Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ufo over Dnepropetrovsk Russia March 2009

Here;s a new Ufo recently seen over Dnepropetrovsk Russia - any comments on this startling sighting?
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Anonymous said...

There's no doubt about this video, I feel. They have tried their best to capture the UFO. I read that all the three cars they were in broke down when they attempted to reach the site of landing.

I specially thank you for the most recent UFO Hunters posting. Can someone intimate Anderson Cooper or Larry King about this Dulce business please?

Anonymous said...

its so in focus that its out of focus.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON - The flashing lights and booming sounds that were attributed to a piece of orbiting space junk were not the result of a man-made object, according to the United States Air Force.

In an e-mail sent to WTOP, Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center says the "bright light" seen over parts of the East Coast Sunday night was not a result of a man-made space object.

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