Sunday, May 17, 2009

UFO over Turin, Italy May 2nd 2009

At around 11:15pm on Saturday night May 2 of this year a multi-coloured UFO was seen by between a dozen and twenty witnesses in the city of Turin in North Italy. The story is making headlines in the Italian press. One witness managed to film the incident (video below).

The UFO was said to consist of a five glowing lights, some orange and others resembling multi-coloured orbs. The lights constantly changed formation and direction. Occasionally the UFO appeared to be stationary and then moved position rapidly. At times the lights vanished only to re-appear. 'At first I thought it was airplane until it got close' one witness commented. All witnesses gave a virtually identical description of the craft and local UFO researchers have been informed of the event. The incident lasted about half an hour.

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