Saturday, September 19, 2009

UFOs over Horn Lake

We urgently would like to know more about this new video.
If you live near hor lake and saw this please respond to this post with more details..

Around 10:30 a formation of lights sit in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end watch as 3 lights appear below them

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Donut shaped UFO September 18, 2009

wow .. big bright circle ... very strange indeed
Does anyone know anything more about this video.. like the location? Donut shaped UFO September 18, 2009 Video

MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country Video
MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country have been captured on video.

Andrew Fowler shot footage of the UFO's - three glowing balls of light - hovering near his home in Whitecroft Road, Shepreth, last Saturday.

They were also spotted on the same evening by Gordon Farmer, who was driving back from Barrington when he saw the UFO's near Shepreth station.

Mr Farmer said: "We watched one darting about left to right, and after about five minutes a second one appeared and hovered above the other one."

Several people in Crow Country have had close encounters with the UFO's in recent weeks, with sightings reported in Royston, Orwell, and Anstey.

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Your Ufo Video submissions


The famous Gilliand Ranch Mt Adams

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 new Ufos Columbia & equador

Columbia 2009


First Solid Exoplanet Discovered - CoRoT-7b

Today, scientists with the European Southern Observatory have announced the discovery of the first solid Exoplanet, CoRoT-7b. The chances that life exists outside our solar system rises with every new discovery.

Your videos - new Ufo reports mid September 2009

3 lights hovering above Maida Vale tower blocks in North London, 2 of them interacting with each other, so I started to film them. They were not planes or helicoptors, & were under intelligent control. UFOs over Maida Vale, North London Video

September 12 USA

PITTSBURGH-September 15 (similar to one below)

Russia May 29 (old video got deleted)

Dr. Steven Greer The Promise of New Energy

I totally agree with dr Greer we need to look outside the square.
Its a shame that clean sources of energy are being kept hidden because of the enormous profits the
energy industries make, like the Stan Meyer device... what happened with that? Dr. Steven Greer The Promise of New Energy Video

Youtube culls yet another top Ufo poster as usual

Yet again another one of my fav Ufo posters on Youtube bites the dust!
You may have seen many videos on the blog now showing as down and this is why -
acura05honda04's Channel has been suspended by YouTube.

This person had one of the best Ufo channels on Youtube - such a shame.

We would like to know the reason acura05honda that Youtube suspended you... please respond if your there!

This has been happening for years and its gonna keep happening until you guys move to dailymotion - its hosted in france and thus free from US corporate and governmental influence.

Post too many popular Ufo videos and once you pass the 400 video mark your a target and there gonna taken you down - been posting on this for years .. time and time again it happens like clockwork ... disinfo is active online people!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interesting - Conversations about Ufos

UFOs over Vandenberg Air Force Base UFO Vandenberg Air Force Base Video
McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs Video
UFO Conversations talks with MUFON's International Director, Mr. James Carrion about the Pandora Project, as well as the need to educate and involve today's youth in the research of UFOs. The UFO Pandora Project Video

UFO Life Form Inside Mine over Mapimi Mexico Gilda Estrada?

Urgent translation of this one needed if anyone speaks spanish:

Metal fragment found near Roswell

Yet again another finding of some piece of material from the 1947 Roswell incident
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woman spots Ufo in the skies over Jersey UK

Very nice photo taken here of 2 bright lights int he sky over Jeresy UK

Here's the article

Realufos would like to know if anyone has more information about Ufos seen in the Jeresy area recently. Here's where Jeresy is by the way:

The blood falls in antarctica show life is possible

Here's one from the weird fact files
..A new study from the the Journal Science, investigates a strange flow of water coming from an Antarctic glacier. Beneath the ice, Scientists discovered a species of bacteria that has been isolated for 1.5 million years, hinting at possible ways life can exist elsewhere in the Universe.
Strange - reminds me of the red rain story

Google promotes Crop circle awareness today & continues with the riddles

If you check-out google again today you will see the logo has a surprising crop circle theme with a link to crop circles (note not all countries have this logo on their google home page at the moment ... only countries in the asia pacific):
Again they are also trying to get us to solve some riddle here as well. This time the L is missing from the logo (as opposed to the other week when an 'O' was shown as being abducted from the logo but a Ufo)

The new logo features the UFO over a field that is being harvested by what looks like a tractor. While the ‘g’ ‘o’ ‘o’ ‘g’ and ‘e’ of Google look like crop circles the tractor has carved out the ‘l’. And the name of the logo is goog_e.gif.

10 days ago had a UFO logo on its main international page that linked to a search for “unexplained phenomena.” With that logo, one of the ‘o’ ‘s was being abducted, and the image name was go_gle.gif.

So.. what does all this mean people?

The official Google Twitter account tweeted a set of coordinates at around 4am, as well as a link to an image of the crop circle logo. As Twitter users noted in reference to the image, those coordinates indicate the position of the town of Woking and speculation began on the significance of the town.

As residents of Woking will attest, the West Surrey town's affinity to UFOs lies in its position as the setting for the first martian landing in science fiction author H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, Source

In the search link for the logo it reveals goog_e&oi=ddl .. can anyone solve this puzzle?... what is google trying to point out here?.. it seems unlikely they would be pointing to disclosure .. but then again google is a large avenue for free speech. I feel its some new google product or raising awareness for some cause or history fact but i would like to hear your opinions on this interesting development.

ohh if you forgot is the logo from the other week:

The triangle Ufo filmed in daylight - mexico

Footage of the triangle Ufo that made news in Mexico recently

New NASA Ufos

Mr Stubbs has been busy again .. here some more great Ufos from the NASA footage:

5 Ufos mistaken for Russian ICBMS - Ufos and the Cold war era Thirty Seconds Away from World War III Video

Mr. Kenneth Storch recollects the true story of five U.F.O.s that were mistaken for Russian I.C.B.M.s while he was on duty at Offutt A.F.B. in Nebraska, at that time the Home of the Strategic Air Command, (S.A.C.).

It happened during the height of the Cold War and brought the United States of America and the Soviet Union within seconds of mutual destruction!

Sworn to secrecy for over thirty years, now, Kenneth Storch has come forward to blow the whistle on our government's coverup of the UFO incident that almost caused the destruction of human civilization on Earth.

Kenneth Storch is currently a law enforcement officer in Aurora, Colorado, as well as an active U.F.O. Field Investigator for The Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON).

Weird craft ufo seen over russia

Two light objects Gorebridge 9.15 pm 12 sep 2009

two light objects 9.15 pm gorebridge midlothian scotland

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Ufo videos submitted by our readers

Big Thank-you to all of you who use the submit button to send in numerous ufo videos and news daily. We really appreciate your help here at realufos!
Here's some new interesting Ufo videos submitted by our readers:

August 2009 Italy

Cows dieing.. likely a mass cow abduction

Fast triangle again

Triiangle UFO over Maidstone, England UK 12 september 2009

Ufo Maidstone, England UK 12 september 2009:

Poster comments:
Can anyone out there shed any light on these objects in the sky tonight (12th September) at around 8.40pm. I was tidying some toys in the garden when I looked up and saw two orange balls. I ran back to get the camera and another 3 appeared. My dog didn't like the look of them either. We waited half an hour but no more showed. They moved slowly and vanished in a westerly direction. The night is crystal clear and still.