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Link Between UFOs & Nuclear Weapon Bases - Coast to Coast AM

The link between UFO incidents and nuclear bases and installations is one of the most important topics in Ufology. Many believe it was the cause of the 1947 Roswell incident with the missile test base in nearby White Sands New Mexico, attracting UFO attention. Most people are also unaware that, at the time of the incident, Roswell Army Airfield was home to the world's only atomic bomber squadron, the 509th Bomb Group. 
There is also a strong link to modern UFO events such as the famous 1980 RAF Bentwaters Rendlesham incident (UK's version of Roswell - the base was long known as a secret US European outpost with nuclear weapons). Numerous military staff have come forward over the last decade confessing that yes, UFOs have deactivated and even destroyed nuclear weapons and that UFOs are attracted to bases containing nukes.
Many consider this to be the central and likely reason for secrecy on the UFO subject - that our most powerful and destructive weapons can be deactivated by a force more powerful than ourselves. This theory ultimately renders mankind and the governments there to protect them, powerless. Of course no government would say publicly that UFOs have deactivated their nukes, any admission to this would be a confession that they ultimately have no way to protect their citizens.  Of course, there is an additional national security concern which is that a functional nuclear missile base is an essential strategic deterrent against rogue nations.
This is further discussed on Coast to Coast AM :
 I recommend you listen to this entire feature over the weekend:

UFO researcher Robert Hastings discussed declassified documents, as well as witness testimony that confirms UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites, weapons laboratories, and bomb test sites. UFO activity accelerated after WWII, around the time that the testing and deploying of nuclear weapons began in America. Initially, the premise was that the unidentified craft were Soviet devices, though Hastings became convinced "we're dealing with multiple races from multiple worlds." 
 He said he's had contact with over 100 military employees who knew of UFO activity that occurred when they worked at various facilities between 1964 and 1996. There was an incident at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 where a large red disc-shaped object was seen over the missile area, and all 10 missiles simultaneously went offline.
 The guidance and control systems were affected, and the hardware had to be replaced, he detailed. This technological display of shutting off the missiles seemed to be sending a message or "wagging a finger," he commented. Conversely, missiles suddenly went into launch mode at Minot AFB when a bright object was seen over the launch site. A similar episode in Soviet Ukraine occurred in October 1982, when missiles were suddenly activated at an ICBM base while a saucer-shaped object was observed nearby. 
A 1964 test of a nuclear missile sent across the Pacific Ocean was said to be thwarted in progress by a UFO, and the incident was purportedly captured on film. 
For more, see Hasting's 'Big Sur' report (PDF file). 
More in this Highly recommended Book:
UFOs and Nukes
Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
By Robert Hastings

UFO Over The Cathedral In Zocalo, Mexico City 7/06/2012

UFO report in from a reader. Apparently this object was hovering for some time in Mexico City in June 2012. Mexico city is a long known hot spot for UFO activity, especially offshore and along the coast.
If you live in Mexico, we would like to know if you've seen Ovnis (UFOs). Please reply if you have:

Witness comments:
There was no visible strobing when I saw it. I believe that may have something to do with the graniness of the video. It just faded away slowly. The location was Mexico City, Mexico in the Zocalo. I shot this on a Polaroid 10MP digital still camera using the video feature (I think it was 640x480 but I am not sure about that. I can probably investigate if you would like.)

Breaking Pictures From The Baltic Sea UFO Mystery 15/06/2012

You asked for the latest updates on the Baltic Sea UFO mystery - you got it!
Breaking pictures from the Baltic Sea UFO mystery 15/06/2012

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 15, 2012

The Ocean X Team dove down to the circle-shaped object in the Baltic Sea and met something they never experienced before. First they thought it was just stone or a rock cliff, but after further observations the object appeared more as a huge mushroom, rising 3-4 meters/10-13 feet from the seabed, with rounded sides and rugged edges. The object had an egg shaped hole leading into it from the top, as an opening. On top of the object they also found strange stone circle formations, almost looking like small fireplaces. The stones were covered in something resembling soot.

“During my 20-year diving career, including 6000 dives, I have never seen anything like this. Normally stones don’t burn. I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions “, says Stefan Hogeborn, one of the divers at Ocean X Team.

