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Hope you have all enjoyed reading RealUfos over the last few years! As you may know we have gained a substantial following since the blog started in 2006 and we have over three thousand loyal readers who return to the site everyday to read the latest in Ufo news! 
Running the site keeps me busy .. I never imagined the site would turn into a daily editorial on ufos .. so i am grateful for our new team who are helping to keep the blog updated daily with the latest sightings.

To help improve awareness of the blog and the Ufo topic we are currently in the process of finally acquiring the more easier to remember domain name for the site 

However buying this site name is from the existing owner is terribly expensive. We are still short of the investment which is required. I am looking for some serious sponsors and assistance to help us acheive our long term goal of aquiring this domain name.

In return sponsors will receive notice on the blog in appreciation for their commitment.  All donations will go towards purchasing this new domain name which we hope to acquire this over the coming months. If you are interested in being a sponsor for RealUfos please email myself. Smaller donations may be made by the paypal link on the right.

Anyways, i hope you have enjoyed the blog so far , its been my aim to only report the most genuine Ufo sightings to generate and continue  public interest in the Ufo topic and Ufology. The best is yet to come and i look forward to uncovering some amazing new reports as we venture through 2009!


Helicopter follows trianle ufo - Brave River, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Friday, March 27, 2009,

First i thought this was birds in formation but i don't think so  now.. i mean why would a helicopter follow it as such low altitude ? whats your opinions people ? - seen over the city of Brave River, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The video records the day, Friday, March 27, 2009, at 10:48 AM.

The famous Tallahassee Ufo Gulf Breeze, Florida from 2005

Following on from the recent Ufo hunters doucmentary here is the famous Tallahassee Ufo footage mentioned, this is for all the newbie's who may have never seen this:
pt 2

Memorial Day, at home with family and kids were asking about "jet trails" in the sky and I explained what they were and such and that maybe the next weekend we could come out to watch the night sky for falling stars. My daughter asked about a "star" in the sky, and then moments later said it was "moving". I looked back up again and it was not where it was seconds before. The UFO then moved very fast, faster than a fighter jet or satellite passing in a night sky, going across the clear blue sky making a huge number "4" pattern with NO trails or smoke, just the formation of the number "4". The UFO stopped for only a split second at what would be each "point" or "corner" before finishing up what looked like the massive number "4".

Just after seeing this, I'm guessing almost 10 minutes passed before we could get out our video camera, a Canon ES75 with 22x zoom and 800x digital zoom, to catch the scene. I removed some "audio" from the video to protect "names" and other personal information, but the video is in "as is" condition and unchanged. We heard NO sounds from the objects, but there is plenty of "bug sounds" coming from our woods. The "auto-zoom" on the camera plays havoc on the video as it tries to focus, zooming in and out a lot, making for many "fuzzy" shots. The iris of the camera lens can give a sideways "diamond" look to an object as it zooms "in and out", however the close-up does show the object's "real shape".

There was no mention on the local news of anything "strange" or anywhere we looked on the Internet in the following weeks. We never felt comfortable in releasing this until today 03-13-2007. Now because we saw a similar looking UFO video on the Internet, we want to share what we saw. I welcome comments and questions! A very strange object that had to be "large" to be seen at such a high altitude. I'm guessing it must have been 40k or more at times.

New Ufo Hunters Underwater Ufo Bases Gulf Breeze Florida

On November 11th 1987, the small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida is inundated with UFO sightings. More than 200 witnesses see strange, unexplained lights in the sky. The strange sightings last through the early 1990s. The mountain of evidence is overwhelming--videos, eyewitnesses, and news coverage everywhere. But where are these Gulf Coast UFOs coming from? Shockingly, 90 miles away in Cuba, U.S. military personnel stationed in Guantanamo Bay may be seeing USO's--Unidentified Submerged Objects--rising out of the ocean. We will examine satellite images of what appear to be underwater landing strips and other strange evidence: 2 3 4 5

