Saturday, May 23, 2009

ufo over london 22nd May 2009

posters comments:
just thought I would let you know about a possible UFO/strange object moving in the sky above us around 08:23 AM, on 05-22-09.

I was on location in Shoreditch, East London, for a TV shoot. I looked up and saw this object, filmed it with my Blackberry, and also took some stills.

A few of my collegues saw it, and at first dismissed it, until they watched it for a while longer and couldn't explain what it was either.

It seemed to be triangular, and was flying in a controlled direction, and not hovering. It seemed to rotate or change shape slightly. Very strange indeed, and had everyone very baffled and was the talk of the day.

NEW NASA STS-80 pulsating UFOs

NASA cameras on the Shuttle Columbia appear to zoom in on the UFOs, to get a better look,(!) as they move across the earth below.

Friday, May 22, 2009

STS-63 UFO seen by NASA & Russian cameras:UNCUT

Another great one from the man himself - Martyn Stubbs Youtube channel:
A UFO moves across the shuttle, left to right & the Russian camera zooms in! When NASA cuts to the shuttle B&W camera, the UFO is at the bottom left , pulsating. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

Ohh and here's yet another one from the Martyn Stubbs archives...

A space shuttles' external tank floats away, surrounded by "stationary" UFOs, along with strange other objects moving quickly on screen. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

WOW.. Ufos over horn lake mississippi 20 th may 2009

Interesting footage - Ufos over horn lake mississippi:

Unknown Objects Helicopters Filmed over Horn Lake Mississippi 20th may 2009

The gentleman who took the video above sent his information to the UFO Casebook. We find it very interesting.

My name is Jimmie Jones, and I'm 17, and live in Horn Lake, Mississippi. A couple of weird lights were seen, and lots of helicopters. I'm excited to catch this footage on camera. I hope people start to get the picture that were not the only ones able to breath, walk, communicate, and travel. I see a lot more UFO sightings coming our way.

Around 10:30 PM, a formation of lights sat in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end, watch as 3 lights appear below them.

You get to see one appear out of nowhere. It's an amazing thing to see. I'm excited, and I hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to Memphis, but it's too far so we stopped.

Ufo and Plane

bright UFO appears near Shuttle on May 19 2009 NASA TV STS 125

A bright ufo appears in background near Shuttle filmed May 19 2009. Just goes to show you that some unfiltered stuff does make it through NASA TV - so keep watching the broadcasts for finds like this. - Come on NASA, please come forward with the truth! Please reply with your comments to this new find!

sts-125 ufos on hubble release 19th May 2009 NASA

Autec site down following Ufo hunters Underwater area 51 ?

Following the recent Ufo hunters episode Underwater area 51 which looked at the AUTEC installation i was advised by one of our readers that the Autec site was partially taken down a few days after the episode.
I checked it out and yes it was true... Did the show hit a sore spot ?.. who knows.. the Autec site is now back but i took a screenshot during the downtime. May have just been regular maintenance , but it is a strange co-incidence i guess. Any comments?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plane or ufo? - france April 15 2009

Plane or Ufo ?- Posters says not plane as its "bizard", because planes havent the right to cross the sky in this "area".

Ufo Vortex Zone Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton Speaks at the 1990 Billy Goodman Happening Blue Diiamond Road Las Vegas Nv. Ufo Vortex Zone About The Dulce Underground Alien Base and Nightmare Hall

pt 2

remaining pts


This Nasa ASTRONAUT is confused and puzzled by this object, what do you think it could be?

Triangle Ufo May 2nd 2009

I want to know why triangle Ufos always look see-through and move erratically as if they are 3 balls in a triangle formation. Is the triangle ship cloaked and its just the ends showing? who knows...

May 25 History Channel hype about German Fossil Primate not Ufos

Guess i was right the May 25 event was nothing but some random skeleton discovery - Ufo disclosure will never be announced in the media this way.. here's the fuss:
The Skeleton will be displayed at a news conference on Tuesday at the American Museum of Natural History in New York; the History Channel plans a documentary on the primate at 9 p.m. on May 25; and Little Brown is bringing out a book. The Wall Street Journal published an article on Friday giving some scientific details of the discovery.

Large Ufo event over Uzbekistan May 15 Ufo

Why do these massive Ufo events keep happening near the remote areas of Russia ?
Only the other week it was reported a ufo crashed near russia ... now this:
This new report is an extract from Allnewsweb on the latest Uzbekistan Ufo report
A massive UFO event has occurred in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Numerous residents claim to have seen a UFO on May 15 at around 6pm. The UFO was seen for around half an hour before disappearing. Witnesses included foreign Journalists and Directors of local corporations. The incident has been widely reported in both Uzbeki and Russian media outlets.

The UFO, which was clearly observable, consisted of two luminous silver spheres: one above the other. The lower sphere was larger and brighter than the higher one.

Russian language UFO forums are buzzing as researchers and UFO buffs argue as to whether what was seen was a UFO or possibly just a meteorological probe.

