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UFo over Huanuco, Peru on 2/16/09.

Several hovering lights were captured on film in Huanuco, Peru on 2/16/09.

Crop Circles The Best Evidence

I love crop circles - many people believe they are man made but scientific research has proved that about 20% are genuine. This documentary is an Examination of the Crop Circle Phenomenon and particular aspects of genuine Crop Circles are researched:

Crop Circles The Best Evidence - Part 1/2
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Crop Circles The Best Evidence - Part 2/2

Former canadian minister of defence on Ufos

With the recent Ufo files coming out from Canadian government it draws me back to an old post i did on the former canadian minister of defence talking about Ufo disclosure, you may have seen it before but its a great video of you haven't:

Canada Admits - Alien Technology Operated by the U

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insider reveals Airforce response to Phoenix Lights in 1997

An insider has come forward exposing the response of the 56 Fighter Wing at Luke Air Force Base to the 1997 Phoenix lights, saying that the United States Air Force was in a "state of anxiety" following the phoenix lights. The insider is likely an officer from the air traffic control center at Luke airforce base.
Below is an extract from his revealing tell all posts on the ATS forum:

Source Examiner and ATS forum: 
"USAF personnel stationed at both Luke AFB in Glendale and Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson were a bit scared, as something was occurring over the skies of central and southern Arizona that night, and the on-duty personnel at both bases had no idea what it was."

Luke AFB scrambled two F-16C's from the 56th Fighter Wing, however, these aircraft were not vectored southwest of Phoenix toward the source of the [publicly reported flare] lights, but directly south toward Tucson. What is known further, is that less than 10 minutes later, a second set of F-16C's from the 56th were also scrambled and sent southeast.

Radio reports from the first flight of aircraft indicated something "odd" was occurring, however the pilots never gave any indication or specifics (in the open at any rate), as to what that was. Both flights were kept away intentionally from the lights being seen near the Estrella range. It was obvious to all with access that there were other aircraft in the area, with orders to drop flares (whether this was the Maryland ANG is unknown). It was felt that this was indeed a "deception" measure to keep curiosity focused on one space in the sky, as flares were never used that far north of the Goldwater training range (as any Luke personnel can tell you, if they were, there would be weekly "Phoenix Lights" incidents).

On the night of March 13th, 1997, an alert klaxon sounded at Luke, orders for two armed aircraft to perform an immediate take-off to 10,000 feet, and head south-east towards a radar sighting north of Casa Grande, Arizona. The first two aircraft, from the 56th Fighter Wing (310th Fighter Squadron), were armed only with 2x AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and 20mm Vulcan cannons each. Once the flight was airborne, the flight leader called in that something “odd” was occurring after he picked up a radar contact a few thousand feet below, and several miles ahead of his position. His radar was showing “clutter” common to stand-off jamming.

This led to two further F-16C’s from the 56th, that were being fueled and armed since the first flight was launched, being sent up. This pair, in addition to the armament as above, also carried 2x AIM-7M Sparrow medium range missiles as well. They were also vectored south-east towards Flight 1 (now over Marana, AZ and approaching Tucson) on full afterburner. Flight 1 leader was able to regain radar contact on something large and low that was beginning to accelerate rapidly. Flight 1 lost the contact approximately 7 miles south of Tucson, and was ordered to proceed close to the border and try to regain contact.

Once Flight 1 lost radar contact, Flight 2 was ordered back to Luke (Flight 2 had just approached the Tucson area). Once Flight 1 was on station, attempts were made to re-establish radar contact to no avail. After 10 minutes or so, Flight 1 was ordered back to Luke. ALL of this occurred as the “flares” were being taped and photographed south-west of Phoenix. No aircraft were vectored to that area to investigate.

Further scramble of aircraft was initiated from Nellis AFB, Nevada (prior to the Phoenix sighting) and Holloman AFB, New Mexico (around 10 minutes after the Flight 1 scramble from Luke). F-16’s from Nellis, no word on aircraft type from Holloman (at the time it was the only F-117A “Stealth Fighter” base, with the Luftwaffe having a training squadron of Tornado aircraft, neither would have been used on an intercept mission).

