Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dundee Scotland - what are these little lights?

Birds on night vision or something else - comments appreciated people

Filmed Dundee Scotland 28th july 2009 00:28A/M
This video tells the story loud and clear.. I film with yukon ranger 42x5 nigh vision i use my tv as a monitor and record tv with pannasonic camcorder...

Jaime Maussan gives his spin on the lights over norwa and mpscow (SpanishH)

For our Spanish readers - Mr Maussan gives his spin on the recent Ufo sightings in norway :


Web Bot Project on The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Did anyone see those lights over Dubai the other day?

Dubai Police operations room has received a number of calls reporting red lights in the night sky over Satwa and Jafiliya, Colonel Omar Al Shamsi, director of command and control room of Dubai police said.

Some of the reports received stated that there were 'red lights' seen in the sky. Some also suggested it could be a space ship.


16 December 2009 in SANTIAGO CHILE

Triangle Object appears over Italy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seeing Ufos Using Infrared

Viewed through an infrared camera, conventional aircraft display infrared light-absorbing characteristics, exhibiting dark silhouettes against the daytime sky. Vehicles with these
light-absorbing properties include propeller airplanes, helicopters and jet aircraft.

The object in this daylight video is remarkable for its brillant long wavelength light-emitting characteristics revealed through the infrared camera. Even when viewed through an exceptionally dark glass, this object outshines conventional aircraft in an outstanding luminous display.

Closer examination of the color infrared data reveals a lenticular, or saturn-shaped saucer. I recognized this profile from video recorded under starlight conditions one week earlier. The lenticular saucer in the starlight recording produced a remarkable multi-colored light display as it passed through the night sky.

Due to the high similarity of the lenticular profiles, it is likely that we are observing the same class of object in recordings produced one week apart. It is even possible that we are witnessing the passage of a singular object on two separate occasions under two different lighting conditions using two different optical magnifications.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crop Circles The Hidden Truth

Recommended documentary on crop circles: Crop Circles The Hidden Truth Video
The same week as the British Government closed its UFO reporting office, explosive revelations that MI5 agents designed and constructed crop circles. The new television documentary Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth is a detailed investigation into the crop circle mystery and as Colin Andrews says “Goes places many are afraid to go”. The alleged MI5 Agents are named and
the human Circlemakers are unmasked. Also today named fro the first time the CIA agent who approached Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado during a BBC Television interview and later at their homes.……. These are disclosures that have major implications…

Ukraine Ufo

Poster comments:
This is a UFO we removed from our own balcony Podol in Kiev. And, though I am a filmmaker, in this clip is not a drop of mounting or animation. Ukrainian ufologists conducted examination, and this video was recognized as the best real video UFO in Ukraine. I was lucky with UFOs, I saw him several times, and the previous meeting with him was more than impressive ... Unfortunately, while I did not have cameras, it is now.

Colombian Air force taking Ufo reports seriously

The Colombian Air force are investigating all the UFO sightings in the country..according to officials the video here is not a balloon since balloons can only remain in the atmosphere no longer than 45 minutes

MISSILE TAURUS caues a spiral over China

To those who think the Norway spiral lights were a once off -think again - Chinese news reports its own spiral lights - this one formed by the TAURUS missile

Triangle object - this time over the UK

That weird triangle (apparently seen over Russia) was seen on the 12th December over the UK. Could it be a weather ballon? Any ideas people?

Alien Planets? Here They Come.. Looking For Alien Planets? Here they come.. Video

Scientists are on their way to discovering thousands of new planets, potentially including hundreds of worlds the size of Earth, in Earth-like orbits around sunlike stars. They expect to achieve that goal within three years or so. But they'll start with the weirdest worlds.

The most advanced planet-hunting probes — the European Space Agency's COROT satellite and NASA's Kepler spacecraft — are designed to spot close-in planets most easily. That means the first revelations will be about planets in orbits much smaller than Mercury's.

So when Kepler's scientists announce their first official results next month, expect to hear about "hot Jupiters" and "super-Earths" whirling so close to their stars that they sizzle. And you just might hear about phenomena so strange that the scientists can hardly believe their instruments.

"I was not prescient enough to anticipate something that we're seeing," David Latham, a mission co-investigator from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told "There are some good things coming."

Kepler's principal investigator, William Borucki of NASA's Ames Research Center, expects that his science team will present about 30 papers at next month's American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington.

"We have planets to announce, and we will have planets to announce next year — quite a few more, in fact," he said.


News report - the object over moscow