The path to the object itself can be described as a runway or a downhill path that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it.

“First we thought this was only stone, but this is something else. And since no volcanic activity has ever been reported in the Baltic Sea the find becomes even stranger. As laymen we can only speculate how this is made by nature, but this is the strangest thing I have ever experienced as a professional diver“, continues Peter Lindberg, one of the founder Ocean X Team.

Right now, scientists are examining samples from the circle-shaped object, and experts in sonar imaging are processing data from the ship to hopefully shed more light over the mysterious object.

Asteroid 2012 LZ1 & NEO Program

Asteroid 2012 LZ1 came about 3.3 million miles from planet Earth on its closest approach, June 14th, 2012. The space rock is about 1640 feet wide. The Remanzacco Observatory captured this imagery:

NASA has a list of Upcoming Near Earth Risks on their 'fore-warning' website - part of the NEO program.

A Near-Earth Object or NEO, is an object within the Solar System whose orbit brings it into close proximity with the Earth. All NEOs have their closest approach to the Sun (perihelion) at less than 1.3 AU.[1] They include a few thousand Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), Near-Earth Comets, numerous solar-orbiting spacecraft and meteoroids large enough to be tracked in space before striking the Earth. It is now widely accepted that collisions in the past have had a significant role in shaping the geological and biological history of Earth.

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Looks & Flies Like A Plane - But Is It? A Closer Look At UFOs & Fake Planes

Many people on Youtube have suggested their videos contain what is called a fake plane - a UFO mimicking navigational lights to look like a conventional aircraft. The topic is somewhat controversial but it does make sense as when an object is so far way, the only way to identify it is from the navigational lights. It would be easy for an ET craft to semi-disguise itself this way. What would then give it away? How it moves:
I welcome your feedback both on this footage and the topic of fake planes.

Posters comments: Tuesday 12th June 2012 at 2200 hours I decided to have a trip up to the outskirts of Bawsey Woods Kings Lynn UK, to see if there was going to be any activity, as I felt a certain need like a message drawing me there. It's been several weeks now sinse I last see anything and recorded anything, but tonight felt diferent and once again I was shown a great performance. Here you will see the fake planes, the triangular shape craft, and the Stingray shaped craft followed up by a magnificent bright white Orb checking me out as if to say 'Hi!'

Did You See It? Meteor Crosses Michigan, Ohio: 14/06/2012

Word out to people from Michigan and Ohio! Did anyone else see this meteor on June 14, 2012  ?

Triangular Formation Of Orbs Over Taranto,Italy

Taranto, Italy. Interested in feedback on this footage just in.

Airplane Pursues UFO Over Burbank, Washington 10/06/2012

This just in from Burbank, Washington. Filmed on June 10, 2012, it shows what looks like a UFO and a nearby air plane. Comments and feedback from anyone in the Burbank area appreciated.

Poster comments: 
I walked out my back door and saw an Orb/UFO being chased by an air plane north of town. The plane came along side the Orb and eventually passed the Orb. Sorry about the camera blinking out. I had it on the wrong setting. Once I put it in night vision it worked fine. This is the second time I put this on Youtube the first version did not load with audio. Once I load and check this vesion to make sure it loads with audio I will remove the first version
The second Orb/ UFO filmed over Burbank, Washington on the morning of June 1, 2012:  Orb over Burbank, WA June11, 2012 Very low in the sky & very bright. In one night I saw two different Orbs a few hours apart. If I can walk outside and get two of these on film then why can't out government spend a few nights to see what these things are. It's not like there is anything to see in Burbank, WA, so they're not coming to Earth to sight-see. I've had a few of these come close enough and low enough that I could have shot them out of the sky. But if I did I'm sure there would be some kind of cover up and I would rot in prison in a foreign land. Sorry about the shaky camera. Don't forget to check out my other sightings. I now have over a dozen on film. Just tab on my name oldporchdog and it should bring you to my page.

