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Solution to Climate Change - use Stan Meyer's water car ?

This is a long Non Ufo related article but i felt compelled to bring it to your attention so please have the patience to read it to the end....

If you live in Australia you may know that we are currently going through a record never before experienced heat wave in which daily temperatures currently reaching 45 Degrees! thats 114 degrees Fahrenheit - yes you heard it right! 
In my lifetime I have never experienced such heat - everyone 'down under', knows for sure now that something terrible and unnatural going on now with our weather and  scientists are supporting this general consensus by confirming that the current heat wave is directly caused from climate change .

 As you may also know, the new predicted forecasts for temperature rises estimate that by 2100 global temperature will rise by a staggering max 6 degrees - not just 3 degrees anymore!. This is shocking and  it will simply mean that environments will dramatically change - within our lifetime! and life will become extremely hard for future generations, with mass migration required,  disputes & wars over food & water shortages and the spread of diseases.

 In such drastic times, swift measures are required to make sure things don't get worse with our climate. The time for waiting for governments to make changes to stop climate warming is over as they have failed to reach emissions targets as we approach 2010.

 Infact, the truth is governments of all major first world countries will never be able to free us from carbon emissions - because to put it  simply any viable economy can not exist without a cheap and reliable power source (solar and wind aren't viable yet). No government is willing to barter economic progress over the environment because the tradeoff  will result in a lower quality of life for its citizens - and thats not a popular vote winner for any government. 

 Change has to come directly from the people and it has quickly cause its almost too late .... The solution is definitely not going to come from industry either - especially the oil industry - its in their interest to discourage  renewables because they have trillions of dollars at stake and so to keep their profits they plan to 'screw us down' until every last drop of of oil is left ...

The solution lies in thinking outside the square - primarily to reduce emissions from the biggest emitter of carbon - that is the car.  Infact the solution is already here and has been around since the mid 80's - yes i am talking about the Stan Meyer water fuel cell (which i have talked about many times before) . Its a special fuel cell that can generate masses of hydrogen in an instant from a new form of super fast electroloysis  using high frequency voltage current - and yes it does actually work.
 As you may know Stan went to the media in the Early 90's, he showed his car 100% powered on water (see below Video), he was offered billions from the oil giants to shut up - but resisted, and the day after he signed a 30 million dollar military contract for research he died in suspicious circumstances.. ohh plus  a week after he died  his house was broken into and his water car and all research was mysteriously stolen.... a swift and calculated plan to silence him or just co-incidence ? ..will let you decide - suggest you read more up on Stan ...

 Regards less of this, his knowledge eventually got out .. the car has been made many times over successfully and you can download the Stan Meyer plans to convert your own car to partial use of water (and the plans work). Mass production of his water powered car that runs 100% on water is in plans by numerous US firms and we hope to see some on the market by 2011  - it will put current lame 'Hybrid' cars to shame..
japanese companies product 100% water powered car:  
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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, In case you didn't know. The Orion Project has been awarded the Stan Meyer materials and is completing final negotiations with the owners.Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know. The link to Water4Gas you provide as prove of working fuel cells is problematic. Using standard electrolysis to add a littel hydrogen/oxygen to lower the MPG has nothing to do with Stan Meyers fuel cell. Stan managed to fuel his Buggy by Hydrogen alone without any other fuel. Water4Gas is just a way to optimize fuel consumption of standard cars.

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