Important case - Aguada, Puerto Rico ufo abduction 2005 - 08

recently got this interesting Ufo and alien interaction report from one of our readers. Usually i do not publish such long reports but this one really startled me and comes across as a trully genuine and shocking report, please take your time in reading this, note her most recent visitation was video taped - below video

Submitted herein is this UFO sighting/alien encounter story which occurred here in Aguada, Puerto Rico (a U.S.territory). This alien encounter and subsequent abduction was reported to several UFO/extraterrestrial investigator websites. However, it was so frightening that it reminded me of the "Amityville Horror" story. We had to abandon our house after we bought it in August 2005 because no investigator came to help us, and recently sold the house to move away from that rainforest. The following 11 paragraphs were reported, however, included after that are additional occurrences that were not reported to any other websites before and which occurred after May 1, 2006.

On November 10, 2005, at approximately 3:00am, my daughter and I heard a weird humming sound like a hurricane wind going by my house. The sound was so strange that penetrated our ears. When my daughter and I looked outside, we observed what appeared to be a disc-shaped object moving westward towards the rear of the house where an enormous rainforest and a huge antenna are located and which leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The disc was silver in color with a row of windows around it and had a greenish haze or aura covering the craft. All the windows appeared to be a darker greenish color. The craft appeared to be descending as though it was about to land somewhere behind the house. We lived in Brooklyn, New York near Kennedy Airport for over 20 years and the airplanes flew low over my house 24 hours a day. I know what we have seen and the sound it made were something very unusual, something we've never heard or seen before. After that, my daughter and I heard the same sound at least twice a week. I used to go to sleep at 3:00am watching (Novelas) Spanish soap operas.

Almost exactly two years ago, on Friday, April 28, 2006, at approximately 3:00am, I heard again the same sound going by my house. At about 10 or 15 minutes later I heard my dog (Dora) barking continuously in my backyard. When I went to investigate by turning on the backyard light (the light in the house was off) and by looking through my dining room window, I observed my dog lying on her back with her 4 legs up apparently unconscious. The dog was chained to a metal pole next to the back fence which separates my property with the rainforest in the back. I called her name, "Dora, Dora, what's wrong Dora?", but she did not respond. When I lifted my eyes and looked at the back fence, which is about 25 feet from where I was standing, I observed two creatures (extraterrestrials) standing close to and behind the chain-link fence looking at me. One of the aliens was about 3 feet from the dog and the other alien was about 5 feet away from the other alien. They were about 3 and a half feet tall with a large oval head and big black slanted eyes. They had pale grayish skin and a barely visible slit for a mouth and two little holes for a nose. They also had very skinny arms and they seem not to have any clothes on. Their legs were not showing because under the fence there was a cinder-block wall about one and a half feet high. I could only see them from the waist up. The aliens were staring at me and I was staring at them. I think that they were communicating with me telepathically because they were reading my mind when I said mentally, "I'm going to wake up my husband, Nelson," I left the window and walked through the hallway leading to the bedrooms. On the way to wake up my husband, they detoured me to the other bedroom to wake up my daughter instead. 

Dining room window looking outside

I woke up my daughter (17 year old at the time) and both of us went to the dining room window where we observed the creatures still standing in the same place. Again, they stared at us and we stared straight into their large black eyes for a while. My daughter said to me, "Mommy, I'm going back to bed because I'm scared, then I won't be able to sleep." I then followed my daughter to the bedroom because she was afraid to go by herself. Approximately 10 minutes later I returned to the dining room window, the aliens were still there in the same location. While staring straight into their big black eyes, the one closest to the dog was telling me in my mind to open the door leading to the backyard. I said in my mind, "I'm not going to open the door." He demanded telepathically, "You're going to open the door." I then felt myself moving towards the door and was getting drowsy.I don't remember what happened after that. I woke up in my bed. I asked my daughter if she had seen the same thing in case I was imagining things. She described the incident and the creatures the same way and manner I described them. We then told my husband who slept in a separate bedroom facing the backyard. He slept there because my daughter was afraid to sleep by herself so I had to sleep with her. My husband stated that he did hear the dog barking wildly at about 3:00am. He said that he looked out the bedroom window, without getting off the bed, since the bed was against the window. He saw the dog barking towards the rainforest in the back, but thought that she was barking at a cat. He stated that he did not look at the fence or the rainforest and was so sleepy that he immediately went back to sleep. Please be advised that behind the back fence, where the aliens were, is an enormous rainforest that leads all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, where a huge antenna is located and is pitch black at night. I later found out that the antenna and the land where it sits are federal property and the area is fenced in.

