Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collision! UFO & Boeing 757 / Air China: June 2013

UFO collided with a Boeing 757 belonging to Air China June 2013

The pilots flying he airplane contacted the control tower requesting an emergency landing due to "mechanical failure" but these images taken by a passenger tell a very different story. In these images the damage to the airplane is visible, as the nose of the aircraft shows evidence of a collision, the question here is, with what did this Boeing 757 collide at 8000 meters?
 Is it possible that an UFO made contact with this Airplane? Airport authorities immediately opened an investigation and surprisingly came to a conclusion that Air China's Boeing collided with an "bird" at an altitude of 26.000 fee. We wonder what type of bird would have caused this amount of damage and survive the collision-- since no blood nor any other kind of evidence is visible suggesting that it was a bird that collided with this Aircraft.
Another news cast in Asian language:
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Anonymous said...

There is no talk of Pilot or Passengers seeing a disc of sorts,so what has this to do with UFO?..The only UFO. in all this,is the unidentified bird strike,for which the impact looks
consistent with,as has been seen before, with aircraft!? No blood or feathers?..well, clean
impact! it can happen.What DOES puzzle me,is the altitude of 26,000ft. What bird is at
that altitude?..I can only conclude that the impact was not at 26,000ft.that there is an error in this story!? but on the other hand,if this IS correct,then we can see why UFO.is
assumed,because the impact is unidentifiable at the said altitude...mmmm a MYSTERY??

It IS a BIRDS eye view of the world up there!! & it does look like a bird strike..........

William Stafford said...

The person who wrote the description for the 757 collision apparently does not fully understand the effects of impacts at 580mph. If the damage to the nose of the 757 was caused by a UFO, then it happened at 20mph on the taxiway....

Marshall J Brown said...

A news video clearly shows some black material or marks left in the lower left side of this large dent in the nose of this Boeing 757.These can be described as skid marks. As of June 10, no mention has been made about trying to determine what this black material is composed of. Looking very closely, it appears that whatever hit the nose cone was deflected safely away from the aircraft. No piercing of the nose is apparent. mjb

Anonymous said...

That looks more like a full-on bump to me,there doea'nt seem to be any scrape marks on the damaged nose,did any of the pasengers or Pilots feel anything?? this could have happened while on the ground.

Bathtub said...

Radomes are lightweight structures and are not pressurised. They're vulnerable to major damage from surprisingly small objects - birds, hail etc - and can also collapse due to materials fatigue. A bird strike is quite possible at 26,000ft: vultures, geese, cranes and other species have been recorded at this altitude. If a 'ufo' is involved, it's likely to be of earthly origin.

Anonymous said...

26,000 ft height... that be one strong-lunged bird cause the air is too thin for them to do the wing flapping.

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