Saturday, September 08, 2012

UFO Sighted Over Bellevue, Washington

New UFO video in from Washington:

Posters comments:
Some strange lights appeared over Bellevue Washington this morning at around 5am to 6:30am. Pretty cool. Enjoy.

Mysterious Craft Over Tucson AZ: 6/09/2012

We have no idea what this object is, and would like to hear your thoughts on it:

Friday, September 07, 2012

UFO Over Bolton Lancashire UK: 31/08/2012

Strange object seen Over Bolton Lancashire - what was it?

Posters comments:
Please be patient as initially I couldn't get the strange object in my viewfinder straight away. At first I thought this mysterious object was a balloon, but it appears symmetrical and uniform in shape. The object which I have coined 'The Flying Sofa' moved silently overhead, spinning in a controlled fashion and intermittently flashing a bright, white light from its own suface like a beacon, (not light reflections from the sun) as the weather was quite overcast and the object was a dark, black colour and not metallic. It didn't look like part of an aeroplane and I'm sure any man made object/ satallite this size coming from space would have burned up in the Earth's atmosphere. Later in the video you can see how far I had to zoom in to see it, so I think the object could possibly have been between the size of a family car and a single decker bus at about a thousand feet or more as an estimate. It casually moved off, seeming to stay airborne and not falling to the ground. What could this strange and intriguing object be???

UFO Ovni - Hidalgo del Parral Chihuahua, Mexico

UFO objects caught in close range over the city of Hidalgo del Parral in Chihuahua, Mexico:

Posters comments:
Two moving objects at close range UFO ovni apparently parral chihuahua, excuse the language lol but to ignore, the resolution is a blackberry save comments the definition and language, thanks

Lights Or Lanterns? Gilroy,California: 5/09/2012

Did anyone else from Gilroy, California see these lights in the sky a few days ago?
If so, do you think they were simply lanterns?

UFO Lights Above Campbell River, Vancouver Island

New UFO news report in from Campbell River, Vancouver Island:

CAMPBELL RIVER – Strange red lights hovering over Campbell River have one woman baffled. On Sunday night, Lindsay Shann came home from her camping trip. As she unloaded her car she looked up and witnessed an encounter of the unknown. “It was totally bizarre,” says Shann.

She quickly grabbed her camera and started filming. She counted five glowing unidentified objects flying across the sky in a formation and within seconds they vanished. She called the nearest military base looking for answers.

“The Captain there told me there was nothing supposed to be flying. He took down my information and told me that he will get back to me if he need more information.”

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bright UFO Orb Descending - Poestenkill, New York: 01/09/2012

New UFO report just in from Poestenkill, New York!  If you live in the area and also saw these UFO lights please let us know as a reply to this post.

Mufon report:
Four of us were sitting in the backyard chatting. Suddenly my cousin said, startled, "what the heck is that?!?!" We all saw a reddish-orange light in the sky. It was a round-ovalish shaped object. Looked like the size of a golfball, in the sky. It slowly descended straight down at a constant rate. We were completely unsure of what it was, and a little shaken. It was nothing any of us have ever seen in the night sky. I videoed it until it went behind the horizon of tree tops. It looked large enough to have been fairly close, so we went for a ride to see if it could have landed in a nearby field (as our area is all fields and farmland) but we couldnt find anything. Our other friend commented that about 30 minutes before that, she was on the phone, on the other side of the yard, and noticed a much smaller white light (more like a large star) in the same area, that did the same thing (slowly descended straight down) ! But she got distracted with her phone call and forgot about it.

Strange Lights Or Lanterns? California: 3/09/2012

Sent in by a reader - correct me please if I'm mistaken, but I'm assuming these are lanterns?

Strange Lights - Utica, Michigan 2/09/2012

Anyone else in Michigan spot these strange lights recently?:

Posters comments:
Caught on a night vision camera.. when I went out to look at the lights they were red and orange

Dont Miss Wild X Files! 2009 Norway Spiral Investigation: 5/09/2012

Just a quick reminder to watch a great episode of the Wild X Files tonight.
This interesting mini-series is one of our new fave's at RealUFOs.
This episode re-airs today on National Geographic Wild all about the 2009 Norway Spiral. It features Nick Pope and looks into different explanations for the spiral, which many concluded to be a Russian missile test.

A look into a  mysterious spiral light in Norway.
Next Showing: Wednesday 5 September at 8:00PM - Nat Geo Wild
Repeats: Wednesday 5 September at 11:00PM - Nat Geo Wild
Friday 7 September at 12:00AM - Nat Geo Wild


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pilot Witnesses UFO Over Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador!

Apparently the story here is that a pilot films what looks like a UFO hiding in between the clouds, hovering over the active Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador:
As most people who have been following the blog over the years will know, UFO sightings above active volcanoes are extremely common. I'm not sure why this is so? May be some sort of energy source?
Best viewing this footage in full screen:

Two UFOs were allegedly caught on a pilot's video as he flew over Roncador, Ecuador in August, 2012.

UFOs Cruising Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico: 22/08/2012

An interesting report on the recent UFO sightings over the Popocatepetl Volcano.
Unfortunately it's all in Spanish so if anyone could help with a translation, that would be great!  The story of UFOs over Popocatepetl Volcano goes back over 20 years:

Where there are volcanoes there are UFOs!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Bizarre! UFO Orb Headed For Lake Erie? Michigan: 26/8/2012

UFO orb light apparently on its way to lake Erie 8/26/2012

Poster comments
Light going southeast @ Midnight in smoggy skies toward Lake Erie And something else flying caught on this session(end of video)

Dazzling UFO Lights Upon Memphis, Tennessee: 1/09/2012

Orbs, UFOs, flares or laterns? Filmed over Memphis Tennessee 1st September 2012, what could they be?

UFO Ovnis Or Lanterns? Santander, Spain: 1/09/2012

Were these bright lights over Spain simply Chinese lanterns or something more....?

Posters comments:
TAKEN THE 09/01/2012-22: 29 THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE I SAW FILMING HOPE THAT THEY UPLOAD THEIR VIDEOS. I took this video out of the Festival of the Nations, at 22: 29. I was with my two children and my husband, I was in the car when my husband tells me: look, and I I downloaded immediately, had dreams that I warned of this, I saw that had a partner who was already filming them, I film them soon because I wanted to enjoy the experience. My husband wanted to go in the car behind the flotilla but I by fear of losing sight of here not ME, Im not moving he said. They were like 7, here only focus to 4 since my camera didn't but not as crisp as I saw come out. They weren't sparklers as gained fell and were going to the right, where you were all, and it was clear that were left to see. It was a happy experience.

UFO Glows Above Tijuana, Mexico: 1/09/2012

Ovni light glows over Tijuana, Mexico! Filmed 1/09/2012

Strange Sky Lights Watching Over Snezhinsk, Russia: 2/09/2012

A strange orange light illuminates the night skies over Snezhinsk, Russia September 2, 2012.