Saturday, June 16, 2012

UFO Over The Cathedral In Zocalo, Mexico City 7/06/2012

UFO report in from a reader. Apparently this object was hovering for some time in Mexico City in June 2012. Mexico city is a long known hot spot for UFO activity, especially offshore and along the coast.
If you live in Mexico, we would like to know if you've seen Ovnis (UFOs). Please reply if you have:

Witness comments:
There was no visible strobing when I saw it. I believe that may have something to do with the graniness of the video. It just faded away slowly. The location was Mexico City, Mexico in the Zocalo. I shot this on a Polaroid 10MP digital still camera using the video feature (I think it was 640x480 but I am not sure about that. I can probably investigate if you would like.)
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