaf of brea:

*Cockney rhyming slang for ‘dead’
 Teenage pair quizzed by police over hoax in the snow

We said it was too good to be true and, sadly, it was.
 The students behind the discovery of an alien’s body at a UFO ‘crash site’ have admitted that it was a ‘crummy’ hoax made out of stale bread.

Friends Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19, shot the video that showed the alien’s mangled remains frozen in snow in Irkutsk, Siberia.

The pair were questioned by police over their ‘extraterrestrial discovery’ but admitted to their stunt.

Continued reading here

Ufos over MaryBorough Australia

RealUfos is calling on Aussies from the town of MaryBorough to reply to this post if they know more about the recent sighting over their town in March 2011 - could THEY have just been lanterns?

MARYBOROUGH’S UFO phenomenon remains unsolved after government authorities and weather experts yesterday failed to explain strange orange lights sighted by hundreds of residents during the past week.

The Chronicle was bombarded with phone calls, emails and visitors all day yesterday after publishing a story on the hovering objects, which appeared in the night sky above the city last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday.

While all residents had similar descriptions of the glowing balls of light and their slow movements back and forth across the sky, the story did take quite an eerie twist – no one was able to successfully capture the unidentified objects with a camera.

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Orbs or balloons over MEXICO April 2011 ?

There is controversy over this video filmed over Mexico recently -
Balloons or orbs what do you think?

Friday, April 22, 2011

UFO mass Ufo sighting over Texas - the Lubbock Lights 1951

The Lubbock Lights were an unusual formation of lights seen over the city of Lubbock, Texas, from August-September 1951. The Lubbock Lights incident received national publicity and is regarded as one of the first great UFO cases in the United States.

Where is Lubbock?

Alien Creature Filmed In Fontainebleau April 2011 ?

Ok we have decided to post this video as the creature does look a little bit more legitimate than that fake alien seen over Siberia. Footage filmed by a family camping in the forest of Fontainebleau, France, April 2011. They throw fire on a stick at it at the end which i think you wouldn't do if it was a child right?
What ever this object was it was (whether small child with a claw) it was alive.
Would appreciate your comments and opinions on this alien sighting - real or fake ?
The way it hides behind the tree and then grabs is similar this sighting.
Recommend viewing at full screen - press square at the bottom right of the video

April 2011 Ufo reports from our readers

A few reports from the numerous emails we receive every day about Ufo sightings. If you spotted Ufos in regions similar to those mentioned below please respond to this post.
If you have had a Ufo sightings yourself recently please submit to us using the 'submit' button above.

April 20, 2011 - in Kansas City, MO, near Raytown
I saw something odd. I was standing on my porch and what appeared to be a flaming ball of something sailed through the sky heading west-ish (I suck at direction). I'm thinking it was either a meteor or something man-made, like a flare... the only thing, the tragectory seemed to be a straight line... Not arched like it would be if it were a flare shot from the ground. It was also moving faster than a flare (I think). It burned orange and blue, with sort of a sparking/sparkling tail. There was no pop like there would be if it were some sort of firework. I was actually looking up if there had been a meteor sighting when I found this site. I only saw it for a few seconds before it passed over the roof of an adjacent building and I lost visual, but it left me speachless. I couldn't tell how far away it was or how big it was and it was sometime around 9:00pm. I'll also say, I'm a doctoral student in a social science field

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
i saw a huge triangle object in the night sky i could make out the outlined because it blacked out the other stars in thes sky. It has 3 big lights forming a triangle, they weren't bringht, almost dim but easily viewable. It flew overhead the 3 lights were very large, unlike any plane, helicopter, star i've ever seen. It moved extremely fasted, it flew across the entire sky in a matter of 10 seconds. Totally Silent. It happened in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, April 20th at 1130 pm. I was facing northbound.

stepped outside just now with my dog. time is 8:19 pm west liberty iowa . something caught me eye from the south . i look and something huge i mean like a mile long at least or bigger. it had three very bright lights triangle in shape. this is the first thing i have ever seen that gave me goose bumps . i have never seen any thing as big as this in the sky. it was traveling from south to north . i just cant stop thinking about how big this thing was . it came in fast then slowed and stayed at a steady pace until out of site. i yelled at my wife who also came out and watched it . all i can say is WOW unreal. i hope someone else in the area saw this .

It's was like 5.15 in the morning. I was walking to my bike in my garden goiing to work and I looked in the sky as always and notised in the clear sky this object goiing a little faster than a sattelite. It was moving from north to south and it was brighter than any star of again sattelite i've ever seen. It was so bright that it lit up the fog clouds a little.

Ufo over Oregon 04/19/11

Strange craft - looks like a plane but is it? (I have a feeling i posted this video recently)
Oregon - Moving silently past stars and less then 500 feet overhead with a strong red pulsating
Please let us know if you live in Oregon and spotted a similar object recently.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secret memo shows president Kennedy demanded UFO files 10 days before death

Update: Documents have not been confirmed authentic (anyone have further information on this?)

