Friday, May 22, 2009

WOW.. Ufos over horn lake mississippi 20 th may 2009

Interesting footage - Ufos over horn lake mississippi:

Unknown Objects Helicopters Filmed over Horn Lake Mississippi 20th may 2009

The gentleman who took the video above sent his information to the UFO Casebook. We find it very interesting.

My name is Jimmie Jones, and I'm 17, and live in Horn Lake, Mississippi. A couple of weird lights were seen, and lots of helicopters. I'm excited to catch this footage on camera. I hope people start to get the picture that were not the only ones able to breath, walk, communicate, and travel. I see a lot more UFO sightings coming our way.

Around 10:30 PM, a formation of lights sat in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end, watch as 3 lights appear below them.

You get to see one appear out of nowhere. It's an amazing thing to see. I'm excited, and I hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to Memphis, but it's too far so we stopped.
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Dickos Fortuna said...

What a mystery! What are they going to turn out to be? I really think it will not be what we expect... we're missing something obvious. It's as if they are the equivalent of interdimensional jellyfish or something! Totally oblivious of the helicopters... Just something from the airport attracts them... maybe they convert carbon monoxide or something... who knows...

God Hates Uranus & Other Random Stuff said...

Oh, let's see... you see lights moving in the sky near a Metropolitan Airport... Helicopters in the sky near an Airport... It's obvious it has to be aliens...

Anonymous said...

The line of lights are airplanes on approach to MEM. The "helicopters" are airplanes one by one landing. The busiest time at MEM is midnight, as FedEx comes in one by one from all over the world. They land 3 at a time (2 side by side and a third runway that is 90 degrees to the other two). This can be seen nightly from around 11:30 to 1:30 AM.

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