Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bizarre UFO Like Drone -Champaign County, Illinois

We warned everyone that there would be many more of these drones over the coming years, as the US government passed a new law to allow both government and private drones to fly freely over all US states monitoring the public. We never expected one to look like a UFO though - very eerie indeed!
Can you imagine seeing this object flying or hovering above your house (if they can hover)?  It's almost like a false flag operation - drones designed to look like UFOs!
We'd love to hear from passers by in Champaign County, Illinois if anyone actually saw this.
Also, we value your feedback on this object - although not confirmed as a military drone, many assume it is. On a different note, there is grave concern about the use of drones over the US population, especially in the hands of police to monitor things like protests, considering how good they have been in Pakistan at wiping out the insurgence.
CHAMPAIGN CO. -- A mysterious truckload kept drivers from taking a rest along I-57 today. This large object spent the day at the rest stop just north of the Pesotum ramp. State police blocked off the entrance and wouldn't let drivers pull in. Troopers wouldn't say what was behind the white wrapping. All we know is they were in charge of escorting the load. Read more source
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Anonymous said...

these drone exist for YEARS, nothing special

Anonymous said...

This could be what we all have seen on the back of "TRUCKs" in past posts, Yes!?........

Anonymous said...

A Drone like an UFO, but its identified,its a drone.

see here


the prototype,but it flys

Anonymous said...


its a DRONE



and here


this drone is 1 YEAR old ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's fine... Instead of looking up in the sky for circular objects doing linear paths. Look for the objects making Sharp, unusual angles. No biggie

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