Friday, June 14, 2013

Day Time UFO Orb - South Sacramento USA:

Send in by a  reader:
I also saw this hovering object in  sacramento. It was too big to be a ballon i think and it seems to hovering there for over a hour. It was really bright as if it had its own light. Did any of your readers also see this?

Triangle UFO formations over Dublin Ireland 12/06/2013

UFO lights or lanterns?
Posters comments: UFO's travel fast over the city and keep their formation at speed, the footage was recorded by an iphone, the bright white lights 3 of which formed a large triangle shape are clearly visible and no orange colour just white

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Triangle UFO In Longview, Texas USA: 10/06/2013

An usual triangle UFO was filmed over Longview, in Texas. Was it a drone?
RealUFOs would like to hear from anyone in  the area who may have also seen this object.

Filmer At approximately 10:45 PM on Monday night a triangular shaped object makes its way across longview Texas. The triangle has three front lights that pulse in an orderly fashion. On each corner of the craft there was a yellow light that resembled plasma. A red beacon light was also located on the underbelly of the craft.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UFO Follows Aircraft - Australia: 4/06/2013

New UFO video in from Australia:

Filmers comments:
“The person who caught this UFO (Laszlo) hunts on a daily basis and catches them a few times a day.” “He has been on the news and I will include a news video below the UFO video because it shows you his face, cameras, and how he does it.” “I filmed the plane when I saw this strange object appeared near the plane, then changed the directions and follow the plane.”

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collision! UFO & Boeing 757 / Air China: June 2013

UFO collided with a Boeing 757 belonging to Air China June 2013

The pilots flying he airplane contacted the control tower requesting an emergency landing due to "mechanical failure" but these images taken by a passenger tell a very different story. In these images the damage to the airplane is visible, as the nose of the aircraft shows evidence of a collision, the question here is, with what did this Boeing 757 collide at 8000 meters?
 Is it possible that an UFO made contact with this Airplane? Airport authorities immediately opened an investigation and surprisingly came to a conclusion that Air China's Boeing collided with an "bird" at an altitude of 26.000 fee. We wonder what type of bird would have caused this amount of damage and survive the collision-- since no blood nor any other kind of evidence is visible suggesting that it was a bird that collided with this Aircraft.
Another news cast in Asian language:

New Orleans UFO Orb: 7/06/2013

A bright, daytime multi colored UFO Orb, above New Orleans:

Monday, June 10, 2013

UFO Sighted - Johnson Valley California: 2/06/2013

Filmed on the 2nd of June 2013, this security camera footage is shaky and poor quality but it does show what looks like a cylindrical UFO, over Johnson Valley in California. If anyone from this area can corroborate this sighting it would be appreciated:
Filmers comments from Mufon :
While reviewing recorded video of the previous few days I noticed this object "pop in" to a cloudless sky. It hovered near but not directly over a new microwave cell phone relay tower recently installed by Verizon for 2-3 minutes while pulsating then faded out with 2 short flashes

Teens Chased By UFO? El Paso, Texas: 08/06/2013

Occupants of a car in the area of  El Paso, Texas,  record a bright UFO light in the sky that descends upon a house, and then turns, chasing the car at speed.
Could this sighting simply be a helicopter or something else?
If anyone in the neighbourhood also saw this at the time, we would like to hear your reply to this post.

UFO Sighting Above Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands: 5/06/2013

This interesting UFO video, shows a hovering light over Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands:

Posters comments:
3am and a man outside recording a bright white light picked the right camera to do so, he got as much detail as you could ask for in seeing such a light, the object moves very intelligently at times, its no lantern we assure you, its no flare either, its totally silent, and it partially pulsates! so what is it? we say UFO

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spectators Witness Triangle UFO Above Texas, USA: 7/05/2013

A triangle craft passes above a few spectators in Texas, with eerie silence. Then suddenly - it vanishes! The craft, which has the distinctive 'triangle shape' resembles a lot of night vision triangle UFO's recorded - especially with it's lights!
Any idea what it was? Did anyone else in Texas witness this?