Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kecksburg UFO Crash 1965 and the 2007 NASA lawsuit on the incident

In Kecksburg, PA, many, many witnesses saw a ball of fire blazing through the sky. Some saw it change trajectory, many saw it crash in the woods outside of Kecksburg. Everyone came to see and many saw it crashed there in the woods. Some even walked up
almost to it and described its appearance, one reporter attempted to photograph it. But the Army wouldn't allow anyone near.
A reporter and news director for the local radio station WHJB, John Murphy, arrived on the scene of the event before authorities had arrived, in response to several calls to the station from alarmed citizens. He took several photographs and conducted interviews with witnesses. His former wife Bonnie Milslagle later reported that all but one roll of the film were confiscated by military personnel. WHJB office manager Mabel Mazza described one of the pictures: "It was very dark and it was with a lot of trees around and everything. And I don't know how far away from the site he was. But I did see a picture of a sort of a cone-like thing. It's the only time I ever saw it."
On October 26, 2007, NASA agreed to search for records after being ordered by the court read more here

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