Saturday, April 28, 2012

New UFO Footage! Pinebush, New York: 25/04/2012

What was this light seen in Pinebush, NY on the 25th of April 2012, at 11p.m? Was it a UFO?
Comments appreciated.

UFO In London - Real Or CGI?: 26/04/2012

We have our reservations about this video, but would like to ask our reader if you think it's genuine or not? Take a closer look in full screen:
Posters comments: Three fast flying UFOs have been filmed by passenger from an airplane, just 10 minutes before passing the London Sky (England, United Kingdom) from northwest on his way to Frankfurt, Germany on April 26, 2012.

Ufo video report Henson Creek Trail Maryland 27th April 2012

New ufo video in from Henson Creek Maryland 27th April 2012: Comments on this anyone?
Mufon sighting report:
1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time? Henson Creek Trail 
 2. What made you first notice the object? Always have observed this object in the sky. 3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it? It appeared to be a star. 4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail. Appear to be stationary but after close examination will appear to move back and forth. 5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object. Wonderful to observe. 6. How did you lose sight of the object? Never lost sight of the object. It is not a helicopter, airplane, or any other type of human vehicle.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bizzare ufo video HURLEY WISCONSIN & Bessemer Michigan

What really was this object that was apparent seen over HURLEY WISCONSIN & Bessemer Michigan?
Note : swearing language:

April 2012 Ufo sightings

Some highlights of the numerous ufo reports we receive this month.
Please remember submit your report using the "submit' Button top right of the website.

Fowlerville Michigan 25th April
On the evening of April 25th at about 10:55 pm and at the insistance of my dog to go out for a third time, I was standing in my backyard in Fowlerville Michigan and looked up to check out the stars. What I saw has left me totally baffled and wondering. From what seemed to be a bottom view, the object appeared to be square shaped with notches in the corners. Rows of red, blue, and green lights filled the square and they all blinked as the thing floated silently in a northeasterly direction. It appeared to be at a very high altitiude; up there with the stars, but it's difficult to be sure. What happened next had me yelling for my wife and kids to come out quick. The unidentified whatever suddenly, in the wink of an eye made a 90 degree move appearing a great distance at a right angle to its flight path. Then in the next instant, it darted back to its original flight path and continued in its northeasterly direction for a about 30 mor e seconds before it blinked and was gone. This whole sighting was only about a minute or two and I had no time to get my camera or anyone out to see this before it disappeared. Shaken and awed by this, I decided to be ready the next night at the same time with my camera. I saw a few planes and then, at exactly 10:55pm, I witnessed a military craft much like a stealth, triangular in shape traveling the exact northeasterly flight path. I am certain of the difference between this and the ufo and wondering about the connection. I have the miliatry vehicle on video and will keep looking for the ufo to appear again. Anyone else see anything similar on April 25th? 

Montreal, Canada April 7th:
We observed this object crossing the sky. It first appeared as a bright orange star comparable to the ISS in luminosity but couldn't be because it was overclouded that night and after the sighting, I checked the position of the ISS and it was east of Africa. It came from the North and flew in a leveled path to the south south west. As it passed over head it lost in luminosity, this is when my daughter took the picture. The date was April 7 2012 around 9:00 pm. I live 70km North of Montreal, Canada.
Clarksburg Maryland USA 
While doing my usual late night run, I saw two lights. Equal distance apart and moving at the same speed. Moving together. They were far apart though and then in a matter of seconds, they moved together and then apart again. It was moving very fast. Then the lights disappeared behind some houses so I ran to get a better view and saw it again. I ran home told my sister and she walked out onto the porch and said that is a UFO. When I looked again it twirled once, the lights came together. Flashed green, then red and then gold and started ascending high into the sky very fast and vanished. 

In Tustin, CA
I was looking up to change a bulb on a high pole, and saw a triangular shaped craft, with round patterns underneath. There was no noise, no lights. It disappeared into the clouds. It was dark, but light enough to see.

TWO, Extreamly Bright Objects, White/Yellow-Red Center, Moving From the North-East, Into a Southerly Direction. Location is Talibon,Bohol,Philippines. Observed by 7 people at my home

Hudson River New York April 2-3rd 
near the Hudson river, we see alot of weird lights in the sky and there is no reasonable explanation for them...I wish someone would meet me I can show them first hand what i'm talking about, and its incredible to say the least...

Coon Rapids  Minnesota
Around 10pm on two different occasions my wife and I have seen something in the skies that we really can not explain. We have seen lights, that at first I thought were satellites, traveling along and then they just disappeared. We continued to watch that area and then a few minutes later two lights came out of that same area traveling in totally different directions. For the two nights I have seen this happen I have about a total of 10 of these lights that are on a straight line just disappear and then minutes later appear but traveling in whole new direction. The one time the light I seen and was watching disappeared and about 10 minutes late a bright flash came from the area were the light disappeared, and a new light came from the flash and headed in the exact opposite direction. I have no clue what this is but it would be nice to find out. I am going to try to film this if it ever happens again. 

