Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seeing Ufos Using Infrared

Viewed through an infrared camera, conventional aircraft display infrared light-absorbing characteristics, exhibiting dark silhouettes against the daytime sky. Vehicles with these
light-absorbing properties include propeller airplanes, helicopters and jet aircraft.

The object in this daylight video is remarkable for its brillant long wavelength light-emitting characteristics revealed through the infrared camera. Even when viewed through an exceptionally dark glass, this object outshines conventional aircraft in an outstanding luminous display.

Closer examination of the color infrared data reveals a lenticular, or saturn-shaped saucer. I recognized this profile from video recorded under starlight conditions one week earlier. The lenticular saucer in the starlight recording produced a remarkable multi-colored light display as it passed through the night sky.

Due to the high similarity of the lenticular profiles, it is likely that we are observing the same class of object in recordings produced one week apart. It is even possible that we are witnessing the passage of a singular object on two separate occasions under two different lighting conditions using two different optical magnifications. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

errr was that English or am I just too stoned tonight?

Anonymous said...

He is saying that conventional craft under INFRARED light will be seen as DARK objects, but this craft has a luminosity that is not usually seen under such viewing conditions
I believe that heated objects may also show up much brighter ? So perhaps its just an object emitting much heat as well ?
I am not sure

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