An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book 'A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.'

Continue reading 

1963 memo written by JFK to the CIA director asking for a report on UFOs to be shared with NASA.:

UFO Crash In Del Rio Texas

Interesting Ufo crash case here in Texas from way back in 1950:

The story begins at the White House on the morning of December 6, 1950. President Truman received a shocking call from the Pentagon. Truman's Secretary of State would later write that our "early warning radar system in Canada had picked up a formation of unidentified objects...all interception and defense forces were alerted."

The Red Alert or Def Con 5, whatever they called it, only lasted an hour or two and when it was over it was characterized as a false alarm, some kind of mix-up. Newspaper reports offered a couple of explanations for what had been seen on radar--a flock of geese, atmospheric conditions or friendly aircraft.

But, FBI documents released decades later under the Freedom of Information Act seem to indicate there was a lot more to it.

Author and Physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee compiled FBI documents into the flying saucer mystery, many labeled, “Security Matter Dash X”.At that time, the government publicly was claimed flying saucers didn't exist … confidentially it was a very different story.

One document in particular caught the eye of researchers written on December 8, 1950, "regarding flying saucers" "this officer very confidentially advised by army intelligence...that they have been put on immediate high alert for any data whatsoever concerning flying saucers."

Maccabee’s found the military document very telling, “the counter intelligence corps has plenty of other things to do besides looking for flying saucers information. So, there must have been something that happened.”

The immediate assumption is that it had something to do with the Red Alert two days earlier. Other documents indicate radar had picked up 40 UFO's at 32,000 feet traveling at incredible rates of speed toward Washington.

 But the story gets even stranger...

A pilot named Colonel Robert Willingham claimed he was flying out of San Angelo when he was alerted by a radar operator that a UFO was headed toward him. According to Willingham the object traveled faster than and maneuvered unlike any aircraft he'd ever seen and it crashed south of Del Rio, Texas.

Continue reading at Article Source

Trianglular craft Ufo Cambridge April 11th 2008

An older video here. Shows some type of Trianglular craft Ufo over Cambridge. If anyone has further information on this sighting, which i have been told was filmed on  April 11th 2008 then  please reply.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No we won't post that video of the dead alien over Siberia !

We have been emailed about this dead alien numerous times daily but to put it simply, posting it here would be an insult to our intelligent readers. There are obvious reasons why we won't post that video of the dead alien over siberia  - its a fake. Leaked by a popular gossip website it has done the rounds on the web and sadly i was shocked the main stream media had the video up as a legitimate story.
Virals videos bring in the hits and this equates to quick exposure for many websites, and as shameful as it is, both the media and some websites can't resist this exposure, even if they are complete fakes or junk news stories.
Long gone are the days of investigative reporting as most media today is simply reduced to entertainment for designed short attention spans.
Here at RealUfos we won't do this - I know our readers have brains!
Yes it is true there were numerous ufo reports over Siberia in February this year but thats about it - nothing about ET's were mentioned by the locals.
Infact the whole video is nothing new as in 2007 there was also a fake alien discovery video in Siberia that got thousands of hits on youtube only later to be revealed as a sneaky viral video campaign for a Sony Playstation game.
You can see what all the talk about is here but we won't embed it on the website.
I would still like your opinion on the video and your welcome to reply to this post with your comments.

US Jetliner Avoids UFO - Pilot comes forward

Once again outlining the major threat that Ufos pose our passenger aircraft a US pilot (close to retirement) has come forward with this photo and description of his Atlanta bound craft which had a repeated Ufo encounter:

We spotted these objects on a flight (mid-Sept. 2002) from Washington DC to Atlanta from an MD88, at altitudes ranging from 15,000’ to 20.000’ at a speed of 515 MPH or about .75 Mach. At first they appeared to be meteorites. The objects were moving incredibly fast, however they were moving too slow for a shooting star. 

The objects appeared six times throughout the flight; we attempted to track the objects by banking our aircraft-- we were limited to the amount of roll we could apply to the aircraft because we had a full load of passengers and did not want to alarm them. The objects did not interfere with our flight path in anyway, we changed our course to match theirs. I have witnessed a few strange things during flights but I must say these were the most intriguing.

Source C2C

Berthoud Ufo lights Lights

Atronomer comes forward with photos of strange Ufo lights over Berthoud
 From this article the Berthoud Ufo lights
On Thursday April 7, 2011 my night astronomy class traveled to a dark sky site on CR 10 two miles north of Berthoud High School. We had a 16 inch telescope, 10 Celestron Binoculars, and a Cannon 450 with a 200mm lens and tripod. We were all set for a night of observing and astrophotography when those "strange lights" appeared. This time we had a clear view of the eastern horizon and could watch these lights interact with each other. At times they would remain stationary in a triangular formation and then they would approach each other. The strangest event was when one light hovered above another and shot what appeared to be a beam of very bright white light to the lower object. We watched these lights from 8:00 until 9:30 pm and then called it a night. I captured at least 18 images with my 200mm lens and posted a few below.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ufo Over Las Vegas 4/4/2011 8:30PM

Further on into this video you will see when the image freezes you see something strange - what was this object? Anyone else in Vegas recently see something resembling a Ufo?