It is important to be noted here that I've had ovarian cancer, and have had several operations to remove parts of my intestine. I also received several operations for breast cancer. I flew occasionally to New York City to see my private doctors since here on the island private doctors are reluctant to accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield or GHI which I got from my husband retirement. I was informed by my doctors in New York that the cancer had returned and that I urgently needed another operation. I used to be in constant stomach pain and noticed blood in my stool and urine when I went to the bathroom. It was not the first time, the cancer has recurred before and they operated me after each recurrences. But after the encounter with those creatures on April 28, 2006, I returned to New York, several tests were performed and no cancer was detected. The pain and the bleeding had stopped. I truly feel that those creatures had cured me. What is my opinion of the creatures? I sincerely believe that they're benevolent and compassionate creatures, but I'm afraid of them. They do not have my permission to do with my body whatever they please. Although I believe they had cured me, I am not their guinea pig.

I have something in my right lower back that has been bugging me for a long time. It moves when I touch it and I know it was not there before. I saw on the History Channel the program called UFO Hunter when Mr. Bill Birnes took a man who was abducted by a UFO to Dr. Roger Leir. The man had an alien implant in his leg. When Dr. Leir put a powerful magnet where the man had the implant, to our amazement, the object inside his flesh moved towards the magnet and the skin bulged. Like that man, I don't have an entry wound or a scar where the object is. That prompted me and my husband to do the same experiment. Unfortunately, we do not have a powerful magnet like the one used by Dr. Leir. The mark on my left hand and the object on my back have been noticed by me since my encounter with those aliens on April 28, 2006.

We recently learned that here in Puerto Rico this type of phenomenon occurs all over the island, especially in El Yunque rainforest where people get lost for days and come back with incredible stories. El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System. Could there be an extraterrestrial base in the El Yunque rainforest? Could there be an extraterrestrial base in the woods behind my property or somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean? Since the town of Aguada is situated in the northwest corner of the island, could that be a route for UFOs to fly towards the Bermuda Triangle? My daughter and I did hear a weird humming sound very often and very close to the house. The craft we observed on November 10, 2005 appeared to be descending as though it was about to land somewhere behind my house. Let me reiterate, we lived in Brooklyn, New York near Kennedy Airport for over 20 years and the airplanes flew low over my house 24 hours a day. I know what we have seen and the sound it made were something very unusual, something we've never heard or seen before.

I have tried to write a thorough and detailed story to focus attention on what my family and I went through in that house and to demonstrate our reason for moving. What happened to me and my family is no hoax, it was a terrifying experience. To prove this, I am willing to submit to a polygraph test, go under hypnosis, be under oath or whatever. I sincerely say thank you for reading this long written story and hope for your understanding.

her most recent sighting:

On June 11, 2008, at approximately 2:52am, I was alone in the living room when I suddenly got a feeling that I should go outside onto the balcony and there it was again. My camcorder was not in the immediate area, but luckily I had my cellphone with me. It appeared to be a saucer shape object, similar to the UFOs I've seen previously, with lights around it. It was hovering motionless.

Listen carefully at the background noise. You can hear the crickets chirping mixed with the sound that the object is making. The sound is similar to the other UFOs I've seen before. It was over the wooded mountains near the other house I moved to.

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Repost Ufo over Greifswald germany August 24, 1990 over Nuclear power plant ! -

This is a famous one guys:
Recorded on August 24, 1990 from the Greifswald Nuclear power plant in Greifswald, East Germany. East German and Russian personnel working at the nuclear power plant recorded these clusters of UFOs as they appeared to group in the sky over a very sensitive location. As posted many times on the blog - the connection between ufos monitoring nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons bases is very common is its no co-incidence the Ufos were seen over these spots.
The lights were alleged to have hung in the sky for hours on end and were recorded by several different cameras from several different locations. At times, the group is approached by other lights travelling across the sky until they join the larger group.

