Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drive a car? - Shocking news General Motors CEO announces today OIL HAS PEAKED - & what happened to the water powered car?

Hi Guys this is unrelated to ufos, but it impacts on all of us who drive cars - so i have included:
THE world's biggest car maker, General Motors, has announced today that the global oil supply has peaked and a switch to electric cars is inevitable. In a stunning announcement at the opening of the Detroit Motor Show yesterday, GM's chairman and chief executive officer, Rick Wagoner, said ethanol was an important interim solution to the demand for oil, until battery technology gave electric cars the range of petrol-powered cars. Read more of this press release here (This explains why George Bush is currently in saudi arabia at the moment begging them to drop the price of oil - it won't happen!)

So what can we do? - well forget about being forced to use hybrid, ethanol or electric cars - the solution is to run you car on water! Back in the late 80's Stan Meyer's built a car than runs entirely on water. The car gets 100 miles to the gallon, which is just astonishing. And His hydrogen generator works differently to the fuel cells available today - it creates more power than it requires to be generated! Well, what do you think happened to this earth changing inventor.... hmm the man was allegedly poisoned, and died in 1998. Later that week all of his equipment and the car that he created has stolen and never recovered. Now his water car is back in redevelopment and many novel ways of converting your home car to use water are cropping up like this one
Stan Myer the water powered car news report:
Water powered car!

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documentary the invention of the water powered car:
pt 1

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Anonymous said...

Another interesting development is the compressed air car engine being developed in India.

Anonymous said...

Electric cars is the way to go ... If they can take care of the battery problem ... If any of you drove a electric or a Hybrid vehicle you know what I'm talking about....

LEAX said...
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LEAX said...

Matt you said that this info isnt related to UFOs but it is a bit. In the end of 2nd docu there is a statement that if the big companies would start to produce these engines than even NASA would use this type of engine in their space shuttles and they would become lighter, cheaper - better .. "Imagine that we would use water that is everywhere where is life and we would use it for free .. "
Well we need to wait for the companies to give a green light for this because if they wont, noone will, cos they have the most money and they control the world.

Anonymous said...

fraud charges and the meyer court case - often used on the net to discredit stan but here's the truth :

However, in their 1 December 1996 issue , the London Sunday Times published an article entitled "End of Road for Car that Ran on Water" by Tony Edwards. It upheld the court case, stating that three "Expert Witnesses" were not impressed and decided that the WFC was simply using conventional electrolysis. It stated Stan Meyer was found guilty of "gross and egregious fraud" and was ordered to repay the investors their $25,000. It implied that Michael Laughton, professor of electrical engineering at Queen Mary and Westfield University, London was due to examine the car, but was not allowed to see it. However, not mentioned was that this occurred in 1990 and that the WFC Water Fuel injector tech-base was still under U.S. National Security Review as in accordance to U.S. Patent Law and not available for public viewing. Also not mentioned were the many WFC Patents, verified laboratory and university testing that supports the bases of WFC technology nor the WFC appeal filing to dismiss Judge Corzine ruling due to Judicial default and other relevant information.[2]

On 18 October 1995, a pretrial deposition hearing to inspect the WFC Dealership demonstration units (Variable-plate Electrical Polarization Process (VIC) Fuel Cell and Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequecy Generator Tubular-Array Fuel Cell) was held in the office of the plaintiff's attorney, Robert Judkins. Present were the plaintiff's, their attorneys, plaintiffs expert witness, Michael Leverich (Electronics Engineer), Stan Meyer, Dr. Russel Fowler, WFC witness and defense attorneys Judge Roger Hurley and James Detling, as well as a deposition recorder. During the deposition, Attorney Judkins attempted to have the WFC dismantled prior to implementing proper test procedures, which Stan Meyer refused. Michael Leverich confirmed that his initial measurements of the WFC Fuel Cells showed that it operated exactly as the WFC documentation stated it should, as so recorded on WFC Deposition Video Tape. However, he then added a unknown white substance (powder) for additional testing. Stan objected to this, since the WFC Fuel Cell uses plain tap water and does not require a chemical additive. The plaintiffs also admitted that, during their observances at WFC Dealship Seminars, tap water was always used without any chemicals added to the water. Despite Stan's objection, plaintiff measurements were taken of this chemicallized water-bath and recorded. This illegal act of tampering with WFC Evidence of Records was witnessed by WFC Cameraman, Dr. Russ Fowler, and all others who attended Plaintiffs Deposition To-Test.[3]

In 1996, Stan Meyer gave oral testimony before the court demonstrating the WFC Fuel Cell "Mode of Operability" by using the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) to produce voltage of opposite polarity to separate and disassociate the water molecule into its component gases, hydrogen & oxygen. However, the court audio sound recording equipment seemed to malfunction and was switched off. Judge Corzine said proceedings should continue without it. This was a violation of judicial protocol, since the recording system is used to verify testimony given during the trial and as such becomes "Evidence of Records." After his oral testimony, Stan expected Attorney/Judge Hurley to start bringing forth WFC witnesses and counter arguements. Instead, Attorney/Judge Hurley spoke up, stated he had to leave for a pre-planned vacation and said that there was no more testimony to be given and waived the right of the defendant to give a case summary of the WFC facts brought before the court. Stan Meyer immediately stated he would protest and Judge Corzine ended the hearing. Stan wrote a "Request to Retract" fax-letter to the Sunday Times on 2 December 1996. He attached WFC documentation on the filing with the Disciplinary Counsel. He further stated that Judge Corzine had no right to turn off the court audio sound recording equipment, nor to rule against U.S. Patents, or overrule Government and University lab reports in the public domain concerning the mode of operability of the WFC Technology. Furthermore, Stan pointed out that no US Federal "Cease and Desist" order has ever been issued against WFC since the WFC Technology has been fully legalized under US Patent Security Law 35 USC 101 and other US Federal regulatory Acts. His final statement was that "WFC is here to stay" in contradiction to the Sunday Times statement.[4]

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