Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mount Adams USA - the most active UFO hot spot in the world

Mount Adams in Washington state USA is now the most active Ufo hotspot in the world! If your in the area its worth taking a visit to the Gilliand Ranch there if you have time. Your almost guaranteed to see a Ufo most nights as the activity is so frequent."We usually see them early afternoons towards up to 3 in the morning," James Gilliland ranch owner said.  
The increased ufo activity in the area has also attracted interest of the military and you can often see helicopters in surveillance over the area:
Like to know more about the ranch and ECETI? click here

These plasma balls were seen by the people without any visual aids they were not bubbles as reported by the witnesses but bright circles of light.

US Government confirms Ufos do exist

Documents were found in 1979 under the Freedom of Information Act that cleary state and acknowledge that there IS an alien presence among us. They were found in a memo written by General Nathan Twining and J. Edgar Hoover former FBI head: (read the original documents here).'
In mr Hoovers own writing - below it mentioned - 'We must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the La [battle of LA or Los Alamos] case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination..

helicopters near ufo 25th March 2009 mexico

helicopters monitor a ufo over mexico on 25th march 2009

UFO Hunters - The Greys Conspiracy

The team studies two alleged alien abduction cases with alarmingly similar details that involve encounters with the creatures known as "Greys," and then they closely examine the famous Starchild skull, a strange humanoid skull found in Mexico that could be the remains of an alien-human hybrid:

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

Friday, April 03, 2009

NASA's unexplained tether overload incident

The famous NASA tether incident has been talked about so many times. This great little clip is for all the 'ufo newbie's' out there - it shows you exactly what happened during the incident when the tether 'snapped' and the objects which were seen nearby:

The Russian HAARP ? - Photos of Giant Tesla Coils

Photos have been leaked of several gigantic Tesla coil towers or high-voltage pulse generators in Russia - The purpose of them is still not quite clear... One possible explanation is that they are used to study the behavior of equipment under powerful electromagnetic radiation comparable to that of a nuclear explosion. Another theory is that the All-Russian ElectroTechnical Institute's "high-voltage scientific research center" is creating their own version of HAARP (the ionospheric research program previously talked about)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

US airforce - Virginia Ufo was not Man Made - 31st March 2009

Great extract below from on the recent Virginia sightings where the US Airforce comments that the object was not man made :

Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center says the "bright light" seen over parts of the East Coast Sunday night was not a result of a man-made space object. The Joint Space Operations Center tracks more than 19,000 man-made objects in space, but no natural phenomena.

It was first believed that the lights and sounds were caused by space junk related to the Russian rocket Soyuz docking with the International Space Stations Saturday.

Witnesses describe the flashes in the sky as being colored with yellows and oranges. While fireballs usually throw sparks that appear green followed by trains of blue and red. The loud explosion accompanying the balls of fire in the sky also could be explained if the object was a rocket tank with residual amounts of booster fuel.

"Numerous reports have been called in to this office and into local law enforcement concerning what appeared to be flashes of light in the sky over the Suffolk/Virginia Beach area. We are confident in saying that this was not lightning...and have been in contact with military and other government agencies to determine the cause. So far...we have not seen or heard of any damage from this and will continue to inquire as to the cause."

Source - read more here

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Ralph Snell in Virginia Beach sent video from his security camera, which captured a bright light in the night sky at 9:40 p.m. on March 29

Ufos over GOTEBERG SWEDEN FEB.1.2009

Orbs, Ufos , Flares - you decide taken over GOTEBERG sweden 1st of Feb 2009:

Ufos over Phoenix, Arizona, March 13, 1997

The Phoenix lights taken from a different angle - Arizona on March 13, 1997


new Ufo report:


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ufo over Dnepropetrovsk Russia March 2009

Here;s a new Ufo recently seen over Dnepropetrovsk Russia - any comments on this startling sighting?

Mystery Lights seen in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina

A team of scientists is looking into what could have caused bright lights in the sky that prompted hundreds of calls to the National Weather Service and emergency officials.Callers from Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina described brilliant, streaking lights followed by an explosion-like sound around 9:45 p.m. Sunday.

Virginia residents from Hampton Roads to Richmond reported seeing "great balls of fire" lighting up the sky in shades of yellow, white orange and blue. Some described the explosion as sounding like thunder.Several calls came to Richmond International Airport, but spokesman Troy Bell said tower workers did not see anything unusual.

article Source - extract

UFO follows Air Force Jet

Interesting incident - UFO follows Air Force Jet for two hours - mysteriously project blue book listed the UFO as a passenger jet in the area

Red UFO seen from NASA Sky Lab 3

ASTRONAUTS on NASA Skylab have seen quite a few ufos since missions started:

Underground bases are real ?

Underground bases are always an interest - here a video of a few secret installations:

Monday, March 30, 2009

NASA Lunar Orbiter Anomolies

Any comments on this object taken from the NASA Lunar Orbiter. (NASA reference)

Ufo filmed in Infra red

posters comments
I was sky watching and I managed to capture with my infra red-night scope camera a bright white object moving slow as it went up in the sky. During this time, a commercial jet passes by near it. It is a very clear evening night and no stars were visible yet. Only this intense moving bright light .

more NASA UFO footage + STS-48 mission High Quality

In our ongoing expos'e on the NASA Ufo footage i have come across yet again some more startling videos :

STS-48 mission High Quality

posters comments
Dust particles and space debris don't speed up and change directions... What else could this be?
Viewers should be encouraged to view in HD.
The 'contrails' are simply an overlay which shows time-lapse ghosting of the movement of all moving bodies.The original footage is 100% authentic, and released by NASA
It was filmed from the Space Shuttle Discovery on September 15, 1991 during the STS-48 mission.Analysis of both the 'flash' and the movement of some of the moving bodies can be found at these locations: