Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pilot Witnesses UFO Over Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador!

Apparently the story here is that a pilot films what looks like a UFO hiding in between the clouds, hovering over the active Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador:
As most people who have been following the blog over the years will know, UFO sightings above active volcanoes are extremely common. I'm not sure why this is so? May be some sort of energy source?
Best viewing this footage in full screen:

Two UFOs were allegedly caught on a pilot's video as he flew over Roncador, Ecuador in August, 2012.
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Anonymous said...

On this video at: 0.37 looks to me like a large plane 747 maybe!?

but as for the other objects?
well you know the story! you might as well through it to the four winds....and we KNOW it could be clearer!!!...and should be!?

We're banging our heads against a brick wall hear, people!?

and it was asked once,Why do that?
and the answer was...because it felt good when you stoped!!:)......

Anonymous said...

This video is unlikely to be authentic. Think about this. It took only a second or two for the two "UFOs" to pass through the cloud hole. And the sky is vast. What is the likelihood for someone to happen to zoom into the right spot of the sky (the cloud hole) at the right time (a second or two)? I cannot say it's impossible. It's just too unlikely to be true. Nice try, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can agree with Anonymous:5:17pm.comment! but the camera,may have already been running for any number of reasons.lol...too good to be true?:)..........

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