Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bright UFO Orb Descending - Poestenkill, New York: 01/09/2012

New UFO report just in from Poestenkill, New York!  If you live in the area and also saw these UFO lights please let us know as a reply to this post.

Mufon report:
Four of us were sitting in the backyard chatting. Suddenly my cousin said, startled, "what the heck is that?!?!" We all saw a reddish-orange light in the sky. It was a round-ovalish shaped object. Looked like the size of a golfball, in the sky. It slowly descended straight down at a constant rate. We were completely unsure of what it was, and a little shaken. It was nothing any of us have ever seen in the night sky. I videoed it until it went behind the horizon of tree tops. It looked large enough to have been fairly close, so we went for a ride to see if it could have landed in a nearby field (as our area is all fields and farmland) but we couldnt find anything. Our other friend commented that about 30 minutes before that, she was on the phone, on the other side of the yard, and noticed a much smaller white light (more like a large star) in the same area, that did the same thing (slowly descended straight down) ! But she got distracted with her phone call and forgot about it.
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Anonymous said...

Filming Level sKill = ZERO.
WHY WHY!!!!!!!!????????

Vertical filming?! omg! WHYYYYYYY

sp said...

Why can't I ever view these videos?

Anonymous said...

No matter,..SP 4:37 AM.!?

Your not missing much, if you like a distant blur!!:).........

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