Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fireballs all over the USA Sierra, California Nevada & louisiana

We have receive so many emails from people in the USA over the last 2 days about meteors and fireballs that we are overloaded. Please remember we are are the end of the annual Lyrid meteor shower.
 Fireballs have been seen and taped over Sierra, California Nevada & Louisiana:

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Anonymous said...

The video is showing a reflection of the sun in a cloud caused by ice cristals on that high altitude.
Has nothing to do with fireballs!

Anonymous said...

this isn't even a fireball.it is not moving!!!!....good catch.it looks more like a SECOND sun.

Bathtub said...

Yes, it's a great shot of a mock sun (aka sun dog or parhelion). Not a fireball, meteor or ufo.

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