Towers at several locations had tapes of the “event”. Radar at Luke and Davis-Monthan were picking up low level “noise” on several frequencies, similar to what had happened to Flight 1. This “noise” was consistent with active wide-spectrum jamming. It was highly unusual for this to occur in an area that did not have that type of (jamming) training environment (nearest place this was done was at the Nellis AFB range). According to many in the know, something physical was in the sky that night, with radar data providing the primary source of evidence. That “something” entered Mexican airspace and promptly disappeared. Maximum recorded speed was at Mach 1.8 past Tucson nearing Fort Huachuca.

Source Examiner and ATS forum

Its not uncommon for high profile people and those in the know to come forward on what they know about the Phoenix lights  onyl just now ... as i only just recently posted - back in 2007 The former governor of Arizona, Fife Symington then confessed that the Mayors office had to coverup the situation back in 1997 because it would cause widespread panic in Phoenix. He then goes on to describe the Phoenix Lights as he saw on CNN. "It was enormous, it just felt 'other worldly', in your gut you could just tell it was 'other worldly'", said Symington

A closer look at the Fire in the Sky over Texas

A closer zoom in of the fireball that fell during a marathon in Austin, Texas last week. Any opinions on this one people?:

Canada's releases UFO files in a easy to search virtual archive

Hi all,

From the UK, to Denmark and now Canada ... governments all over the world (but not yet USA!) are actively disclosing Ufo information contained within archives in the renewed global attempt for Ufo disclosure. Whether this is a united effort remains unsure but the timing of the release of the reports from country to country is very close and is a great step forward to full Ufo disclosure. The new Canadian Ufo database is the most easy to use and innovative Ufo archive so far..  

(By the way .. I would like to know your comments on why so many governments are disclosing Ufo information right now - co-incidental or a united campaign? - reply to this post)

The below extract from this article explains the Canadian events further:

The Canadian Government has authorized open public access to thousands of federal government documents concerning UFOs. A total of 9500 digitized documents spanning the years 1947 to the early 1980s have been made available through the Library and Archives Canada website. Titled “Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown” the files include correspondence, reports, memos and procedures, some of which specifically deal with UFOs. The files come from Canada’s National Defense Department, the Department of Transport, the National Research Council, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Canada’s release of its UFO X-Files follows closely upon the release at the end of January of Denmark's UFO files. Britain continues to release thousands of UFO files through a program of gradual releases it began in May 2007 through its national archives with the most recent in Jan 2009. The French Space Agency had earlier announced on March 22, 2007, that it was making public its secret UFO files through a government website.

The important difference between the released Canadian UFO files with other country releases is the inclusion of departmental analyses rather than simply reports of UFO sightings.

Red " Alien Rain " in Kerala India 2001 - did life originate from aliens?

From July 25 to September 23, 2001, red rain sporadically fell on the southern Indian state of Kerala. Heavy downpours occurred in which the rain was coloured red, staining clothes with an appearance similar to that of blood.Coloured rain had been reported in Kerala in as early as 1896 and several times since then.

Most astonishingly scientists reported that "The red rain phenomenon of Kerala has a possible extraterrestrial origin" because the red rain is actually organisms which do not have DNA or RNA and thus are unlike any organisms found on earth. 

One of their conclusions was:
If the red rain particles are biological cells and are of cometary origin, then this supports the hypotheis that "seeds" of life exist already all over the universe, and life on earth originated from those "seeds".

This red rain event was discussed further in this excellent documentary which aired on the BBC called alien life on earth (its goes off on other topics but these parts focus on the red rain):

pt 3

pt 4

watch remaining parts and more here

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Roswell & Area 51 for beginners

A great documentary introducting Roswell and Area 51.. as you may know Area 51 was a big topic in the early 90's, the base is still used to test advanced aircraft and sightings occur frequently there still to this day..

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Blackholes - the mystery of the universe

Just watched this interesting documentary on Blackholes and thought i would add to the blog:-

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The UFOs Over Phoenix 1997

Again this teen documentary is actually quite good and yet again gives a great recap and unbiased round-up on the famous 1997 Ufo event over Phoenix:

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Also Remember back in 2007 The former governor of Arizona, Fife Symington then confessed that the Mayors office had to coverup the situation back in 1997 because it would cause widespread panic in Phoenix.He then goes on to describe the Phoenix Lights as he saw them from a park, on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°. "It was enormous, it just felt 'other worldly', in your gut you could just tell it was 'other worldly'", said Symington.

Introduction to Crop Circles

A look at whether crop circles are a sign from above, or an elaborate hoax.
Ok this is kind of a teen documentary - but its a great unbiased introductory for anyone new to crop circles, i found it very interesting myself:

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Satellite Debris Falls over Texas 15 Feb 2009

Yeah i was right the object that crashed over Texas was the 2 crashed satellites,
Police scanner traffic in Texas was abuzz Sunday morning with reports of fireballs or burning debris in the sky.Residents in Hill and Navarro counties also reported hearing an explosion or feeling their house shake.The Federal Aviation Administration's spokesman Roland Herwig attributed the reports to falling debris from a recent satellite collision.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireball over Austin, Texas - February 15, 2009

CNN reports on the fireball that fell during a marathon in Austin, Texas. Sparks were still coming from it at tree level, so its likely that it hit the ground.. 
Could likely be the crashed iridium satellite that recently hit into a russian one:

UFO over Florida February 14 Valentine's Day

UFO filmed over Miami Florida On February 14 2009 Valentine's Day:

Ufo Mexico Feb 2009

OVNI febrero 2009
Occasionally a cross in the sky seems, although fits to clarify that a servidora does not relate this sight with religious questions. I am conscious that the peculiar form can be an optical aberration. The erratic movements that are perceived in the recording they are product of the maladjustment of the tripiƩ, since the object had a uniform path. Sadly I did not obtain a takes stable, but of all ways I wanted to share the images. The video is dated February 5, 2009, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the Federal District.. Can be a globe? Perhaps, in Mexico there are many, amen that is very difficult to determine with precision the nature of some flying objects, above all when they are to great distance. Atte. Ana Luisa Cid

A closer look at the 1996 Olivers castle 'hoaxed' Crop circle Orb formation

The famous 'orbs forming a crop circle video' is one of the most watched crop circle videos on youtube, after much investigation it was meant to be an elaborate hoax but yet the video remains a contraversy to this day -  whats your opinion?  - you can discuss this further here in this topic forum.

Oliver’s Castle (northwest of Devizes, England) when a formation appeared in the fields just below this famous landmark at approximately 5:00 am on August 11, 1996.  A camper and amateur photographer was allegedly able to videotape a 17 to 18 second segment during which four balls of light (some 3-4 feet in diameter) appeared, apparently initiating and completing the entire formation virtually instantaneously!   

After this videotape was carefully and exhaustively studied by experts in the field  it appears that, according to Colin Andrews, Joyce Murphy, and Stuart Conway , the film sequence “shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.”

With further analysis this footage is discussed further in the Geographic channels obviously skeptic documentary on crop circles - is it real? , which originally aired in 2005 :

 Note: you can discuss this further here in this topic forum.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

UFO Filmed Live by TV Station in Acre State, Brazil February 09, 2009

New Ufo from Brazil:
"The film shows one object that changes color in white, red, and blue. You can see clearly the moon and one star in the sky together with this object in the footage.

It was a massive sight, because all neighborhoods saw the object. There were more than 25 witnesses. The object stayed in the sky for more than two hours. It moved from east to South and afterwards from South to west.

Duration: More than two hours
Number of witness: More than 25 people
Place: Rio Branco City in Acre State, Brazil "

Glowing Orb UFO, Buenos Aires, 1/24/2009

Footage from Mr. Christian Soldano, from the Cascallares Dam area outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the evening of January 24, 2009. Skeptics claim this unidentified flying object is ball lightning. You decide.