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UFO causes Massive Blackout In Mexico City Dec 11 2007

In spanish but the pics are amazing ( at 2.20) on time scale - check this out:

On Tuesday, December 11, 2007, dozens of districts in the Mexican capital and some municipalities in the state of Mexico were affected by a 25-minute blackout. According to reports, the causes were simultaneous explosions in three electric power stations.

The incident was reported at 23:30 hours and people living next to the Tlatelolco Unit stated that they heard loud explosions within the plant shortly before the blackout, which in turn caused several flashes. The possibility of a terrorist attack against the facilities of the Luz y Fuerza company has been officially discarded.

Check the translation out in the comments section of this post Rate this posting:


LEAX said...

Someone to translate the video ?

Ghar said...

This is my first translation :p. I did it the best I could:

A: News that has affected "Ciudad de Mexico", all our country, and around the world.
Maybe you heard that around 11:30 - 11:40 pm last sunday 9 of december a black-out ocurred in the north part of "Ciudad de Mexico".
Some days later the newspaper "El Universal" (The Universal) shows this picture from Valente Rosas. They were looking at the possibility of this beeing an airplane though it didn't seem to be an airplane. There is a trail but we can't see some of the part that an airplane usually should present. It shows a jettrail of light. And speculations started. newspaper "El Universal" didn't want to give any other versions, didn't want to say anything, in fact to this day Valente Rosas says it probably was an helicopter, but the thing is that they didn't want to get involved in the matter because of fear to the subject of UFOs.
Nevertheless another newspaper "El Impacto" wrote more about this news. I thank Miguelangel Rodrigues chief of Information.
It says here: "A case for Jaime Mausan". And it publishs not only the Image of Valente Rosas from "El Universal", but also the image from mister "Alvarado", "David Alvarado" who is here with me. Its a photography that comes to endorce this case. Its an extraordinary picture from David Alvarado.
How are you doing David?
Thanks a lot to you and the "El Impacto" diary for being here.
What do you think about this image you captured:

B: It was a coincidence that i took that picture. I never expected to capture something so spectacular.

A: Did you see a plane there?

B: It wasn't an airplane. It was a luminous light when I took the picture, and then it dissapeared.

A: So you saw this but it lasted a short amount of time.

B: Exactly, it lasted just some seconds.

A: It was shinning?

B: For a moment. I thought it was a helicopter, but if it was an helicopter I didn't hear the sound of the helix, and it didn't have the lights that go on and off that helicopters have.

A: So you saw something very bright, you captured it, its what we are watching. It reflects movement from right to left, we see the jetline of light under it.
As far as I know, we have been checking with the control tower, at the moment there is no report of a helicopter flying over the city at that time close to midnight on sunday. There was practically no activity in the city, there shouldn't be a helicopter there. This was just a minutes later after the black-out started.

B: Exactly. We went to the top of a 12 floor building to capture the black-out

A: I imagine that you are very proud of your picture.

B: Actually yes. Watching here the image, i liked it a lot, it looks very good.

A: It's an historic event in the middle of a black-out. This UFO could have absorved the energy of the city somehow, it has happened before if I remember correcly on 1970 in **** (I couldn't get that name). People saw a very bright object and the city in the dark. Same that happened now in Ciudad de Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I try Lex :
Maussan inform about the coincidence of a blackout in Mexico D.F. and a UFO sighting documented through the graphic journalist invited to Maussan’s television show.
The journalist explained that any brilliant light was sighted on the Mexico City zone affected by a blackout. The light wasn’t a helicopter neither plane because no sound was hearted. This light made some movements before to disappear suddenly without clues.
Maussan explain that there was a previous incident in Cuernavaca, city that became in the dark for an energy cut. During the blackout several UFO sightings were reported by people.
Maussan express his indignation with the authorities who avoided any investigation in despite of evidences. He said that something or somebody make pressure to let forget the case. That is not unusual.

Mikoratee said...

Wow. This happend of my Birthday! Ahem...anyway. I've seen ufos for several years and never seen one this bright. It's definently not a helicopter nor is it an airplane.

LEAX said...

Wow guys thanks for the translations ! Hmm it looks like maybe they used EMP charge on city :)) .. pretty nice

Colon Flush said...

Thanks for the translation, Ghar. How lucky that he could take a picture before it disappeared.

UFO evidence said...

Thanks for the video and the translation. This will help me with my upcoming research project!

Nice website btw


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