Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New infra-red telescope reveals cloaked ufos + why infra-red cloaking makes sense

What a find!,
before i say anymore i must credit this post here on ATS for this great piece:

A new type of observatory was launched recently which uses infrared telescopes to study space. As you may know its long been known that Ufos may use the infra-red spectrum to cloak their ships - as you may know there is only a narrow light spectrum which human vision can infact see - thus this means infra red (which is out of this range) is the ideal spectrum to hide ships of of the sight of nosy humans (see bottom diagram) - it makes sense as to use as it renders crafts conveniently invisible to the human eye.

So its no shock that when the new Infra-red observatory went online recently Ufos were seen almost straight away - continued below...

ESA's infrared observatory Herschel and Planck, the Agency's mission to study the Cosmic Microwave Background, lifted off together on an Ariane 5 at 15:12 CEST from ESA's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

At 15:49 CEST today, just under 40 minutes after liftoff, Herschel and Planck sent their first radio signals to Earth, confirming that they separated successfully from the launcher and are alive.

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Explaining the light spectrum - why Ufos cloak themselves using the Infra-red spectrum :

Infra-red spectrum is out of Human vision - Its the safest and smartest way to manipulate the light spectrum to hide large objects from human vision - and its the safest spectrum to use - compared to Microwave , UV andX-Ray and Gamma which are nasty energies,
So if you want to film more ufos - get an infra-red camera!

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Anonymous said...

We don't long know that UFO's use the infrared spectrum to cloak their ships. We don't even know if they proof-positive exist, so how can we KNOW how they function? :) We KNOW that there is a UFO/Internet culture that likes to create pseudo facts, and that uses documentaries as their scientific research ^_^

Anonymous said...

in this is the case that would explain why nasa did space expidition to improve our telescope i wounder if nasa took this into consideration ???

Anonymous said...

Crop circles always have made me laugh because anyone who believes little men from light years away would think , hey lets ruin some farmers crops and write weird signs that we only know the answer to. Then the people go into the circles and feel weird, electricity and guages go off, offbeat scientists say the crops are different than non crop circles, WAKE up people, move out of your parents basement and come to the terms that if there was such a magnificent alien race they wouldn't come all the way to earth to ply in the fields, my theory is all paranormal activity is related somehow, ghosts,ufo's,and all strange phenonoma but crop circles have light years to go before I believe in them.

Anonymous said...

If aliens are coming light years away to play in farmers fields without leaving a readable message then either they are incredibly stupid or we are taking anything we can and saying HEY, thats an alien message, WAKE up people, crop circles are easily copied, they are used in advertisement on tv, also advertisements on everything under the sun, yes we have offbeat scientists saying the "real" circles are different but these are the same scientists that already believe in ufo's and are really strange. For over 20 years we have been dealing with crop circles and what proof do we have aliens are making them, a big OO, the sooner you stop paying attention to these easily faked phenonema the sooner they go away except for the ones that are being made for shock value for tours and other money making schemes.

Anonymous said...

My theory is all paranormal activity is connected somehow, ghosts, psychics, et's etc. The ghost hunters are using this infra-red technology to see ghosts that can't be seen with the naked eye so even though your facts are pulled out of your ear it does make sense that if there are et's then this infra-red is a possibility. The ghost hunters are having great success with the infra-red so hopefully so will the ufo hunters, HEY its worth a shot and I don't see anybody else doing anything to seek them out scientifically, GOOD for you and good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how some of the detracting posters say infra red is fake, etc, yet there are still unexplained lights moving across they sky. I am skeptical too, but admit that some of these lights can't be readily explained. Just as much as there are people who want to believe, there are people who want to tear down. (Perhaps those are the people who should retire to their parents basements!) Let's keep things in a reasonable perspective. Extremes aren't reasonable or helpful.

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie "They Live" as it is real,but what they do not tell you about is that "THEY" are telepathic insectoid creatures that appear to be human but are not."THEY" have light-blue or light-green eyes,when you see someone with these eyes talk to them with your mind,ask them questions and listen for your answer,"THEY" will get nervousTRYIT

Anonymous said...

I think for most of the naysayers here are frightened and cannot accept the facts we are not alone. Humans are only a tier 1 civilization that has mastered the atom, the silicon chip and has a global communication system. It has not yet explored the cosmos physically past the moon. Like humans investigate plant and animal life on the planet whats to say we ourselves are not being investigated as well. I think the answer is simple.

Anonymous said...

To the guy writing about crop circles in his comment, Whilst I do agree that an intelligent life form would most likely not create crop circles, but you also simply don't know as you stated in your comment about infrared. They could be signalling to other objects in the sky's. who knows.

In regards to the telescope and what the writer of the article is saying. When he states that it is well known that ufos use cloaking, when you have seen as many videos, pictures and stories as the people that actively spend their time looking into these things, it becomes very difficult to assume anything else. Anyone who is to believe that intelligent life forms other than us do not exist, are the ones who need to WAKE up.

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