Thursday, September 19, 2013

UFo ovnis over Cusco Peru 13th September 2013

UFo ovnis over Cusco Peru 13th September 2013

Ufo lights or lanters? St Louis 10.15pm 15/09/2013

Strange craft ? Dusseldorf Airport Vicinity 17/09/2013

Although this simply looks like an aircraft, the poster advises that upon looking closer at the craft no wigs are visible: What do you think?

Giant UFO object over Australia Sept 10, 2013

Apparently this UFO video was filmed using special infra-red daytime cameras:

Then the UFO stops near a cloud and decides to cloak itself, because they have telepathic sensors on their ship which alerts them to having been noticed by humans. This sensor can also transmit when they wish, as once stated by actor Dan Aykroyd, that he was woken up early hours, as if being called to come outside, but went back to sleep. Then the next morning on the news they said a bright glowing UFO was having over his neighbourhood, with many people getting "feelings" that they should walk outside.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This months UFOs in review Turkey, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, & more

This montsh UFO sightings in review with Darin Crapo.
UFO sightings from Turkey, New Mexico, USA; Chigasaki, Japan; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Manila, Philippines; Arkansas, USA; Columbia & Costa Mesa, California, USA. Special guest is Jim Martin from Costa Mesa with spectacular UFO footage

UFO video in from Wareham Massachusetts 14th August 2013

UFO lights sighting Wareham Massachusetts
Source: MUFON: I was on the beach about 9:30 at night when myself and a friend noticed 2 sets of red lights over the beach approx 300-400 ft away and 50+/-ft above the water. They appeared to be leaving a marsh area behind the beach. They appeared red with a orange/white center that sort of glowed in fiery kind of way when they were close, and appeared completely red as they got further away. My initial thought was they looked like mini suns. They were steady in intensity and did not flicker or change color. The video shows them as being white at times but to the naked eye they were always red. aprox 2 minutes later a second set of lights appeared from the same location and followed the same trajectory out over the water. Neither sets of lights made any sound, moved slowly and smoothly over the water. I dont know how big they really were but at my distance of 300-400 feet away they initially appeared to be about the size of a softball. There were six other witness to the sighting including a couple on the porch of the beach house behind us and 4 teenagers a little ways down the beach. The video was taken with my Samsung Galaxy III

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UFO over Southfield Michigan 13th September 2013

Source Mufon:
We were bring groceries in from the car while the discs crossed the night sky in a northern direction, I ran in and grabbed my camera, photographed the discs giving of a type sparks from each that does not show on the video however when a plane entered the area I could still the discs but I was unable to capture them again once the plane was in the area. They were very bright and extremely noticeable. They hovered and than went in a northerly direction again. There several and more came from the east and joined them they eventually diapered. The event lasted a good 8 minutes and was seen by 3 of use.
I was trying to get them to notice us, at which time they did hover for a period of time. The movement was smooth, rather slow. I was trying to contact them with thought. Sounds unbelievable but true. I was calm and filled with wonder. I was having difficulty holding the camera still as I took the video, I was filmed free hand, no tri pod or brace of any kind the movement of the disc in the video look shaky but the movement of the discs was very smooth.

120 Elk Dead Near Crop Circle New Mexico 8-26-2013

More than 120 Elk were found dead 20 miles north of Las Vegas In New Mexico that were found on August 26 2013. Within a few hundred feet there was a crop circle that was visible from KRQE's News Helicopter. The Elk were found in close proximity to each other suggesting they were not killed by a virus.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The MUFON Pittsburgh UFO CONFERENCE Nov 2 2013

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the 2013 Pittsburgh UFO CONFERENCE to be held Saturday Nov 2 2013.

The Pittsburgh UFO Conference will feature an incredible group of speakers including:

Renowned UFO Journalist Linda Moulton Howe; Kathleen Marden who is the niece of Betty Hill; Stan Gordon on Mysterious Encounters; PA MUFON State Director John Ventre will speak on The Case for UFOs; and Michael Lee Hill on Lake ErieUFOs. 

These speakers promise to make this an enjoyable and informative event. You can see the full list of speakers here

The location will be at the Westmoreland County Community College in the Science Building, 145 Pavilion Lane, Youngwood, PA, 15697. (724) 925-4000.

Events starts on Saturday November 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

On Saturday evening there will also be a special meet and greet dinner buffet with all of the speakers

Read more and buy your ticket here.

Strange Ison Comet raised UFO questions

A closer looks at the latest pictures from comet Ison reveal something different from NASA's explanation of simply a 'small ball of ice'. What do you think to object could be?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

UFO video Sheffield Lake Ohio. 9:00 PM September 7th, 2013

UFO lights over Sheffield Lake, a city in Lorain County, Ohio, United States.
Did anyone else from the area see these lights - what do you think they were?

UFo orb caught by skywatcher

What was this super fast moving object ?

posters comments:
A skywatcher records an amazing UFO Saucer shaped craft steadily moving over overhead! then the disc shaped craft dissapears within minutes as it builds up a tremendous speed while going in a 30degree constant angle before leaving the atmosphere, all this while an unidentified helicopter is in the vicinity, This is Amazing footage, the detail, the pace, the lighting, the shape, please leave a comment on what your opinion is on this footage!