Posters comments:
I went out to my patio and looked up at the sky and noticed an object in the sky. I called my wife to look at it and she also thought it looked strange. I tried to take vidoe on my iphone but I had it in camera mode so I was able to take a quick picture before my battery died. I went inside and grabbed my camera and filmed 16 seconds before the battery died in that. So, I finally just grabbed my laptop and utilized the hd webcam to record 25 minutes of ameteur video. I will upload soon. What you are going to view is the 16 seconds plus the still picture zoomed in.

Day light Triangle Ufo Over Temecula, California 2011

UFO formation or Triangle shaped craft over Temecula Valley, California April 2011

The Buzz - Did you see those Ufos over Canada recently 14th April 2011 ?

I have received numerous emails from people about a spate of Ufo sightings over Canada recently starting on the 14th April 2011.
Im trying to piece together what happened here from all your reports. Some people saw the object was large and had a strong blue light - if you know more please respond to this post.

Ottawa On. April 14 my son and I were watching tv. My son said there was a bright star out the patio door which faces west. The time was aprox. 10 pm. We took our binoculars to have a closer look, clearly not a star but we could not figure out what it was

Bright huge ufo spotted ober Edmundston New Brunswick, Canada

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Montana film from the 1950's

As mentioned briefly in the NAACP File in the new FBi file release.
The Montana film shows evidence of the parallel Ufo orbs often filmed all over the world.

Over over ottawa canada 15th April 2011

Anyone also spot this bright light over Ottawa Canada the other day?

This was filmed on 04 15 2011 around 11pm near heron and walkley road

UFO 14th April 2011 over Rockingham, Western Australia.

Ufos were back the next day over Rockingham, Western Australia:

Posters comments: I was on the phone to alexi and he's in South Australia. As we were doing our investigation I noticed two binary lights also known as the twins. They seem to maintain the same distance between they also seem to travel in the same Direction with out fault and they are both at the same brightness. I have seen the twins a couple of months ago! But their appearance is very Rare. Also the twins have Been spotted all around the globe.

Recent FBI Roswell memo leads to call for full disclosure on the incident

With the recent FBi file release on Roswell from a FBI informants memo confirming that a crashed ufo disc was infact retrieved in 1947, previous witnesses testimonies are now being seen in a new light.
We can no longer ignore the numerous family members who have come forward over the years and the death bed confessions from officers stationed at Roswell during 1947 who knew what actually went on there.

Now that the FBI has come clean with the leaked memo - which is simply the tip of the iceberg, many are asking that they come clean and release all the further files on the incident. If the Obama administration really wants transparency and to set the record straight on Ufos they will have to start by disclosing what really happened in Roswell back in 1947 first.  A clean state is needed here for people to trust the government. Once thats explained everyone will then be asking what else have they kept from us over all these years - surely this 60+ year old lie has gone on long enough?

Here's some Roswell Witness Stories that have been around for a while:
These are real testimonies from family members and those stationed in Roswell when the incident occurred:
Beverley Bean, whose father, Sgt. Melvin E. Brown, was an American soldier, stationed in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. She recalls he told her as a child that a crashed flying saucer was found in 1947 and aien bodies were found. He served under major Jesse Marcel who also came forward before his death saying that a Disc did crash at Roswell
(Please ignore the crazy interviewer at the start of this - she does have interesting things to say about her father)

Part 2

Part 3

Roswell Confessions New Witness Testimonies

What a Father Saw, Part I - Sgt. Homer Rowlett's daughter
Click here for video
Larry Rowlett recalls his dad, Sgt. Homer Rowlett, describing government threats for talking
Click here for video
Pat Bush's sister in law, Miriam, told her that she saw an alien move. Bush shares tales of being tailed ever after.
Click here for video
Savage Dodson says his high-security status wasn't enough to get past MPs guarding something the government says didn't exist.

The Interview with Major Marcel

My focus in this presentation is to present a clearer picture of the man who was - and remains - at the center of the Roswell controversy; my father, Jesse Marcel, Sr.. I realize that my duty to my father is to present him as the man he was, as accurately as possible. As such, I feel I am the only living person truly qualified to wield the brush. I hope I serve his memory well. Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. MD

Strange bright light over Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Ufo over the river in rio de janeiro ovni

Cluster of Red UFo lights over house in Moscow Russia

Bright red ufo orbs very low over some houses in Russia the other day.
Did anyone in Moscow also spot this? If so please reply with a description of what you saw.