Friday, May 27, 2011

UFOs Observing Tornadoes In Oklahoma 2011?

2 bright ufo lights spotted on a newscast near a tornado in Oklahoma :
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Anonymous said...

While you can't help but "feel" for
people whom have lost their lives &
property,in such devastating weather, or if it comes to that,
Mother nature!! "some Mother!?"
Its hard to talk about,when people
are being killed,in such horrible

But..WHAT IF!?..the weather was being;..MANIPULATED!!

We've all heard of this!.."Haarp"
and not just in the US. either!?
OR the ETs themselves!?

I find this to be probably, an important consideration to ponder on,when one considers all that is
taking place around the world.
Just a thought to share!?
and my sympathy goes out to those
who's lives have been affected by natures demonstration, reminding us, of our place here on Earth.

Randall said...

Once again I think we have a no brainer here folks. As much as I want to believe this is a genuine sighting I can't control my urge to cast doubt on this with some old fashioned logic.

Tornadoes are notorious for picking up things like 18 wheeler tractor trailers and fling them around like they're made out of balsa wood or are they not?

Wouldn't it be more logical to think these objects are debris the tornado picked up.

Anonymous said...

i seen this on the news about an hour ago and those wernt there.

Anonymous said...

Well, how about this for old fashioned logic, Randall!?

Those lights, or ufo.what ever you want to call them, are STATIONARY!!

They're not flinging around,like you would expect debris would do, in a Tornadoe. These lights are trailing the Tornado, and there "IS" Debris flinging around at the "base" of the Tornado.
What ever these lights are, ufo.or something else, it's not Debri!!

If anything!!..UFO! or CGI!?

Anonymous said...

meh... debris picked up by the tornado is the most likely reason.
The news even commented that debris was raining down from the sky after the tornado had passed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is a fake, someone has post manipulated this. As someone said, they weren't there in a previous video. Besides, if there were UFO's in the air with the chopper, those guys would have been screaming about that and probably not even focusing on the twister. This video originally happened live and I saw it on The Weather Channel as it was being broadcast, there was nothing like that then in the vid.

Anonymous said...

i'd say its more logical to believe they were helicopters

Michael said...

Debris is an idiotic explanation. How would debris not be effected AT ALL by the wind force & vacuum of the tornado? Any way, there are a lot of people saying that these weren't in the original footage, so find the original footage & you have your answer =) If they ARE in the original footage however, then these are UFOs

Anonymous said...

Can you tell if this is for real ?

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