Friday, May 27, 2011

Сrop Circles In Krasnodar Russia In TV News

Further news on that huge crop circle in Krasnodar Russia

Cause big traffic jams on the outskirts of Krasnodar could be aliens.
Near the village of Znamensky along roadsides stood about a hundred machines. People attracted huge drawings on the field.

According to a special correspondent Olga NTC Music in this figure by even the most inveterate skeptics doubt is that this man could do. Spikes are not broken, and neatly stacked flat waves, and in different directions, and in the middle of the figure by small islands.
Spikes like a dense carpet hung over the land. Even if we try to put them both manually, it will not work. Yes and how many need to work to paint the whole field. Typically, the drawings on the fields in the form of clear geometric shapes

. What is depicted in Znamenskoye - yet no one understood.Were they aliens or is it someone that human hands will now deal specialists. Most likely, it will ufology, but understand it will be difficult, because after the tourists, the drawings became more clear, vivid, and they have new items.

UFOs Observing Tornadoes In Oklahoma 2011?

2 bright ufo lights spotted on a newscast near a tornado in Oklahoma :

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ufo over Menorca ?

Posters comments:
filmed these strange light orbs from the apartment window whilst on holiday in Menorca in September 2010.

The lights seemed to weave in and out of the clouds and move around each other, independently. It was not a reflection and they were very high in the clouds so I zoomed in as far as I could. I started filming and didn't stop to take snap shots encase I missed it do something during the filming. They seemed to move around each other, up and down and occasionally smaller glittery light flashes appeared around them but I'm not sure if you can see those very clear on the video.

I've seen a few strange things in the skies recently and it's amazing what you see if you look closer, which is why I've recently had a big renewed interest in UFO activity.

Meteor hits Latvia

I've had a few emails in Latvia about a meteor that made a huge light show over the city a few days ago.
If you have further images or video of this please reply to this post.

Bolīds Mērsragā

Bolīds Mērsragā

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nancy Talbott and Robbert Van den Broeke talk about crop circles on Open Minds Radio

The daily argument that comes up is that most modern crop circles are fakes. I agree that a large percentage may indeed be however no one ever takes a closer look at the ones that are actually genuine and have been occuring on earth for thousands of years - these ones can be identified scientifically now from the fakes.
Nancy Talbott head of BLT research a scientific research organisation that looks at genuine crop circles interviews Robbert Van den Broeke.
She has discovered scientific evidence of burning in a crop circle in Holland. We will also be joined by Robertt Van den Broeke from Holland. Nancy has been working with Robbert, documenting his amazing ability to predict crop circles formations, including several that have appeared recently. He also is associated with other phenomena, such as strange beings, animals, and people that appear in his photographs.

New crop circles May 2011 - Krasnodar Russia & Wroughton Wiltshire

Barbury Castle Wiltshire - UK a crop circle reported from Burderop Down near Wroughton, Wiltshire in United Kingdom on 22nd May 2011

Krasnodar Russia 24.05.2011

Volcano / Earthquake Watch May 23-28

I know this is not Ufo related but this guy has been spot on recently with these solar forecasting earthquake predictions. From now on i will include these updates on the right link on the site:
Targeting CH450 and specifically 6-8 Degrees South Latitude for a possible 6.9 magnitude earthquake. locations that best fit the profile for this event are : Solomon Islands, Southern Regions of Indonesia or Congo/Tanzania

Northern hemisphere watch could produce a 6.5 magnitude earthquake during this watch. Areas 36-40 Degrees North Latitude that could be in play for this possible event are : Italy, Greece, Hokkaido Japan or Northern California.

Three UFOs Flying Around ISS - NASA orders 'play back'

18 May 2011 during the Endeavour's arrival at the International Space station three unknown objects appear and Ground Control orders 'Endeavour please pause the playback'.
Its a very unusual call as if the objects were just space junk NASA would have just ignored them but they essentially stoped the live stream while the objects pass the Endeavour's background.
Would like your feedback on this very interesting piece of footage:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anyone see that Ufo over Niagra Falls yesterday?

I've received 2 emails already from different people and it looks like the Ufo over Niagra Falls is Back in May 2011.

If you live in the area or are visiting get your camera rolling again into the night.
I am waiting to hear back from more people on this so if you have footage or know more then please respond to this post

May 21st 2011 Huge Strange object passes the sun - NASA SOHO

May 21st 2011 - Images from NASA's SOHO lab reveal a huge object heading very close to the sun on a trajectory. What was it - a comet? Does anyone have any ideas?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Increase in Ufo reports in Ohio, Minnesota and lake areas

Numerous Ufo reports in recently from many area with lakes.
From Ufos and weird stuff over lake Washington in seattle
to Ufos making the news over Lake Michigan and increase in reports in Ohio and Minnesota.
We would like to hear from you if you also spotted Ufos in these areas.
Does anyone know what it going on here?

NSA Pressures Cmd sargent Major to stay quite on UFO Battle ?

Not sure if this guy is legit or not - you decide:
Major James Norton tells about being detained and having the NSA tell him to stop talking about a battle in 1977 at Ft Benning between UFOs and the US. Army. He says he is now under surveillance - what are your thoughts on this interview?:

Ufo lights or lanterns over Rzeszów Poland ?

Strange Ufo like lights spotted above Rzeszów Poland 21.05.2011.
If anyone in Poland also spotted these ovni lights please comment if you think they are lanterns or not: