Friday, May 22, 2009

bright UFO appears near Shuttle on May 19 2009 NASA TV STS 125

A bright ufo appears in background near Shuttle filmed May 19 2009. Just goes to show you that some unfiltered stuff does make it through NASA TV - so keep watching the broadcasts for finds like this. - Come on NASA, please come forward with the truth! Please reply with your comments to this new find!

sts-125 ufos on hubble release 19th May 2009 NASA


Anonymous said...

The only comment is that you are extremely sincere and dedicated to factfinding and truth. My feeling is, there's no point in forcing either NASA or US Govt to bring out facts. We cant say when they will do it, if ever. Why not these UFOs themselves reveal themselves? Why do they come, show for a few moments, and run away? All this is strange indeed. Perhaps they are shy to see our MIss Universes. Of the billions and billions of stars and galaxes, our misses are perhaps the most beautiful and so call themselves Miss Universes.

Anonymous said...

i don't see anything

Anonymous said...

ufo alien spacecraft into shuttle? AWESOME TOP VID TNKS NASA