Lights over Moscow 2008

Lanterns or something else... you decide:

Ufo November 25th 2008 in Chulucanas

Poster comments
Ufo 2 was caught on November 25th, in Chulucanas, we were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, it was at the sunset. The ufo was behind Vicus Hill, over a dessert land that ,backwards, take to the spot where Proyecto Ufo caught a similar ufo. It proves it is a route.
Ufo 6 was caught in November too, it was a trip before the first I detailed. We were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, and I and the cameraman had to go down some meters, Horquetudo Hill is about 380 meters high, and the sphere was in the middle of the forest, next to Piura " La Vieja" town. It was after midnight.

Stanton Friedman debunks bob Lazar

Popular in the early 90's Bob Lazar is debunked by Ufologist and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman :

Stanton Friedman tries to debunk Bob Lazar

Also if you are interested in seeing Stanton speak here are tour dates from his website:

Saturday-Sunday, May 2-3, 2009 / Bordentown, NJ
Pat Marcatillio’s “The Great UFO/ET Congress” Ramada Inn“Flying Saucers and Science”; “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” with co-author Kathleen Marden, Betty’s niece (609) 631-8955
Friday-Saturday, May 15-16, 2009 / McMinnville, OR
10th Annual McMinnville UFO Conference
Friday-Sunday, May 29-31, 2009 / Galena, IL
Illinois MUFON Four Corners Conference,
    Majestic Eagle Ridge Resort
Thursday-Sunday, July 2-5, 2009 / Roswell, NM
Annual Roswellian Event
International UFO Museum and Research Center

Thursday-Sunday, August 6-9, 2009 / Denver, CO
MUFON 40th Anniversary Symposium Denver Tech Center    Marriott Hotel
Paper: “The Pseudoscience of Anti-Ufology”

Friday-Saturday, August 14-15, 2009 / Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia
2nd Annual Shag Harbor Crashed Saucer Conference

Friday-Saturday, October 29-November 1, 2009 / Burlington, WI
2nd Annual Burlington Vortex Conference

Thursday-Sunday, November 12-15, 2009 / FL
Conference near Kennedy Space Center, Florida

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Morristown UFO Hoaxers sentenced !

The following example should serve as a major warning to people who intend to hoax and stage Ufo sightings - you will be caught and sentenced!:

Article is about the Morristown sightings from earlier this year

below extract from the daily record:

MORRIS PLAINS — Two tricksters who created a UFO hoax in the skies over the Morristown area were sentenced by a municipal judge to pay $250 in fines each and work off 50 hours of community service for their antics.

Municipal Court Judge Michael Carlucci told Chris Russo, 29, of Morris Plains, and Joe Rudy, 28, of Chester Township the hoax could have had tragic consequences. The pair’s “UFOs” were made with road flares tied to helium balloons.

Their hijinks on four foggy nights in January and February triggered 911 calls to police. So proud of their work, the two men posted a star log of their activities on April Fool’s Day on a Web site called

Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi said, “Throughout we were concerned that what was now a joke could turn into a tragic situation. It was a tremendous waste of police resources and posed a serious fire threat to homes, wooded areas, posed a significant danger to air traffic and tied up valuable 911 resources.

read more - source ..

Deline UFo November 2 2007

One of my favorites from the archives- the deline ufo filmed November 2 2007:

NASA Ufo Archives

Footage taken from live NASA Ufo feeds during the 90's - before the feeds were then secured by NASA (as they are today) to prevent people seeing the unedited videos showing Ufos:

UFO spotted in South Harrow March 31 , 09

Amazing light object caught in South Harrow :

extract from this article:

A mysterious light in the skies above South Harrow has been captured on film by an amateur photographer.