Igor Bronikov, a director of a well-known local IT company saw the object with his family and believes they witnessed an alien craft. A journalist from the Russian language newspaper 'Regnum' who was in Tashkent at the time saw the object as well and also thinks it was UFO of possible alien origin. He noted that the lower sphere disappeared and re-appeared from time to time.The object eventually travelled away from the city in a south-east direction.

source Allnewsweb

WOW! more NASA UFOs from the Martyn Stubbs Archives

These videos are amazing - NASA please we can't ignore these anymore!
They are from Martin Stubbs who is doing a great job at the moment, i have noticed he has a big online presence recently, uploading more clips due to all the NASA fuss at the moment.
Check out his Ufo channel here on Youtube.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Norway Ufo

Reflection.. don't think so..any comments on this one:

Lights over sopra Torino Italiy 17th of May

Flares, lights, lanterns or something else?

UFO Filmato sopra Torino Italia il 17 05 2009

Triangle Ufo makes news over Russia May 2009

News report on latest May 2009 Triangle Ufo in Russia

New infra-red telescope reveals cloaked ufos + why infra-red cloaking makes sense

What a find!,
before i say anymore i must credit this post here on ATS for this great piece:

A new type of observatory was launched recently which uses infrared telescopes to study space. As you may know its long been known that Ufos may use the infra-red spectrum to cloak their ships - as you may know there is only a narrow light spectrum which human vision can infact see - thus this means infra red (which is out of this range) is the ideal spectrum to hide ships of of the sight of nosy humans (see bottom diagram) - it makes sense as to use as it renders crafts conveniently invisible to the human eye.

So its no shock that when the new Infra-red observatory went online recently Ufos were seen almost straight away - continued below...

ESA's infrared observatory Herschel and Planck, the Agency's mission to study the Cosmic Microwave Background, lifted off together on an Ariane 5 at 15:12 CEST from ESA's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

At 15:49 CEST today, just under 40 minutes after liftoff, Herschel and Planck sent their first radio signals to Earth, confirming that they separated successfully from the launcher and are alive.

read more here

Explaining the light spectrum - why Ufos cloak themselves using the Infra-red spectrum :

Infra-red spectrum is out of Human vision - Its the safest and smartest way to manipulate the light spectrum to hide large objects from human vision - and its the safest spectrum to use - compared to Microwave , UV andX-Ray and Gamma which are nasty energies,
So if you want to film more ufos - get an infra-red camera!

Ballon over Phoenix 18th May 2009 - Residents freak out!

A new object was seen hovering in the skies over phoenix yesterday 18th May.
Naturally residents got real concerned, especially since the area was the sight of the famous phoenix lights back in 97.
Authorities say its a ballon now - should we believe them? :
What was later identified as a NASA research balloon had some Arizonans wondering whether they had spotted an alien spacecraft. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says he got calls about the object all afternoon yesterday. He said the object did not show up on FAA radar and was likely a balloon. Later, Bill Stepp of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas identified the object as a 4,000-pound research balloon released from a NASA organization used to measure gamma ray emissions in high altitudes.

PHOENIX - A strange glowing object in the sky was a bizarre sight for Valley residents Monday night.
The light was clearly visible and stationary for most of the afternoon before vanishing around sundown. So far, not one business or company has taken credit for the object.
The FAA, Luke Air Force Base, SRP utility company, and the Sky Harbor Airport all have no information on the mysterious object.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Ufo documentary - Investigation X UFO Outbreak

This new ufo documentary looks at Stephenville and new sightings - the 5 part video is an investigation into Ufo sightings by credible witnesses, there are some tests conducted on footage and photos etc, Discovery channel presentation




pt 5

UFO Fever in Scottish Town 12th May 2009

New ufo report 12th May 2009 Scotland

Article extract from the Sun

A TOWN has been gripped by a UFO frenzy after 16 mysterious 'balls of fire’ were spotted flying through the sky.
Local man Martin Forbes captured the spine-tingling moment on his mobile phone after noticing the bright red lights moving up over the Fraserburgh skyline.

The 21-year-old health and safety advisor said dozens of friends and neighbours witnessed the eerie phenomena as they passed overhead during a clear night in the Aberdeenshire village.


UFO Changes Color

posters comments:
This was seen 4/15/09 from 9:30PM to 10:08PM at 9:59 I started taking pictures but I couldnt get it that good with it flashing so I tried to video it with the camera, I had a lot of pictures on the camera so I didnt have a lot of room but this was almost at the end of it,it was getting farther away fast,there were 20 pictures taken and this video,one of the pictures had writing on it.

Why NASA = Never A Straight Answer - more Ufo videos

From the guy who brought you the NASA ufo tapes - Check out Martin Stubbs page here on Daily motion
As NASA shuttle cameras watch 2 satellites, we see UFOs pass by, while other UFOs move around 'stars.' From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives.

