Saturday, March 31, 2007

UFO Flap Over Ontario Canada

British Columbia's UFO Researcher Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research sat listening to a radio show by way of the internet on March 11, 2007 from his home in Houston, B.C., a small town in northern British Columbia Canada.

Mr. Vike was surprised to see the large number of sighting reports coming out of the province of Ontario, where most people were searching for the March 11, 2007 meteor. Believing an amazing light show took place in the province he thought to place a short, quick note to his website requesting that if anyone may have been witness to a meteor sighting over the Ontario province to please get in contact with him at HBCC UFO Research.

The following day, March 12, 2007 letters came flying in, one after another from different locations in the province of Ontario, and other areas as well. From Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and the object was witnessed also from some locations in New York. There was no question as to what folks had been witness to, which was a fireball/meteor. The descriptions on what was seen were roughly the same. Some reports did vary from a round flaming green ball to a very bright red and orange ball with long green tail.

What came as a surprise to Vike was the large amount of UFO sightings that was also happening in the province of Ontario. Over a short period of time the cases started rolling in and never stopped, and this over a lot of unusual reports of strange/unexplained UFOs seen by many eyewitnesses in the province.

Eyewitnesses were observing either black triangular craft, to triangular craft appearing almost transparent, and some of these objects were huge. UFOs were witnessed, from shiny ball type objects, rectangular craft, to orange lights making some very unusual maneuvers. Chevron shaped craft traveling low, and very slow without making a sound. All of the unexplained sightings had no sound being reported. Some of the objects were witnessed at a low altitude, from approximately 200 feet to 1,000 feet and some were hovering. Disk shaped craft were also seen.

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Ufo Miami 1995

The sighting took place at 10:03 pm on October 20th 1995, and was captured on tape by Adri Eaine, an inhabitant from Miami, Florida. The event lasted more than fifty minutes. The plasma-looking ufo, which seemed to be flashing and pulsating, was hovering silently above some houses in Miami suburb. After about 38 minutes, the object started to move away from the area. Adri Eaine then followed the craft with his car, and stopped along the highway to watch it better, as it was hovering near a residential building. A few minutes later, the ufo headed toward the international Miami airport which it fly over briefly. Finally, he accelerated along the coast and Adri Eaine lost it from view.

Giant Ufo In Israel

In August, the Shuah family filmed a UFO over their kibbutz, Hatzor
for two
nights and mornings running. On the third night, a crowd of over seventy
kibbutzniks witnessed the UFO but the battery of the family camera wore down. A
neighbour with a professional video camera was summoned and it captured one of
the amazing closeups of a UFO's structure ever recorded.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New French Ufo website mysteriously crashes after site opens

THE first official government website in the world to document UFO sightings has collapsed under a stampede by the public to gain access. However, it is not known why the server has not been restored over the last week.

The National Centre for Space Studies, the French equivalent of Nasa, opened the website on Thursday, unveiling an archive of documents about hundreds of unidentified flying object sightings in France over the past 50 years.

Such was the excitement and scramble to pick through this treasure trove that the website was overloaded and “crashed” - but it should have been restored by now some observers say.

The archive includes photographs, police records of interviews with witnesses and even video recordings.

“It is a world first,” said Jacques Patenet, an aeronautics engineer in charge of the space centre’s “study of nonidentified aerospatial phenomena”.

Of the 1,600 cases registered since 1954, almost a quarter are classified as “D”, meaning that “despite good or very good data and credible witnesses, we are confronted with something we cannot explain”, said Patenet.

For example, in 1994 the crew of an Air France flight from Nice to London saw a giant disk that seemed to keep changing shape and colour. After a minute or so it disappeared.

On January 8, 1981, in southern France, a man working in a field reported hearing a strange whistling sound. He saw a saucer-like object about 8ft in diameter land in his field about 50 yards away.

The object took off almost immediately, leaving burn marks. Investigators took photographs and collected and analysed samples, but they have not been able to explain the phenomenon.

Nearly 1,000 witnesses said they saw flashing lights in the sky on November 5, 1990, but this was just rocket fragments falling back into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Perhaps the best documented European incident involved the scrambling of two Belgian air force jets in March, 1990, to investigate an aircraft flying over the south of the country in a manner “outside the normal performance envelope of any air-plane”, as the chief of Belgian air force operations described it afterwards.

The new French website, once reactivated, will be updated whenever there is a new sighting, see

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Ufo video from Chile filmed new years 2007

What follows is a video apparantly taken on new years day 2007 in Santiago, Chile. The video shows an object hovering in the sky and occasionally lighting up somehow. After a little while the object begins to move back and forth quite rapidly.

Mars Anomaly Research - strange things going on in Mars!

This is the work of Joseph P. Skipper I compiled into a video.
Mars Picture Analysis M. Skipper at

Great new ufo video

Nice video - never been debunked so not sure?

O'hare witnesses come forth about Chicago UFO

Anyone heard any updates on the O'hare Chicago UFO reported a few months ago? It seems like many witness photos and testimonials are very slow to come out - this was because apparently the staff at the airport were told they would be sacked if they reported anything ...

French share UFO archives on new website

France's national space agency has opened its UFO files to the public by launching a website which documents reported sightings over five decades.

So many people have already tried to look at the files that it has become impossible to access the site.

France is the first country to open up fully its UFO files to the public.

Although other countries including the UK collect data on UFOs, files can be requested only on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act.

Now, thanks to a small team of space agency researchers who call themselves the Office for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, the French will be able to access some 10,000 documents about UFOs, including photographs, police reports and videos sent in by witnesses.

The team offers explanations for some of the sightings - for example when 1,000 people reported seeing flashing lights in the sky one November night 17 years ago, the researchers were able to prove it had been a rocket fragment falling back into the earth's atmosphere.

But only about 9% of France's UFO cases have ever been fully explained, the group says.

And of the 1,600 cases registered since 1954, nearly a quarter are known as Category D - meaning that in spite of good data and witnesses, the mysterious sightings remain inexplicable.

The online archives will be updated whenever new cases are reported.

Here's the site

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