Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nancy Talbott and Robbert Van den Broeke talk about crop circles on Open Minds Radio

The daily argument that comes up is that most modern crop circles are fakes. I agree that a large percentage may indeed be however no one ever takes a closer look at the ones that are actually genuine and have been occuring on earth for thousands of years - these ones can be identified scientifically now from the fakes.
Nancy Talbott head of BLT research a scientific research organisation that looks at genuine crop circles interviews Robbert Van den Broeke.
She has discovered scientific evidence of burning in a crop circle in Holland. We will also be joined by Robertt Van den Broeke from Holland. Nancy has been working with Robbert, documenting his amazing ability to predict crop circles formations, including several that have appeared recently. He also is associated with other phenomena, such as strange beings, animals, and people that appear in his photographs.
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Randall said...

I totally agree. As a matter of fact, a very informative documentary the features Nancy Talbott titled "Crop Circles - Cross over from another dimension" lays it all out.

The most compelling part of the documentary is when they illustrate Carl Sagan's binary message that was sent out into space in the mid seventies wound up in a field as a crop formation.

Then even more astonishing is the face on mars shows up in a field and then after that a more detailed formation of what we commonly refer to as the greys shows up with a disc shaped object. The disc shape appeared to resemble a cd or data disc with a sequence of blocks. It was decoded by a computer programer and the message read "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing."

In my opinion, there is absolutely no way all crop formations are human made. It's impossible for humans to make such detailed formations without either being seen doing so or leaving any evidence of the process.

CASSIE said...

I believe that "MOST",if not "ALL" of the INTRICATE CROP CIRCLES are NOT done by mere humans.They are beautiful,interesting,and magical.i always wait for the next one to happen.,(which the majority are in the UK.)Sorry,but the credit does NOT go to man!Also the pyramids,Stonehenge,Nazca lines,ufo sightings,ley lines,animal mutilations,and the Bermuda triangle,i think are all connected in some divine puzzle.GOD only knows.Man has ALWAYS thought HE was in control of EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Yes! all good, & I agree, but is anyone listening? because in the next breath,next weeks program is on"Alien Hunters"about abductions.

We all know that anyone who has been abducted, is not going to be very happy,so there's a mixed bag
of feelings here!?

But the message is, right on!!

Anonymous said...

Well lucky for you, I actually know for a fact that 100% of crop circles are made by humans.

Anonymous said...

To 4th.Comment:
Would you mind explaining your 100% fact, that all crop circles are made by man!
we would like to know your reasoning!

Anonymous said...

I would not doubt that 99% of crop circles are made by human beings. The power of disinformation and misinformation are terrifying. All anyone has to do is prove that 1 is human made and all others lose credibility. I just don't understand why people prefer lies over truth.

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