Saturday, May 23, 2009

NEW NASA STS-80 pulsating UFOs

NASA cameras on the Shuttle Columbia appear to zoom in on the UFOs, to get a better look,(!) as they move across the earth below.
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Anonymous said...

That'd be lens flare, surprised to see this passed off as anything else, especially on this normally good site

Anonymous said...

Once again, a shimmering, shiny piece of junk that's tumbling and reflecting!! That's all. Give me a NASA video that shows an actual, physical craft just once! I've seen a few NASA videos that looked pretty suspicious---but not this one.

Anonymous said...

Considering this and all the recent NASA footage, I'm quite sure this is how the disclosure begins.

"There is the ET" and so on.. everyday stuff?

"We don't track UFO's" ... no you're not, you call them ETs and you don't need to "track" them as they were something new coz you're constantly aware of their presence?

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