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Looking back - The famous Belgium Triangle UFO Incident 1990

The Belgium UFO encounter of March 30-31,1990 is my favorite because it was a mass sighting seen by thousands, was validated by radar and the Belgium Army and multiple films were taken of the event from different angles:
Unsolved mysteries 1

pt 2

Original footage

recent review fo the case

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Anonymous said...

This is among my favourites case,
it's awesome indeed. And the crafts
are not Auroras: they are ALIENS.

michael said...

This is what i saw in Seattle in 98.I couldnt tell how high up it was.I parked directly under it.Meanwhile the early morning sky was active with single engine lights and jets comming and going.Yet nothing was reported.Ive never heard anyone mention it.

l2 said...

I don't think they are alien craft, but secret military craft.

gbramhall7 said...

If you are of an open mind then this is one of those cases where you must be somewhat convinced or at least leaning toward the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to the planet earth. We are a realitively young planet in the universe and to believe that we are the smartest and most technologically advanced civilization is simple egoism.

Anonymous said...

I just hate people who won't accept that something is going on!! My post is directed mainly at the guy who's biggest complaint seems to be that we can't get good pictures of these objects. I believe personally, that it's more to do with being nervous when shooting the video or picture, and the fact that the objects move incredibly fast.

stevechelt said...

My elderly aunt clearly saw a similar triangular UFO in Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK, back in 1995. It was hovering above a field at the back of her house in a secluded part of the town in January, at dusk.
It was the same evening a plane just missed a UFO on it's approach to Manchester airport, which she heard reported on the news the following morning.
She described it as black or very dark, with lights at the corners, triangular shaped and as large as a biggish plane.
I fully believe her story, as her interests normally revolve more around the church choir, Women's Institute etc.!

Anonymous said...

I have seen one of these in 1996, i was woken up during the night well about 12-1am by what seemed to light my room up, i thought it was someone shinning a torch in my room.

I looked out window noticed nothing... but then thought what could it be, only to look out window again (few seconds after first look) and i saw what looked like a Helicopter as far as lights go....

I put my head down again (as was half asleep) i then thought hang on i never heard the sound of a Choppa, so looked again, then i noticed the lights was in Triangle shape, but thought nothing more than a Helicopter again, then the thought as i laid down again was, lights was triangle and no sound so looked again and i could not see lights where they was, but then i noticed them at other side of the sky, so object moved from far right to left in what 20 seconds, where as Helicopter would take much longer...

This is when i thought could it be UFO and so i ran down stairs to look outside but nothing, untill 5 minutes later 3 Helicopters came across the sky (they was loud where as early objects lights the same size in sky but silent), which is very odd, normally we see 1 Police Helicopter from time to time.

Next day i saw my friend and said never guess what i saw last night, he stopped me and said dont say UFO, i asked why did you see. But he said no but it was on news.

Other friend from different town said 2 days latter they read in paper about 100 people saw Triangle in Sky the same night.


I am not saying this was Alien, but it certainly was a set of lights in triangle shape that moved silently and at a fast speed, i would guess at least 20X faster than a Helicopter.

Reaserching since i beleave i saw the TR-3 Black Project Craft so Man Made.

And this could be it


Anonymous said...

Hi having commented on many videos of the Traingle Craft on Youtube, and also stating some looked fake because the craft i saw never had a red light in the centre with series of lights at the rear.

I saw a craft that had 3 white lights in Triangle Formation with 1 red pulsing light at the rear like a becon light on a aircraft!

Today i finally found a Video that is 100% the same as what i saw!


From 1:25 - 2:50

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with those who believe that the belgian triangle was a secret military craft. The technology required for such extraordinary aerodynamic performance simply did not exist at the time. IF it really was a secret military craft , I daresay such a craft would be known to the world because top secret information periodically gets leaked. The TR-3 Astra craft is just pure hullaballo. UFO buffs claim that it uses reactionless propulsion which is physically impossible. Call me crazy, but I believe that this thing is an autonomous, robotic probe of extraterrestrial origin that is STILL somewhere in the Solar System....And not far from Earth.

Anonymous said...

david. if only our fighters were as amazing as the tri ufos we could follow them and find out where they come from. but we dont yet have hyper drive and sorry they are not secret aircraft, why would you test them over a city, 2012 is going to be a real roller coaster for the debunkers. it a ready is, ET x

Anonymous said...

I've got a photo of what I think is one over Bakwell Derbyshire Email me if u want it
[email protected]

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