Saturday, December 03, 2011

Who reads Real Ufos ? & the increase in ufo news

You can tell a lot about the Ufos by simply looking at who is interested in reading about them.
We are not in the business of naming names but many of our readers would be shocked to know that on a daily basis RealUfos receives repeated visits from numerous government, defense and well known aerospace organisations.

Certain sightings if genuine often attract repeat visits from law force and government organisations and this very interesting to see unfold. Particularly when these organisations advise they do not investigate the phenomenon.

There is an increasing global readership coming from asia and with governments freeing up the internet there more people become interested in the topic.

With numerous governments disclosing their Ufo archives we have seen a significant spike in readers interested in the Ufo topic since early 2010 . Also its interesting to note the overall volume of Ufo news shows an increasing trend every year (see below) and this means the media is finding it an increasingly popular topic with the public so they cover it more. Also with the advent of smart phones, no one has the excuse now not to be able to film a Ufo.

I always remind our readers to keep an eye out for suspicious objects in the sky. Even when everyone is asleep or oblivious to it, a curious and keen eye can often spot something others may have missed. Who knows - your next Ufo video "catch" may be just round the corner!

Remember to post your sightings or interesting videos to us using the 'submit' tab on the website.

Keep your eyes to the Skies and never stop!

Matt @ RealUfos

Increasing trend of volume of Ufo news over the years and Numerous spikes in Ufo news for the term "Ufo" since Mid 2010.

Spanish term for Ufo "Ovni" shows numerous spikes in 2011 & increasing volume of news trend:

Ufo follows man - San Diego to Hollister California 2010-12-11

A very intriguing ufo report submitted into Mufon filmed in a country area between San Diego to Hollister California. According to the report below the object followed the man for some time! He seems sincere and you can imagine how scary it would be if a ufo followed yourself in this way. You need may need to view at full screen. Hes got more videos here

Mufon case report (more videos)
While driving back home for Christmas break from San Diego to Hollister Ca, I stopped on a piece of property we own in a very secluded part of an unpopulated area to start a fire and get some rest before continuing north. Around 4 am I noticed an Orb straight above a Hill that hadn't been there before and it moved in a light circular pattern. I knew right away it was too bright to be a star but wasn't making a sound so it couldn't be a helicopter. I grabbed my i-phone and hoped it'd be able to catch it. Luckily it was the only object in the sky bright enough even though there where planets and thousands of stars out.
After taking a couple short videos I became a bit uncomfortable being miles from the nearest human and out of cell distance for at least an hour. I got in my car and drove to the gate to lock it and leave but then when I got out from my car I saw the orb moving from the hill towards me, so I jumped in my car and left the gate open. I drove to the nearest house and parked outside but didn't want to alarm anyone at the easy risk of sounding like a crazy person. So I waited there knowing if anything happened I could honk my horn.
I took a couple more videos of the orb which had followed me and soon decided to drive further to the next place I knew people lived and there was a land line. It followed me miles down the road where I stopped again. I took some more videos and felt a little less scared now. I had rationalized that if it was going to hurt me it would have already done it. I remembered that I needed to lock the gate so I reluctantly went back to lock it and the orb followed me back. Day was starting to break and I had drained the battery on my phone from all the videos but the orb continued to be visible during early morning after all stars disappeared. After I locked the gate I continued to drive home and look back every now and then but I lost the orb in the morning fog and never saw it again.
As soon as I got home I told my parents even though I new it sounded crazy, I just felt I had to tell someone. They believed me because they knew I wouldn't lie about something like this. I'm a pretty skeptical person myself so I showed the videos to them and a couple friends. They didnt come out as good as I thought they would because the movement of the object was hard to see with my hand shaking and also on the I-phone the object appeared much smaller and less bright than in real life. I thought about reporting the sighting right away but didn't like the fact that already I was getting skeptical feed back from my friends and decided to stop telling people about it or showing the videos. But after hearing from many of the neighbors in that area, some very credible, that they had seen similar orbs, I decided to make this report.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Ufos over Adelaide South Australia Orb November 30th 2011

Would like to hear from any of my fellow aussie's - if anyone in Adelaide spotted this strange ufo orb sighting;

Posters comments:
Appeared orange/red at first but once it passed the moon went into a bright (colour only visible with eye). This is my first sighting since moving houses. Filmed - Adelaide, Australia

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bright Ufo over near Popocateptl Volcano Mexico

Very bright Ufo spotted over Popocateptl Volcano in Mexico on 19 11 2011:
Over the years there has been numerous reports showing ufo sightings over volcanoes for some unknown reason.

Posters comments:
This luminous object 19/11/2011 on volcanoes and toured the north-west of the metropolitan area, a bank of clouds that were on the horizon, assess this phenomenon is a myth or a reality.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Large triangle ufo over Lakewood Colorado 11/28/11

Calling everyone from Lakewood Colorado we would like to know if others saw this very large and strange triangle ufo formation.
Video filmed on 11/28/11

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What were those lights over Loveland Ohio - ufos ?

Thanks to a RealUfos Reader who submitted us this interesting report. We would like to hear from anyone else in Ohio who may have spotted these strange lights over the last week or so please reply to this post.

Me and some friends were out on a street corner in Loveland Ohio on a park bench next to Tano Bistro (I used a website with google maps to figure out our exact location, which was Latitude:N 39° 16' 4.893" Longitude:W 84° 15' 30.5551"), when we saw these 3 whitish-orange lights in a triangle formation starting to rise up from the horizon (South/Southeast) going really fast. I got my phone out and started taking video of the lights, when another formation of lights rose up, this time there were five lights, the same color, in a much larger, somewhat uneven triangle pattern (Same direction). At this point people walking down the street, and eating outside at Tano stopped what they were doing to watch it, many getting out their phones as well and recording it.

There was at least one child next to me that was really scared. Both sets of lights continued to rise up form the horizon, appearing to rise almost vertically, before vanishing as we watched, while passing overhead. I'm still not sure whether they were 2 separate craft with multiple lights on each, or 8 craft with one light each. I live in the area, and come to this spot all the time, and I've never seen anything like this in my life. Note: I did see aircraft in the vicinity before and after the event, however they appeared to be civilian, and I am not aware of any that were in the vicinity during the event.

Posters feedback: I read an article on that said that similar lights were reported in 5 states on thanksgiving
day, and another sighting of similar lights happened in cleveland on the same day, and Cleveland is north of Cincinnati Ohio, which is the direction the lights were flying. Very interesting stuff going on!

Note: Click 1080p from the menu on the bottom right and then go full screen to see the lights best (its not the street light)

Strange ufo like lights over Maspeth New York

Would like to know if anyone else in Maspeth New York spotted this one:
Posters comments:
5:30am, starting my day at work when suddenly I saw this weird lights in the sky..

Rare smoke rings Over Mt Ruapehu

May not be Ufo but it sure is strange and reminds me of the black smoke rings i posted about ages ago: