Thursday, August 16, 2007

Report: A Long History of harrasment by Black Military Helicopters over crop circles at East Field Alton Barnes UK

It is a well known that where there are crop circles there are the mysterious black helicopters - particularly in certain areas of the UK such Golden Ball hill and East Field, Alton Barnes, where the military has had a almost daily surveillance of crop circles since the early nintes to this day. Many people argue that this is due to the close proximity of a military base nearby, but upon examination on the below images and footage you can obviously see that the helicopters have an clear objective - to intercept, film and study the orbs and objects directly over the crop circles. (latest videos and pictures of July 2007 Crop circle orbs and choppers at bottom of post).
Back in 1994 in the UK, In one blatant incident a CPRI research team (in below film with Researcher Colin Andrews) was harassed on a road overlooking the East Field by two unmarked army helicopters:
(Video Military helicopters over crop circles East Field, nr Alton Barnes 1994)
Click here to download the higher quality version of the below video (allows u to see the orbs)

The craft was actually stoping so near the research team that it nearly collided with the nearby tumulus As Colin describes: "one of us grabbed the video camera and filmed how one of the helicopters was roaring about us in a kind of low-level attack. The second helicopter, full of recording equipment, hovered a few feet in front of us. Minutes later they turned around, heading towards the pictograms already in the field, where one researcher was taking photos. He had to duck. Then the second helicopter shot toward a neighbouring field, seeming to have traced something, which we now saw and took film of: a luminous ball, about one foot in diameter, gliding through the cornfield. The helicopters went into tilting position, seeming to be filming the object before the object shot away. Then the helicopters turned around, leaving the area." The above video of this incident was later confiscated by the authorities, but not before copies had been made.
(Are the military after the metallic objects / balls of light ?- Check out the orb in the lop left of this image as seen below Adams Grave, Wiltshire 31th of July 2006 -source )

Then again in 1996 On Tuesday 25th June 1996, several helicopters were spotted by a circles researcher filming the East Field formation from the road leading from Lockeridge to Alton Barnes - a similar spot to Colin Andrews helicopter harassment of 1994:

No less than three helicopters were seen hovering low over East Field, and apparently filming the crop formation.
Then on Friday, June 16, 2000 - two Army helicopters playing hide-from-the-radar flew in from the south at about thirty feet altitude and one of them stopped to look at the old crop circle there. It hovered at only about ten feet for half a minute and blew down a few hundred square feet of crop before chasing after the other chopper in the direction of Milk Hill.
Again now in 2007 Black military helicopters were again seen harassing people over the new East field Crop Circle in July 2007
July 12, 2007, helicopter flying low back and forth over the East Field formation)

(Black, unmarked Apache helicopter hovered above cameraman inspecting another orb Dark object to right of helicopter is unidentified. Filmed by Winston Keech in the East Field formation on July 10, 2007. Source

Video footage of the East Fields Choppers 2007:

Read more about the East Field Choppers in 2007 here

Russian Ufo Files complete video

Russian Ufo Files complete video

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good doco - The Invasion at Rendlesham complete documentary -

You've most likely seen this in parts , its a good watch - here's the whole thing - The Invasion at Rendlesham

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Haiti Ufo Update - creator comes forward and confirms its a hoax

Sooner or later i knew the truth would come out on this huge ufo hoax!
One of the 'team members' from the production team that worked for 2 years on the Haiti Ufo video has come clean on the ATS website and explained how the project was made, apparently more evidence will be released about how they faked it on Friday this week.
click here to read more

Brighton Police Helicopter Chases UFO

Interesting video - Police helicopter chasing some sort of object that tries to out run it , some people say this was a large chinese lantern but it is still unknown

Monday, August 13, 2007

Haiti ufos and Dominican Republic ufo Videos - Analysis & likely Conclusion - its a CGI !

The Haiti ufo video analysis:

As you may know the Haiti ufo clips viewed here (pt1) and here (pt2) have caused a stir over the Internet. I like most people think its most likely a CGI (computer generated) or viral video for a campaign like Ps3 or Xbox.
Unfortunately, with improvements in computer graphics (as seen in recent movies such as transformers) the line between fake and real ufo videos is getting harder and harder to tell and so many people are being duped by such videos. Often such videos are part of games software 'viral campaign' to indirectly promote an upcoming new release or the work of a gifted but bored CGI student.

In determining whether such videos are fakes, one important fact remains - when there is a major real ufo sighting like this one there should be multiple sightings by many people, and with the advent of mobile phone cameras, many people should be able to record and report such sightings - and again this did not happen with the Hati ufo sighting. In addition over the last few months there seems to be a trend of elaborate fake CGi ufo videos appearing such as the caret drones and the italian navy ufo and often these clips are short and come from one source. The shortness of these clips indictate that the footage has been highly edited on a 'frame to frame' basis.
Unfortunately the sad thing about CGI ufo videos is that they draw attention away from the real phenomenon where the focus should be, but i will make sure this doesn't happen on this blog guys!

UFO Over Illinois interesting sighting

nico doco UFO Over Illinois
Part 1
UFO Over Illinois Part I

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Part 2
UFO Over Illinois Part II

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Majestic 12 MJ MAJIC coverup documentary

Good doco on the Mj 12, you have most likely heard about these documents. They are The most controversial government documents ever found. They blow the lid off a 50+ year government cover-up
Part 1
MJ-12 Cover-Up Part I

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Part 2
MJ-12 Cover-Up Part II

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