Friday, October 16, 2009

Strange ufo like cloud again - this time over mexico city

Yet another weird cloud formation just in - this time in Mexico City.
Although its likely a lenticular cloud (a natural cloud phenomenon), it does make you think that there is some huge mothership there when you look up in the sky!

Just a reminder for those who missed it the spectacular light cloud seen over Moscow a week ago - scientists now say that it can be easily explained away as some optical illusion caused by an inversion of unusal artic air and the sun shining through creating a 'halo like effect' - but what do you think?

Tall Ets at Silbury Hill - police report & the UK army - what's going on ? Do you know more?

I have received information that the issue of the 'Tall beings' in the Uk is being treated as a major issue and is being taken seriously by the authorities over there. Back in July this year i wrote a post about a police Sergeant who submitted a report about how he chased 2 tall beings off a crop circle over there ... well now the story on this has developed somewhat:

There's alot more thats going on at Silbury Hill that hasn't been mentioned to the public and they have the right to know about this issue. After the police sergeants report about tall humanoid beings being seen near a crop circle many more people have come forward about seeing these tall beings near by - no joke! Apparently the issue is being taken seriously by the UK Army who have been seen monitoring the fields there.

RealUfos would like to know more from anyone who's been near Sillbury Hill and seen or knows anything about these tall humanoids? - please respond to this post below.

Click here to read the updated report by Mr Andrews Police Sergeant SilburyHill

Silbury Hill - UK - home of crop circles, weird relic hills,and now the tall beings:

Amazing triangle UFOs again this time in Michigan - similar to Cardiff UK footage

Here's that big triangle object thats been circling the world... this time it was caught in SE Michigan.
If its the same ones as the object filmed over Cardiff in the UK then its begs the question - are we looking at the same object here, and if we cant discount it as a satellite then what exactly is it?
10/11/09 at 10:37pm in SE Michigan
Again seen recently in Cardiff UK

Should we be ConCERNed ? Future signals may be warning us not to restart the LHC

As you may know Cern's LHC - the Large Hadron Collider was shutdown late last year due to malfunction. Now 2 scientists say signals from the future may indicate that the CERN LHC failure in September 2008 was not a random failure and the machine should not be restarted.

As you may know the LHC seeks to produce the god particle (theorised Higgs Boson particle). By recreating the exact conditions at the start of the universe scientists are trying to understand the conditions just after the big bang. On 19 September 2008, the operations were halted due to a serious fault between two superconducting bending magnets. Due to the time required to repair the resulting damage and to add additional safety features it will be restarted again next month - November 2009.

This is where 2 scientists say we should be conCERNed :

A pair of otherwise distinguished physicists have suggested that the hypothesized Higgs boson, which physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be so abhorrent to nature that its creation would ripple backward through time and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

The two also speculate that God may have shut down the LHC to keep it from discovering the elusive Higg’s Boson, or ‘God particle’. For proof denies faith and without faith, God is nothing.
Neilsen added: “It must be our prediction that all Higgs producing machines shall have bad luck. .”
Article source - read more

Regardless of the theories there are still major safety issues at stake here. Re-creating the environment just after the big bang is not an exact science and who knows what is going to happen:

Also i have heard much controversy surrounding funding of the LHC collider by CERN. If you read Angels and demons book by Dan Brown you would have known that antimatter (an extremely dangerous weapon & energy source) was created by the LHC and stored for energy research. Well the LHC actually does have the ability to produce antimatter and research into storing this matter is heavily under way there. Note it is extremely rare and hard to produce so its still a questionable topic at the moment .
However is it no coincidence then that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) which obtains funding from nuclear power companies - provided most of the 6 Billion dollars for the project ? - are they looking for a more powerful alternative to nuclear power but keeping this under the wraps? Who knows its still a possibility..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ufo in Fellingsbro Sweden

Amazing Large Triangle Ufo over the UK - 13th october 2009

Very interesting video here: a close up of some orbs in Triangle formation (or are the 3 lights markings at the edge of something solid that is 'cloaking' the background?). Filmed looking out a window in the Uk 13th october 2009. If anyone else witnessed this please let us know.

Mystery Quest Area 51 - Don't miss it

If you missed Mystery Quest Area 51 on History today (like me!) then its ok its airing again over the coming days (see here for times).

Mufon Nevada State Director, Mark Easter, will head the expedition. The goal of this program is to uncover information on a recently declassified Black Project called "Oxecart."

If you saw the show today - then what did you think of it?

Newly declassified documents are providing the opportunity for a deeper investigation into whether governments around the world are engaged in a cover-up of UFO research. MysteryQuest's expedition and science teams travel to locations in the Nevada desert and in Utah to investigate. Using state of the art technology they investigate these covert US government sites looking for clues about what the government may know. And they experience just how much the government wants to keep its secrets when military helicopters and a fighter jet shadow the team on their trek near the base.

Anyone see that Object over northern Germany ?

