Saturday, September 26, 2009

Worked for Aerospace, military, or airlines & know about Ufos?

Now more than any time is important for those in the know to come forward on what they know about Ufos.

With a massive public perception shift over the last 10 years there is huge public interest in the topic now. Most of the mainstream media are also considering the topic of growing and serious interest.

Numerous people from aerospace industries, to military, airforce, pilots and police staff are coming forward to disclose what they know about ufos.

We recommend if you work for such organisations and would like to submit your report in complete confidentiality to please contact the disclosure project or project Camelot,

Ufo fleet over Lebanon Beirut, September 22

Did you see the Ufo recently over Lebanon? - take photos or have more information?
please reply to this post and tell us more...

Beirut, September 22 - During the television show hosted by Il Maestro Nichan Derharoutiounian journalist and broadcast on the LBCI, eyewitnesses reported the presence of unidentified flying objects in the skies of Lebanon, at the motorway at Antelias Jounieh in Lebanon.

In detail, Sunday and Monday evening, the cars stopped on the motorway Antelias to view more than fifty objects flying light of two meters in diameter in the sky of Lebanon, who descended to earth to disappear before reaching the ground, which then reappeared resuming their flight to the heights. One witness, Nadine Abou Fadel, who is on staff of the show, described these objects, indicating they leveled the orange lights to Hwy. Flying saucers, aberration or collective hallucination?

A photographer at the scene, Gerard Aaraj, took photos:

لم تشاهد الجسم الغريب في الآونة الأخيرة على لبنان -- التقاط صور أو الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات الرجاء الرد على هذا المنصب ، ويقول لنا أكثر

Olivia Newton John claims she saw a UFO

More and more high profile people keep coming forward about Ufos and this shows how the public perception about ufos has radically changed over the past 10 years - now Grease superstar Olivia Newton John comes forward:

The 60-year-old performer said that she was "intrigued" by unidentified flying objects and believed that most people in Britain shared her interest.

She has described how she saw a silver object flying across the sky at "amazing speeds" when she was 15.

"I have seen one when I was very young. It was unidentified and it was flying," she told The Sun.

"In England most people now think UFOs are possible. Twenty years ago, how many people would have thought that?"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Long version of the objects seen over chile

This is a longer version of that video of objects seen over Santiago Chile i posted back in December 2008.
It may be a squadron of planes late at night but many locals still disagree to this explanation. Would like your opinions:

India finds evidence of water on the moon

Chandrayaan-1, India's first lunar mission, has found evidence of large quantities of water on its surface, The Times newspaper reported on Thursday.
Data from the spacecraft also suggests water is still being formed on the moon, the British newspaper said.
"It's very satisfying," the newspaper quoted Mylswamy Annadurai, the mission's project director at the Indian Space Research Organisation in Bangalore, as saying.
The newspaper said the breakthrough would be announced by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Thursday.
NASA's website says it will hold a media briefing at 1440 EDT on Sept. 24 to "reveal new scientific findings about the moon" from data collected during national and international space missions.

Astonishing 100 ft long ufo craft seen by astronomer over Exeter UK

This is very big news:

Amateur astronomer Lee Betts, 29, believes it could be visitors from outer space – or that the sighting is at least unexplained.

He saw the red cigar-shaped object hovering around 1,000ft off the ground four miles away, towards Thorverton, late on Monday night:

"I couldn't believe it at first," he said.
"The shape was about 100ft long and there were four lights coming from it initially.
"I saw it at the back of my house, which faces Thorverton, so I got my telescope set up and magnified the image 20 times and then took this picture. All this happened at around 8.45pm and it was still there an hour later.
"I've never seen anything like this before – it's unexplained.
"The shape moved slowly across the skyline and as I looked through my telescope it seemed to pivot on its central axis. It was very strange.
"It then sort of rolled around and a bright light appeared at one end of the shape.
Then, without warning, a sudden flash of light like a shooting star went across the sky."

read more - source

Nick Pope calls for MOD to investigate:

The shape moved slowly and it seemed to pivot on a central axis. Then, without warning, a sudden flash of light like a shooting star went across the sky.

"It was very strange. I have been an amateur astronomer for the past three years and I've never seen anything like it before. It's unexplained."
UFO expert Nick Pope said: "It's very rare for astronomers to report UFO sightings. They're familiar with the night sky, so when they say they've seen something mysterious, you can take it to the bank.
"This is a fascinating image. If the object is as big as suggested it may have been tracked on radar."

Note i have reported before on many Ufo sightings near Exeter - why there? - cause its near the french channel:

UFO over Belgrade - Serbia

Ufo makes the news in Slovenia

(They pulled this video ... so click here for it)

Stevica Praporski shot this ufo orb from the terrace of his apartment. "I could not believe their eyes. Extraterrestrial body is moved over the city from two to three minutes, then disappeared in the direction Surčin," said the Serbian media. " The body was seen as being from volcanic lava, around him are flying particles of different colors. A few minutes later I noticed another flying object, which resembled a small spaceship, "he described his impressions Praporski and added that his responses to different clip.