The unidentified flying object appeared through the clouds at about 7.45pm on March 31 and was snapped by computer network engineer Ahmad Zaigham.

Mr Zaigham posted the picture on website Flickr where he said that he had spotted the alien ship out his window.

He said: "The light coming from this thing is something I have never seen the like. I don't think any aircraft has a light like this.

"And moments after this shot the object seemed to quickly fade in light and travel above at high speed. I did not hear any loud sound but I did hear a whistle kind of sound. I am still shocked."

Mr Zaigham said he may pass the picture on to Nasa.

Mystery objects

2 mystery objects fly side by side - was it Jets flying together?:

More triangle Ufos Jan 1st 2009

location unkown for this triangle Ufo Jan 1st 2009:

looks similar to this one:

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Cigar Ufo passes by plane 4th April 2009 Dijon France

Classic Cigar shaped Ufo passes by a plane 4th April 2009 Dijon France:

Britain's Closest Encounters Series 2

Britain's Closest Encounters


Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Britain's Closest Encounters Series 1

Britain's Closest Encounters


Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Dangers of the water powered car !

Hi all,
As you may know i have posted many times on Stan Meyer and his water powered car.The water powered car is a reality and is a practical solution for global warming. Stan paid the ultimate price however for coming forward about his car in the mid 90's. He died in suspicious circumstances only a few month later after giving a Tv interview where he mentioned he was approached by oil companies who tried to buy the technology from him to silence him.
It seems that this technology is a major threat to the trillion dollar oil business and they have gone to extreme lengths to cover this up. It seems that every business that looked at taking the water powered car into production has been closed down.

Even recently the Japanese company genepax who developed a car based on Meyers technology in 2008 was forced to closed down only months after their media press release about the car. You would think a revolutionary car powered on water would gain serious investors particularly during this time of rising gas prices and governments complaining about climate change. Although their website mentions the reasons were financial this is unlikely the real reason - especially when you consider that many people are now making this device from home using manuals easily available online! ... its interesting to note that they also mentioned that they will 'close their website down' - guess they got some major threats!

Luckily the plans from Stan Meyers Device are now available online, you can read them here and the manuals tell you how you can convert your car over to water.
Their 2008 media press release:

Ufo craft very close over BRITISH COLUMBIA

This craft is comes in terrible close over Bristish Columbia - any comments on this sighting ?

Ufo seen over Rome 6th April 2009

With the recent earthquakes over Italy is there some connection with ufos seen over the area on the same day ? these ufos were seen over rome on April 6th:

Triangle Ufo Jan 2009

repost of a great triangle Ufo from Jan 2009:

ohh ... any by the way here's another one of my favorite triangle ufos from 'ufo hunters' Sonora, California, June 15, 2004 - the sonora sightings:

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Ufos and Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson airforce Base

Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson airforce Base was mean to be where the crash disc from Roswell was taken:




The 2009 Crop Circle Season begins in April !

April always marks the start of crop circle season in the UK.
What designs can we look forward to this year:?

Latest Star Child Skull Analysis

In a presentation given to a small group of people in London on Sat 21st August 2004, Lloyd Pye goes through the latest data on the Starchild Skull:

Stanton T. Friedman sets us straight on Phillip Corso

Ufologist Stanton T. Friedman sets us straight on The late Phillip Corso author of the day after roswell:

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The Fayetteville Incident Jan 2007

On a relatively mild winter evening in the Fayetteville, NC and Cape Fear general area, January 8, 2007, a father and young adult son, both named Chris Bledsoe (Sr. and Jr.) and presented in the film as key eyewitnesses, say that they saw orange-ball UFOs (rather like the ING Direct Orange!), and translucent beings that seemed to look like glass toys. Three other local men saw the apparent craft:

Ufos over Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France March 28 2009

Very similar to the recent sightings over Peru - this triangle ufo was captured over Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France March 28 2009:

Flying triangle holds formation 2009 march thornhill

Triangle Ufo filmed 28th march 2009 thornhill near Stirling

Posters comments: first two objects were moving towards the south the triangle was moving from west to east lost it as it moved towards the horizon.