Thursday, May 21, 2009

Large Ufo event over Uzbekistan May 15 Ufo

Why do these massive Ufo events keep happening near the remote areas of Russia ?
Only the other week it was reported a ufo crashed near russia ... now this:
This new report is an extract from Allnewsweb on the latest Uzbekistan Ufo report
A massive UFO event has occurred in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Numerous residents claim to have seen a UFO on May 15 at around 6pm. The UFO was seen for around half an hour before disappearing. Witnesses included foreign Journalists and Directors of local corporations. The incident has been widely reported in both Uzbeki and Russian media outlets.

The UFO, which was clearly observable, consisted of two luminous silver spheres: one above the other. The lower sphere was larger and brighter than the higher one.

Russian language UFO forums are buzzing as researchers and UFO buffs argue as to whether what was seen was a UFO or possibly just a meteorological probe.

Igor Bronikov, a director of a well-known local IT company saw the object with his family and believes they witnessed an alien craft. A journalist from the Russian language newspaper 'Regnum' who was in Tashkent at the time saw the object as well and also thinks it was UFO of possible alien origin. He noted that the lower sphere disappeared and re-appeared from time to time.The object eventually travelled away from the city in a south-east direction.

source Allnewsweb
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Anonymous said...

The Aliens must be very intelligent, as they appear with their big ship in place where there are several witness and yet no one had any form of photograph recording ,such as a camera phone !

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