Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazing NASA UFO footage by Jaime Maussan 2009

This is from a session at the 2009 International UFO Congress Convention - Mexico's Jaime Maussan shows and narrates never-before-seen UFO footage from Mexico and all over the world.
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Anonymous said...

OK, we're living in a 3D universe, so when they say that an object came close to the shuttle, they mean on the 2D plane. It's incredibly hard to know (especially in SPACE) how close or far away something is.

Gavin Veasey said...

I found their arguments very weak. That, a incident we know very little about was caused by other beings. I find it even more insane that these gentlemen can know why they did it! If the other beings are trying to tell mankind that we have no claim over space, then why are they doing it in such a hidden way?

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