Strange Flashing UFO Lights Over Anoka, Minnesota 12/6/2012

Posters comments: More strange flashing lights in the sky. Anyone know what the hell these are?!?! I have seen them a few times now. Has anyone else seen these??? Again there is absolutely no noise from the sky...this video is slightly different than the last one I posted. As you will see, they are extremely large flashing lights all over the sky. I am 20 minutes North of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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UFO Like Drone- Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

Some further footage of the UFO like drone seen in Illinois, that was featured in the news recently . If you also saw it in action or would like to comment further, please reply to this post. This drone has definitely made many heads turn during transport:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bizarre UFO Like Drone -Champaign County, Illinois

We warned everyone that there would be many more of these drones over the coming years, as the US government passed a new law to allow both government and private drones to fly freely over all US states monitoring the public. We never expected one to look like a UFO though - very eerie indeed!
Can you imagine seeing this object flying or hovering above your house (if they can hover)?  It's almost like a false flag operation - drones designed to look like UFOs!
We'd love to hear from passers by in Champaign County, Illinois if anyone actually saw this.
Also, we value your feedback on this object - although not confirmed as a military drone, many assume it is. On a different note, there is grave concern about the use of drones over the US population, especially in the hands of police to monitor things like protests, considering how good they have been in Pakistan at wiping out the insurgence.
CHAMPAIGN CO. -- A mysterious truckload kept drivers from taking a rest along I-57 today. This large object spent the day at the rest stop just north of the Pesotum ramp. State police blocked off the entrance and wouldn't let drivers pull in. Troopers wouldn't say what was behind the white wrapping. All we know is they were in charge of escorting the load. Read more source

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Readers Personal UFO Sightings: June 2012

UFO sightings for June 2012.
Important note: Via our 'submit' page, its readers like YOU that keep RealUFOs  up to date with the latest UFO news . Remember to submit any personal sightings, UFO news and videos you think would be of interest to the world. You can do this daily via the 'submit report' tab. As you can imagine, it's an enormous job to manage this site daily , so the more input and help we get from our readers, the better. All submissions are reviewed daily by our new editors, (and yes they will be reviewing my spelling, which I've been told needs work!).
Photos can be uploaded to our social media community using 'upload'.

June 8th, 2012 at 22h36 over Montréal, QC.
 I saw three orange lights in a triangular formation over MontrĂ©al. Sighting lasted a few seconds (5-10 seconds). The direction was, approximately, from SE to NW. No particular sound or noise. The leading light of the triangular formation was flying in straight line toward NW while the left one was slightly going inside the formation and the right one was snaking very fast following, too, the leading one. The lights didn't seem to be very high in altitude. Some little clouds was there but the lights was not hidden by them. If someone has seen the same thing... I'd like to hear about you!

June Morgan Valley Rd. Lower Lake CA 
 Several orbs attaching and detaching itself from main large oval orb. Morgan Valley Rd. Lower Lake CA second night in a row 20-45 mins of activity. much activity..amazing..has to be a ufo

Lake Oswego Oregon USA
I was in car with some friends coming back from eating dinner at a friend's house near Lake Oswego, and while crossing the Ross Island Bridge at about 8:30 (this is an estimate - it was dusk in any case) I was looking South towards the Sellwood Bridge and saw three bright lights over that area (or so it seemed). The lights formed an equilateral triangle in the sky and were very bright. The light at the top was brightest and it emitted white light, the other two seemed reddish and were less bright. We continued in the car up Powell and a couple of us watched the lights, which remained in the sky. After about four minutes the red light to the left (easternmost) disappeared, shortly followed by the second red light. At this point we pulled over at around 25th and got out to watch it better. The bright white light hovered beyond a tall tree in our view, presumably still where we'd seen it earlier over Sellwood Bridge/Lake Oswego area. It moved up and down slowly in our view and then we decided to get back in the car to attempt to watch it from the roof of our neighbor's two-storey house. We couldn't see it upon arriving, given that our area is very flat -- these lights could not have been very high in the air.

Dublin texas 2012-06-09 
My wife and I were out skywatching with a close friend of ours when I suddenly noticed a strange strobing lighted object coming into our field of view. We watched it for about 5 minutes before it went out of view. At first we all thought it was strange. It was coming from the De Leon area and heading towards Stephenville. We watched in amazement for a couple of minutes, Then I decided to grab my binoculars and look at it. That is when we realized it was a Triangle shaped craft. You could clearly see it through the binoculars. The strobe it had was different than anything Ive seen. The lights appeared to be white in color with the occasional hint of red. This was our friends first legit sighting. The lights appeared to be fluttering or vibrating maybe. We left our original spot and drove across the field to get a better view. We all watched as it slowly disappeared. It was definately not something you would see in the sky.