I've been getting emails about a meteorite over Germany yesterday.
Would like to know if any of you saw it and took any photos? If so please respond

Berlin - almost exactly at 19 clock on Tuesday evening, lit the sky over parts of Germany. A little later reported to police and fire departments in Bremen, Hamburg and Lower Saxony eyewitnesses reported a "flaming ball" or a "luminous object in the sky".

According to a police spokesman in Bremen, some have observed the caller that the ball "crumbled and fallen to the ground" was. To a plane crash, it had not acted reasonably. "Are found in Bremen and Lower Saxony, no explosions or damage has been found," said the spokesman. "We believe that it has acted in a meteorite."

The object:
Source continue reading

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ecuadorean Military say some Ufos are extraterrestrial

More translation from the Ecuadorean Military coming forward on Ufos:

Exponential increase in Ufo news volume according to google

After looking at Google news archives - the news volume reports for Ufo sightings seem to be increasing an exponential rate.

While taking into consideration obvious variables like increased population (thus reports),the uptake of the Internet (early 90's), youtube, the influence of popular culture shows like the Xfiles (93-03) and more recent news being added to googles archive than old reports - there is still an undeniable trend line from 60's onwards indicating an unrelenting increase in ufo news volume.

Note - From 2005 onwards you can see a steep increase in reports and i assume this was after the advent of youtube (a pivotal medium for ufo disclosure) in late 2005?.

So where is all this taking us..?.

Its likely the trend reflects a change in the public mindset when it comes to Ufos - whereby the media are more likely to publish reports because the public has become more interested in the topic over time. Ultimately the point will come when the Ufo topic reaches 'mass momentum' and public will be able to hopefully tolerate eventual disclosure.

Would like to hear your comments on this .. do you agree Ufo reports are on the increase every year?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dumping of the US Dollar starts - as predicted by the web bots

As long predicted well over a year ago by the web bots the collapse and dumping of the US Dollar is starting to occur. The days of the US dollar as a global trading currency are coming to a halt as countries slowly stop trading with the dwindling currency. This is meant to kick start a series of events going into 2010 which will change the United States drastically over the coming years.

Recent news article:

The US dollar is falling sharply against currencies around the world. Since March it has lost 9 per cent of its value against the yen, 17 per cent against the Canadian loonie, 18 per cent against the euro and 40 per cent against the Australian dollar.

And the price of gold rose to an all-time high of $1040 an ounce in the past week, partly on fears over the future of the greenback as a store of value.

The divergence between Obama's Nobel honour and the marketplace repricing of his country's future would appear to be a stark lesson in the difference between hope and reality. Hope for Obama's plans may soar, but his ability to meet those hopes is shrivelling with the value of the currency.

But serious people are troubled. Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, said last week that "the US would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar's place as the world's predominant reserve currency".

And even a political sympathiser of Obama's has warned that America could be about to suffer "a punishing dollar crisis".

A former US deputy Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, Roger Altman, wrote at the weekend that while the US recession may be a problem today, it pales into insignificance next to the danger of America's vast government debt.

The "dismal deficit outlook poses a huge longer-term threat", he wrote in the Financial Times. "Indeed, it is just a matter of time before global financial markets reject this fiscal trajectory."

And that, of course, implies a savage sell-off of the US dollar. And the consequences "could jeopardise the entire recovery" of the American economy.

Translation of the Ecuador Military Ufo Disclosure interview from 2008

Thanks this poster for providing a translation of the Ecuadorian Military interview from last year - their military came forward last year talking about 2 Ufos that were chased by its jet fighters:

Ufo shoots down laser? - night vision Murrysville, PA

Filmed Oct. 10, 2009 Murrysville, PA - filmed using night vision, is this some military craft or a Ufo beaming down a laser? It is interesting to note that Pennsylvania has been the spot of many ufo sightings according to this poster

Location: Murrysville Pennsylvania, in Westmoreland County -- where the Kecksburg UFO crash happened years ago. Multiple UFOs seen there almost nightly (except when raining for some reason).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scientists 'puzzled' over moon bombing no show

This interesting article from New Scientist which looks at the 'no show' which was the bombing of the moon. Considering the numerous anomalies on the moon i guess its no coincidence this 'mystery' happened?

In the final minutes of its plunge toward the moon, NASA's LCROSS spacecraft spotted the brief infrared flash of a rocket booster hitting the lunar surface just ahead of it – and it even saw heat from the crater formed by the impact. But scientists remain puzzled about why the event did not seem to generate a visible plume of debris as expected.

As hundreds of telescopes and observers watched, the highly publicised NASA mission to search for water on the moon reached its grand finale at 0431 PDT (1131 GMT) with a pair of high-speed crashes into a lunar crater named Cabeus.

During the crucial moments at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, scientists and engineers with LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) peered in silent concentration as successive images of the crater grew larger on their screens.

Nearby, some 500 bleary-eyed visitors that had gathered overnight outside mission control were watching the same pictures on a giant outdoor screen.

Yet, immediately after the scheduled impact time, there was no obvious sign of the spectacular explosion that many were expecting.