A sequence from NASA mission STS-61, showing UFOs zooming by Hubble spacewalkers on the left & right side of the picture.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Higher quality of UFO X Conference Press Release

Incased you missed it below is a higher quality version of the UFO X Conference from the 20th of April this year:
Former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell called upon the United States government to disclose the extraterrestrial presence. Former fighter pilot Milton Torres related his story of how he was ordered to shoot at an aircraft carrier sized UFO over England in the 50s. Former employee at the British Ministry of Defence Nick Pope supported Milton Torres' story.

The American historian Richard Dolan introduced the second volume of his new book: UFOs and the National Security State. Alfred Webre (JD) encouraged nations to bring up the UFO subject in the UN. Dr. Roger Leir presented new physical evidence of human contact with extraterrestrial beings. He was flanked by metallurgist Alex Moser Ph.D. and Senior Member of Technical Staff at YTC America INC.Former CNN news anchor Cherryl Jones went to the podium to support the efforts to get governments to disclose the ET presence.

pt 2

watch more here

ufos in chersterfield 9th may 2009

These objects were seen in Brimington on 9/5/09 around 22:40

ufos in chersterfield 9th may 2009

The many Faces Of ETs

This is from Barbara Lamb Presentation at "International UFO Congress 2009.".Dr John Mack after investigating found some of these reports could not be explained:

pt 2

pt 3

Amazing NASA UFO footage by Jaime Maussan 2009

This is from a session at the 2009 International UFO Congress Convention - Mexico's Jaime Maussan shows and narrates never-before-seen UFO footage from Mexico and all over the world.

UFOs flying in formation above atmosphere

stunning footage - check it out- does anyone have any more info on this?

What the? Global Event on May 25, 2009 - History channel ?

History channel recently aired this alarming doomstay advert annoucing a 'global event' for May 25, 2009 ?. Whether infact this 'global event' is' merely some smart advert for some new 'tv program' or not remains unsure...
Could it be ufo Disclosure (i doubt it) or some new discovered bone that changes creation theory ? .. who knows? but looking at the programming for that day it kind of reveals the purpose ( ie the airing of Decoding The Past: Mayan Doomsday Prophecy)
The advert has stirred debate & gone viral now - so i guess if its a marketing poly I've also fallen into their trap as well! .. eitherway do you think this 'global event' could be of any importance ?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alien Laser-like signal detected from earth like planet Gliese 581e

This extract from the Australian news paper looks at the amazing discovery of a possible laser like beam detected coming from Gliese 581e (the first earth like sized planet discovered outside our solar system)

Ragbir Bhathal, an astrophysicist at the University of Western Sydney, who teaches the only university-based course on SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) in Australia, detected the suspicious signal on a clear night last December, he knew better than to crack open the special bottle of champagne he has tucked away for the history-making occasion.

Instead, he's spent the past few months meticulously investigating whether the unrecognised signature was caused by a glitch in his instrumentation, a rogue astrophysical phenomenon, or some unknown random noise.

Even if he picks up the signal again - he's been scouring the same co-ordinates of the night sky on an almost daily basis since - the scientific rule book dictates he'll need to get it peer-reviewed before he can take his announcement to the world. "And that is a lot of ifs," he concedes.

The hunt for extraterrestrial life has been boosted recently by the discovery last month of a rocky world not unlike our own, about 20 light years away, which its Swiss discoverers have dubbed Gliese 581e, the latest in a long line of planet discoveries during the past decade (350 and counting).

Although Gliese 581e is too close to its host sun to support life, it's the first planet believed to be rocky like our own, a kind of super-hot Earth quite unlike the long line of gas and ice giants discovered to date.

source -read more here

about Gliese 581 - earth like planet

An international team from the European Southern Observatory says the solar system Gliese 581 revealed a new planet labeled "E", and it's the smallest exoplanet ever found. Exoplanets are planets found outside our own solar system. While "E" is too hot and too close to the star it orbits around to be able to sustain life, one of its neighbors is located in the prime habitable zone.

UFO spotted in Derbyshire May 8th 2009

any more news on this one?

Ufo over Brunsmark 16th May 2009

The replacement for NASA's aging shuttle

The space shuttle Atlantis is on the process of carrying out urgent repairs to the ageing Hubble telescope. It is the riskiest shuttle mission for some time and also one of the last.Here's a glimpse of new $50b craft to replace the shuttle:

UFO over Turin, Italy May 2nd 2009

At around 11:15pm on Saturday night May 2 of this year a multi-coloured UFO was seen by between a dozen and twenty witnesses in the city of Turin in North Italy. The story is making headlines in the Italian press. One witness managed to film the incident (video below).

The UFO was said to consist of a five glowing lights, some orange and others resembling multi-coloured orbs. The lights constantly changed formation and direction. Occasionally the UFO appeared to be stationary and then moved position rapidly. At times the lights vanished only to re-appear. 'At first I thought it was airplane until it got close' one witness commented. All witnesses gave a virtually identical description of the craft and local UFO researchers have been informed of the event. The incident lasted about half an hour.


Ufos in 2009 - a busy year in ufology so far

Assortment of clips from this year: