Friday, January 18, 2008

' Night Skyies '- dramatisation of the 1997 Phoenix lights on DVD now

Just watched this dvd - its a major dramatisation of the 1997 phoeix lights event - and as usual hollywood goes over the top ! - but it is interesting On March 13th, 1997 one of the largest UFO sightingsever recorded took place across the southwestern United States. The event became known as the 'Phoenix Lights' and was witnessed by community leaders, membersof law enforcement, as well as thousands of everyday citizens. This true story, based on transcripts from actual hypnosis-therapy sessions, finally reveals what happened after the infamous incident ended and how six people, strandedby chance on a forgotten road, encountered more than just lights in the sky. You can download it hereor buy it
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therealdeal said...

This movie is a "shining" example of what happens when people take advantage of an historic, important and BENEVOLENT event for monetary gain. In over 10 years there has not been ONE report of threat, harm or abduction associated with the Phoenix Lights. Shame on them. If you're interested in a top notch depiction, check out the intriguing Phoenix Lights Documentary on The real story is better than fiction!

Anonymous said...

this what happens when a writer does alcohol , cocaine and pot their imagination goes all over the place.... don't take my word for it asked Stephen King he'll tell you ... lol

Anonymous said...

This truly is the worst UFO themed movie ever made. It's like Fire in the Sky with an enourmous hangover.

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