What will happen 'when' we find Alien Life

Note how Dr michio kaku says "when" not "if" like NASA. Also note - The Copernican Revolution refers to the paradigm shift away from the Ptolemaic model of the heavens, which postulated the Earth at the center of the universe

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apparent triangle Ufo at night?

Would like opinions on this footage... i have no further info at this time as yet:

Ufos in strange formations

The poster swears these weren't birds.. what do you think?

Ufos near airports again

There is a small airport for privite planes like sesnas and other small planes 3 or 4 miles in the direction im filming. the two planes you see are either taking off or about to land...the ufos are in front of the planes meaning that they are close to 2 or 3 miles away from my position.

Know more? - email the poster

Fox investigates the famous 1952 Ufo over washington

Many people say if Et's are real then why don't they just land at the whitehouse lawn in Washington.Well what people don't realise is that in 1952 this almost happened!
(have posted on this many times before)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Iran shoots down strange bright craft over Persian Gulf

Very interesting article from Press TV

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has targeted and downed an unidentified shining object after sighting it over Persian Gulf waters.

"Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province)," said top regional commander, Brigadier Ali Razmjou.

"The three bright objects were detected by our radars when flying over the Persian Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou," he added, according to a Monday report posted on IRNA.

Brig. Razmjou explained that when the radars indicated that they were not Iranian aircrafts, the IRGC fired at the three objects. He also added that the fallen objects' remains have not been found yet.

The exact time and location of the sighting and downing of the weird aircraft has not been announced.


Sydney turns into Mars - Errie Blood red skies !

Just a weird one i thought i would share with you...
I woke this morning to see my whole neighbourhood covered in red dust!
The errie red dust storms that have blanketed Sydney today have transformed it into a martian like landscape...

( down town inner Sydney)

Many people are shocked and are out taking photos of this once in a lifetime event.
There is much concern as the strangely hot temperatures and weather is likely due to global warming. Summer has come way to early in Australia and the grave concern is that such bizzare weather events are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the results of climate change.
Here's a picture i took this morning on my way to work that i thought i would share with you... (usually you can see the nice blue sky and the city from here... nows its all but a red haze)
(not going anywhere- paramatta rd)

Russian Expedition to the Ufo bases in the Tundra

Interesting article from this Russian News Paper

In the tundra, according to this chelovechische, there are domed entrance, but deep under the ground - huge cavity, divided into rooms. Such enigmatic structures found in Yakutia. The scientific expedition leader Nikolai Subbotin said: "In the Tibetan manuscripts, scrolls, says that earlier this Yakut system domes were part of the defense of our ancient civilization. Sounds, of course, as a complete fantasy and unbelievable, but, nevertheless, these documents are in scrolls described.

The buildings are located along the river Vilyuy. Find them easily - the place like all familiar crop circles. Only here the circles are flooded under water. Versions over several buildings. Main - the legacy of an ancient civilization. But ufologists consider the option and visit the Earth by aliens.

Several thousand years ago, when the Yakut tribes were still living large, in those places there was a great cataclysm. As they describe the sons of heaven came, they came the war with the people who lived on Earth.

The expedition will include 15 people. They specialize in unexplained phenomena. Participants to examine the two dome-shaped objec

Source - read more

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UFO over East Coast Massachusetts to Virginia September 19, 2009

I'm getting so many emails from people that this was a Ufo and not a rocket which NASA told people it was. Many people on the East coast who have seen in swore it shot down a strong light beam and they were startled.
I Would really like anyone who saw this to please respond to this post - we need more information

Reader Submitted Ufo videos

I get so many ufo video submissions every day - keep them going by using the submit link above- thanks!
2004 Arizona

UFO near fireworks in Slovakia

Mass UFO Sighting East Coast 19th September 2009 8 pm from Massachusetts to Virginia

Did you see the the Mass sighting of enormous cone of light in sky around 8 pm on 9-19-2009?. It was Witnessed all over east coast from Massachusetts to Virginia.
Real Ufos wants to know more - please respond to this post to tell us what you saw.

I do know Nasa had the Black Brant xii Rocket up then (as the below report says) but their experiment was done near New York right ?..

Orbs Over Cardiff UK

Monday, September 21, 2009

Google and its Ufo logos continue - H.G. Wells

The recent Ufo theme of google logos has taken another turn with todays logo revealing a link to the renowed author H.G. Wells.

I would like to hear your opionions on this

Mexico ufo news report from 2005

GUADALAJARA , JALISCO, MEXICO A 2005 UFO video footage was taken by a skywatcher but never given much attention until a TV CREW showed up on site and managed to re-capture live the same UFOS seen two years prior

The weird Light in New Jersey , Ohio - NASA rocket?

Live in Ohio, New Jeresy & New York?

We are getting conflicting reports about that object that was seen recently.

Some people are saying it was NASA's rocket in the area called the The Black Brant xii Rocket experiment (NASA’s Night Time Artificial Cloud Study and a Charged Aerosol Release Experiment) but some people disagree that the object could not be a rocket.

Here's a video link to the object seen.

Would like to know your opinions on this recent sighting,

Anthony Woods - UFO Magnet ?

One man has shoot more remarkable UFO footage than anyone in the world - why him?

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