Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ballon over Phoenix 18th May 2009 - Residents freak out!

A new object was seen hovering in the skies over phoenix yesterday 18th May.
Naturally residents got real concerned, especially since the area was the sight of the famous phoenix lights back in 97.
Authorities say its a ballon now - should we believe them? :
What was later identified as a NASA research balloon had some Arizonans wondering whether they had spotted an alien spacecraft. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says he got calls about the object all afternoon yesterday. He said the object did not show up on FAA radar and was likely a balloon. Later, Bill Stepp of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas identified the object as a 4,000-pound research balloon released from a NASA organization used to measure gamma ray emissions in high altitudes.

PHOENIX - A strange glowing object in the sky was a bizarre sight for Valley residents Monday night.
The light was clearly visible and stationary for most of the afternoon before vanishing around sundown. So far, not one business or company has taken credit for the object.
The FAA, Luke Air Force Base, SRP utility company, and the Sky Harbor Airport all have no information on the mysterious object.
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It was not a balloon. Such BS. Before NASA even released a statement, FOX News said it was a military drone bombing experiment. You would never be able to see a balloon or a drone from such far distances all over the valley. I watch it, I saw it. The thing changed colors, sat in one spot forever and then flew off again. Liars.

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balloon yeah come it didnt move along the wind?

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The balloon floats at a height of as much as 120,000 feet and is 300 feet (= length of football field) in diameter. They are launched this time of year because the winds at this high altitude are particularly slow now.

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