Lebanon Missouri,  5/26/12 
Please excuse my comment in middle of this video, I was really excited. This video was taken in Lebanon, MO on 5/26/12 at 4:49am using generation 3 pvs-7 night vision goggles with a 3x zoom recording onto a Sony Cybershot camera through the second eyepiece. This craft appeared in the sky over Lebanon, MO approximately 3-4 miles in the air at 146 deg SE, traveling NW at 320 deg unknown rate of speed. Slight r umble of the I immediately discounted this as a aircraft because of the strobe lights. However, once it got closer I realized that it had 4 very bright lights and 3 of the strobes were flashing in a pattern. I have never seen an aircraft lights look like this so I stayed with the object. Around 1:53 - I turned to get a better view of the craft. The craft did not turn. Appears to be some sort of aircraft (not sure if man made or not) that may be mimicking an airplane since it has strobe lights. Normal behavior would be to ignore a flashing light in the sky as a plane but if you saw a moving object with no flashing lights then that would certainly draw attention. You can clearly see 4 very bright lights 3 of them pulsing. Once you blow this video up you can see that the object is connected by some sort of dense frame structure connecting to the 4 light corners. It also appears to connect through the middle of the craft from the front light to the back light. After adjusting the contrast etc I was able to determine from the video that the tail light flashes, then the left light flashes, followed by the front forward light. It does not appear that the right light flashes at all for some reason. Once it passed over me I turned towards the right with the goggles looking straight up. Once I did that the goggles became saturated with the bright lights and washed out the object prevented me from getting a sharp image and focus. The craft continued Northwest towards Eldridge and lost it behind the trees.

New Crop Circle - Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire UK: 09/06/2012

New Crop Circles discovered on 9th June 2012,  over Woodborough Hill Wiltshire: Sadly This new Crop Circle at Woodborough Hill rep has already been cut out by the farmer.

New Video - UFO In Bushey, Hertfordshire: 9/06/2012

New UFO video footage, from the UK on 9/06/12.  Posters comments: Just witnessed this silent flying light object at 10:10pm going west to east over Bushey Hertfordshire Uk If you also saw this or another UFO in the area, please reply to this post.

Update: Starchild Alien Skull DNA 7/06/2012

I've always been intrigued by the Starchild discovery and following the Prometheus movie, I think it's relevant I update you all on the latest from the Alien Starchild DNA studies.

THE STARCHILD SKULL is a genuine 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project is an informal organization which began in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young, the owners of the Starchild Skull, asked Lloyd Pye to head research efforts to determine what caused the unusual shape and properties of the bone.  More at

Latest news on the Star Child Updated June 7th Video:

Early DNA tests were unable to successfully recover DNA from the Starchild's father, leading to the suggestion that the skull was a human-alien hybrid.
However, the most recent tests have uncovered DNA so different from human that the working theory is now at minimum it is a new species, and very likely it is an alien species of extraterrestrial origin.  Read more here

I'd like to see people support the great work from the Starchild group, if there are any philanthropists out there, supporting their upcoming documentary would be a great cause.

Prometheus Movie Message - Aliens Created Human DNA

I just watched the long awaited movie Prometheus, designed to explain the beginnings of the first Aliens film that Sigourney Weaver starred in as Ripley, in 1979.

Set around 30 years before the Aliens movie, Prometheus begins with archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (from the girl with Dragon Tattoo) saying after a recent discovery "I think they want us to come and find them".  This propels the humans to travel to a distant planet... but what they discover there is not what they expected to find.

I don't want to go into all the details as some readers may have yet to see it, but I couldn't help but feel that the movie conveyed a sense of evolution in disclosure being taught to the public through Hollywood, basically taking us to the next level of understanding - that aliens created the human race. The movie also leaves many thinking about the deeper subject - Who is our 'maker' and our Creator? When this truth is revealed, does it destroy our faith in God?

It's these questions and the confirmation of alien existence, that many within government and religious organizations fear would de-stabilize the fabric of society. It is one of the reasons why the Vatican has commissioned numerous investigations pondering the existence of alien life and why the Vatican affirmed in 2010 that "Aliens (if discovered) are still the creation and brothers of God". Still today many question the motivation behind this preemptive statement.

When an alien civilisation is left to evolve over millions of years and perfect its technology to the point it can conquer time and the laws of the Universe itself, the manipulation or creation of life is a simple feat.

It reminds me of the analogy of a child looking after an ant farm - are the ants aware of the child or are the ants too busy to care to see that the child looking in and could destroy them at any minute? If the child simply watches over the ants and protects them for a long time does this not mean one day he could simply decide to destroy them? The core question and explanation we are posed with in the movie, is that one who create can also destroy...

The fact is that many within the UFO community oppose this view simply by the fact that if they  (ET's) wanted to destroy us that they would have done so by now.  It is a valid argument and there is evidence that UFOs have been disabling our nukes, hovering over near Earth asteroids, volcanoes and monitoring us for thousands of years. Surely this means their intentions are not malevolent? Some disagree, sighting the ongoing abduction phenomena.

The movie is also not far off the long held belief of some in the UFO community, that humans have been created by aliens or our DNA has and is still being manipulated to some extent. With the long history of abductions, cow mutilations, finds such as the star child and the mystery surrounding the extra information currently found in human DNA it's easy to see why.

If you think about it, movies like this are an essential way to educate and make the public familiar with a controversial topic, evolving their understanding over the years so they are prepared for the inevitable and therefore don't panic when it occurs. Instilling fear of an imminent invasion of a hostile alien race does seem to be the agenda of Hollywood at present, this fear based agenda is what many if the UFO community are concerned about.

I would appreciate your comments and feedback on this post and also if you have seen it - your take on the message the movie seems to convey.
The scary trailer:

UFO Lights Above The Kursk Region, Russia.

Posters comments:
On April 8, 2012 at 21:06 by Matild, Who is a headliner of the Kursk punk Black Metal Band "Sirapuka", Were spotted two unidentified flying awfully flown over Murynovka Objects (Part of a Kursk City).

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Improvements To

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Keep Your Eyes to the skies!

Syfy Fact Or Faked Team - A Real UFO? Florida Woodland.

Did the 'Syfy Fact Or Faked' team uncover a real UFO over Florida Woodland?
This trailer is from last weeks season 3 episode 8, Syfy Fact or Faked Paranormal series,  aired on June 5, 2012. It might be worthwhile checking cable TV for re-runs, as this episode looks very interesting:

UFO Video - Zhytomyr, Ukraine: 10/06/2012

New UFO video in from Zhytomyr, Ukraine: June 10, 2012

Lights Vs Lanterns? Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Are these UFO lights or Chinese lanterns?

A UFO formation above Amsterdam Centre on June 9th 2012. Nine flying objects were seen above the City of Amsterdam. They were slowly flying, and their color was orange/yellow.  We don't believe them to be balloons or aircraft.

Yellowish/Orange sphere seen by person on balcony. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lights On Object: Yes
Trail: Yes
Emit Objects: Yes
Emits Beams: Yes

Updates - Ocean Explorer X Team & The Baltic Sea UFO

Updates are coming in from the Ocean Explorer X team, in Sweden. They are now diving down to observe the Baltic Sea UFO:

2012-06-07 BREAKING NEWS 2pm, The divers are now down and investigating the circle and reports from the ship say they are really amazed. There is definitely something unusual hiding at the seabed – a Mystery Beneath. More information and pictures will be released next week. 

 2012-06-06 1.00 pm, Ocean X Team on site The ship Ancylus, carrying the Ocean X Team, is now anchored above the circle-shaped object. They started to scan the seabed and they are taking samples for analyses. Due to really bad weather conditions the operation took a little bit longer than scheduled. But they are working hard and prepare to dive down there for further investigations today.

Read more updates here

Russian ICBM Missile Test‎ = Israel Spiral UFO?

The Defense Ministry in Moscow has annouced that at the time of the Israel spiral UFO reports, a Russian missile test‎ was conducted, linking the spiral UFO to long range ICBM missiles.
The Russian Defence Ministry statement said the country had successfully test-fired a Topol strategic intercontinental ballistic missile from Russia’s Astrakhan region, to a testing area in Kazakhstan.