Strange Wind - cloaked object? In the middle of an intersection I go by on my way to my car after work about 15 silver small discs (about 3"x3") and a larger (about a foot) something that looked like it was filled with air rose out of the street. At first I thought is was papers but it wasn't.I watched as they went up into the sky out of sight. It was the strangest thing. The wind was blowing about 20 mph but yet they were going straight up. I do believe they were controlled by something or someone. Very, very strange...

Ufos mean serious business

An old radio broadcast talking about Ufos through time:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ufo video in from Polk City Iowa 4/24/2012 8:44pm

New ufo video in from Iowa - Does anyone have any idea what these lights were/ - they were in triangle formation:
Source - Mufon report: My friend and I was out fishing at Big Creek near Des Moines, Iowa, we had just got set up and was sitting there talking and waiting for a bite. It was just a few minutes before the sun went down completly for the day, and then I seen something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked toward the object and I was completly amazed at what I was seeing. I turned to my friend and said do you see that. He said "woooow what is that!" It was a glowing orb coming towards us. It was going behind the treeline right behind us, so we got up and ran up the bank and the hill right behind us that featured all the trees. Then I told my friend to get his smartphone out and get this on video, he did just that. As he finished his first video we then seen another orb following the first. I looked at one the orbs through the canopy of the trees and it seemed like it just stopped or paused in mid air for just a brief moment. Then it seemed like it was at the speed it was going at like it never stopped at all, meaning it didnt seem to excelerate to get back up to crusing speed. It just went back to that speed. Really really strange!!! Then the same one just went black and I could see its shape becuase it wasnt quite dark just yet. It was circular just like it was when it was emmiting light. It was getting harder to follow through the woods, so I quit chasing it. I had seen enough. I knew I was seeing something that I had never seen before in my entire life. Im outside at night a lot because I love to fish for catfish, which are more active at night. Ive seen plenty of stuff in the night skies such as planes headlights, satellites, metorites, but nothing like this my whole life. Im a star gazer so Ive seen the sky alot and know it pretty well. I should also mention that my compass on my truck didnt work at all when we left the lake. Until the next day when I was driving to work it just came back on. All it would read was C, which I had never seen before and Ive had this truck since 2005. What happened to North, South, East, and West.

Ufo over of the town of Atizapan Mexico April 22, 2012

A new ufo video in from Mexico. Please view in full screen:

Posters comments: A spherical UFO crossing the airspace of the night April 22, 2012, in Atizapan, Edo. Mexico. The object passes very quickly that hardly reached to capture it on video by a few seconds.

Ufos Hovering over Washington Tidal Basin 21st April 2012

New ufo video with object Hovering at Washington Tidal Basin. Apparently filmed 21st April 2012, it could be a lantern so more feedback is needed on this one:
The poster wanted to hear feedback from others who may have seen it.

UFO above lake in Velenje, Slovenia

Bizzare ufo lights about lake in Velenje on 11th of May 2010, around midnight:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UFO Triangles in Champaign Illinois May 2001

A great one from the history file here. UFO Triangles in Champaign, Illinois May 2001
These lights hovered over the Market Street Apartments, moving in differnet formation till they were in the formation you see now on the video. Then in a very low, deep hum, the lights started to move very slowly north to Rantoul while flashes in different patterns and colors.

Strange Country: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters occured that many people from policemen to many in the public  remember seeing. Reporter Danny Gordon got into serious trouble after taking photos of the ufo as someone did not want these photos out.
A new documentary on the incident is coming out:

25 years after international media attention came to tiny Wytheville, VA on the heels of massive UFO sightings, the echoes still ring for reporter Danny Gordon. Gordon, a newscaster with a wall full of UPI awards and community work citations, became the unintentional center of the upheaval caused by an array of strange objects in the country skies from 1987-88. Click here to support this film

The Photos that caused major trouble for Danny: Read more on the story here

UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon

We recommend you watch the highly interesting and important
Wythe County ufo case Virginia on unsolved Mysteries:

UFO's Over Matteson, Illinois? 22/04/2012

UFO video submitted from Matteson, Illinois. We'd like your opinions on this footage, and feedback from anyone else in Illinois, who may have also see these lights recently?
Posters comments: I first would like to say sorry for the profanity language in the video as well as all the shaking. The roads were very bumpy, and I had no tripod at the time. I was on my way home from having dinner with a friend when we noticed four bright lights suddenly appearing in the Eastern sky lined up in a straight line. I was traveling East down Lincoln Highway or Route 30 in Matteson, just passing Harlem Avenue when we noticed the lights. They all appeared very suddenly, and were just about in a straight line formation. We knew that these were not airplanes or helicopters because of how sudden they appeared, and how still they were at first. Then I took out my camera and told my friend to film it while I try to drive closer to it. After filming for about five minutes, we decided to just turn around and head back home. On are way back home, I looked back in my mirror, and noticed that they moved into a triangular formation, was not able to get video of that though. Then we went back to my friends house to get some more footage of them. The whole event lasted over 30 minutes, possibly almost an hour.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fireballs all over the USA Sierra, California Nevada & louisiana

