Sunday, February 01, 2009

Alien artifacts discovered underneath crop circles ?

Strange case... 3 Metal discs found in the Grasdorf crop circles  Germany 1991

comments from poster:

The farmer Werner Harenberg woke up early in the morning of July 23 1991 to discover Germany's first really spectacular crop circle near the village of Grasdorf, Lower Saxony in the historic Teutoburger Wald Area, not far from Hannover, and indeed not far from the prehistoric site of Externsteine, part natural rock, part carvings, caves and bearing various signs of what seems like long and varied religious practices; and seeing that the straws were unbroken, as it were, harmoniously bended, he stated as much as that it could not have been made by amateurs such as had recently allegedly been at play further north in Schleswig-Holstein. Taking advice from the experience of landowners there he charged visitors five DM three Euro.
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Anonymous said...


This was 1991 yet there is very little information about these plates on the Internet other than what is shown in this clip?

Was hoping to find more information or a paper on the test results.


Anyone got any more information about these plates, cheers


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