We have receive so many emails from people in the USA over the last 2 days about meteors and fireballs that we are overloaded. Please remember we are are the end of the annual Lyrid meteor shower.
 Fireballs have been seen and taped over Sierra, California Nevada & Louisiana:

Eerie lights after blackout in Chile

Blackout in Chile cut from the 5th to the Region of the Lakes April 23, 2012 UFO causes pre-flashes?
Its likely this is from arcs from substations overloading but usually these lights flash in and out and dont stay constant like this:

2 parallel ufos in formation

Parallel ufos filmed over Landskrona in Sweden was recorded on 20th April:

Posters comments:
It was freezing cold and I was just about to quit when I saw 2 moving objects across the sky. One following the other. This is not the first time I´ve seen formations, but it´s the first one recorded. The crafts also brights up for a short period then dims out again

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lyrid Meteor Shower and fireballs cause ufo panic worldwide

Hold On everyone in the northern hemisphere!  We are getting swapped with Ufo reports and emails about fast moving lights.... Those lights and fireballs you may have seen over the weekend  could be the tail end of the Lyrid Meteor Shower :

 The Lyrid meteor shower amazed some skywatchers around the world with bright celestial fireworks this weekend, thanks in part to the lack of a bright moon. The annual April "shooting star" display hit its peak in the early hours of Sunday (April 22).

Meteor Impact over Northern Nevada created Sonic Booms

Did you hear it? - Sonic Boom Wakes Nevada California Region on the 22nd of April.
We have received numerous emails from our readers in North America recently about fireballs and a 'boom' in the early hours of the morning.
If you also heard it - we would like to hear from you here at RealUfos.
Im assuming this is all related to the  annual Lyrid Meteor Shower:

meteorite in seen over Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro Brazil 20/04/2012

This meteor was seen in several cities in the ES, and also in Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.
Further footage of that Meteor:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ufo lights 21st April 2012 Haubstadt Indiana

Four large, glowing, red objects moved across the sky. 3 moved quickly, 1 slowed down, before they all disappeared. Note we would like to hear from others in Indiana if they also saw any ufos like this recently. This is an interesting sighting.
Note: You might want to view this Ufo video in full screen mode (square bottom right of video)

Mufon Long Description of Sighting Report:
While making dinner, my husband came in from cooking some steaks on the grill. He said to come outside right now! When I went out I saw four red objects floating across the sky very close to Venus. They all looked exactly alike, except that the last one was bigger than the others. I watched for several seconds before I ran inside to get our digital camera. It was close, so it could not have been more than 30 seconds before I began filming. By the time I came back out with the camera, one of the objects was already gone. While I watched, another of the objects moved quickly out of my sight, blocked by a tree. I filmed the last two objects. One of the objects disappeared very fast after I started filming, the last object slowed down. I got a good look at it. It looked like it was on fire, almost like a giant flare, or maybe a Chinese lantern. It looked like it was glowing from the inside. But, it was very big, very far away, it did not fall, and it did not move at the same speed as the others. They all moved horizontally across the sky, almost floating, except they changed speed. All these thoughts went through my head as I watched. The last object moved much slower than the other three, almost stopping, and it pulsated much brighter than the rest. At its brightest, it was almost as bright as Venus (which is really bright at this time). It passed Venus, moving north to south, and grew dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared altogether. After they had all disappeared, I called a friend and finished making dinner. About ten minutes after the first sighting was over, I went back outside and saw another of the objects moving across the same path as the last four. I ran inside, again, to get the camera, but it was gone by the time I got back (less than 20 seconds). It just disappeared. I have lived near airports and military bases for most of my life. I have seen some very strange things in the sky, all with perfectly plausible explanations, but I have no idea what I saw tonight. It was a very nice day, and we had been outside all day and night. We saw nothing else strange in the sky, only the regular plane traffic. Several planes were even in the sky at the same time as the objects. I dont know what they were.

Meteor Fireball Seen Over Campos dos Goytacazes Brazil

At approximately 23:20 pm, the day on April 21, a meteor was seen passing over the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, southwest to the northeast according to recent reports of people who saw the fireball, probably lasting over 10 seconds and very bright:
Eye-Witness Report:
I saw just now, at 23 hrs something strange across the skies. A foreign object, whose shape could not identify. It had speed like that of a plane, but had a long flaming tail in the opposite direction of its trajectory... A man says he is facing the convent and the meteorite was in the direction of the convent He also asserts that it is in the sky for more than 40 seconds... A woman says that the comet was coming in from the southwest direction... A friend claims to have seen the impact, as it fell near the cane fields...

Ufos over Melbourne Australia ?

They are either birds in formation or really something else? Your opinions please. Filmed over Melbourne Australia on night vision camera: Posters comments: Tonight I saw 3 very fast UFO's travelling as a group. They change direction of travel and distance between themselves. They look just like the twin UFO's I saw yesterday

Circle season beings - The petal over Hill Barn. nr East Kennett, Wiltshire

Circle season for 2012 has officially started in the Uk. On the 15th of April 2012 The Petal crop circle appeared over Hill Barn. nr East Kennett, Wiltshire:

Image from Cropcircle connector
Crop circle Hill Barn. nr East Kennett, Wiltshire: