Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chemtrails over southend on sea essex 13-10-08

Governments all over the world are working hard to learn how to manipulate weather before global warming impacts on food production by using barium and heavy metals in chemtrails. If you see many criss crosses from planes in the sky like the below ones you may notice that eventually a cloud forms - however what they don't tell you i that barium eventually falls to the ground and can make you sick - this may be the reason why ufos are seen always near chemtrails - are they trying to neutralize them - who knows?
Latest chemtrails over southend on sea essex 13-10-08:


The famous Japan Airlines UFO Sighting

For those who haven't seen it before the most famous aircraft report of a Ufo was the Japan airlines Boeing 747 incident over Alaska in Next time you fly, make sure you get a window seat and keep your cell phone video camera ready .. you might just by chance see something like in this report!:

Captain Terauchi, a veteran of 29 years flying, said "It was a very big one or two times bigger than an aircraft carrier." He changed altitude and made turns, with FAA permission, in an effort to identify the objects which continued to follow him. He said the objects moved quickly and stopped suddenly. At one time, the light from the large object was so bright that it lit the airplane's cockpit and Captain Terauchi said he could feel heat from it on his face. He added that he had been watching the UFO for six minutes before notifying anyone on the ground; this would make the start of the sighting about 6:13 p.m.

The FAA at first confirmed the claims that several of its radar traffic controllers tracked the 747 and the large object, and that U.S. Air Force radar did as well. Later official statements hedged on this, and tried to attribute the radar targets to weather effects. At the end, however, an FAA spokesman stated, "We are accepting the descriptions of the crew, but are unable to support what they saw

Spacecraft to Jupiter - Project Orion Asteroid defence plan

In the late 1950's, a giant nuclear bomb powered spacecraft was being secretly developed to carry huge payloads to the outer planets. Today, the plans are still in place as a contingency for an asteroid strike

Law Enforcement Employees - Encounters With UFO's

As you may know the most credible sources for Ufo reports come from Law Enforcement Employees like police. They have been incrementally trained to view such events to therefore come up with a valid explanation for what they have seen:

another police sighting video:


Now that Obama is the new elected president to be what do you think his stance will be on Ufo disclosure?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here's a nice article detailing Ufo history from the daily telegraph in the UK

UFO over Casa Grande 8th November 2008 MUFON footage

Great ufo footage from 8th November 2008 as shown by Mufon - any comments guys?

UFO over Casa Grande 8.XI.2008 - MUFON footage

Ufos on the News in russia 2004

Ufo in storm Ohlahoma 1997

Posted this one before but just wanted to know if you guys had any thoughts on this one:

In 1997 Lanny Lamphere, a environmental photojournalist living in Norman, OK, filmed a UFO ( Object ) in a thunderstorm. The mainstream media picked up the story and made Lan famous overnight even though he never said that this thing he had filmed was a little green man, or even a UFO. The technology didnt exist in 1997 to share this video with the world. but now it does. Here is a part of the story that rocked Oklahoma and the rest of the world including for the first time the actual Object Video and chaser highlights from Memorial Day 1997 near Loco, OK

Was it a Ufo over Piura in Peru Nov. 1, 2008 ?

A region famos for Ufo sightings - could this recent one be infact a real ufo:

Ufo sighting Nov 10 2008 Providence, Rhode Island


Jamie maussan presents a great new ufo finding with CELL PHONE PICTURES BY TIM COMESTOCK , object was filmed ON OCT 24, 2008 AT EMPIRE OHIO NEAR A MOUNTAIN

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UFO shoots red beam Manchester - higher quality

A SHINING beam blasts earthwards in over Manchester from what looks like a hovering UFO, in another astounding sighting:

Free Gary McKinnon -

If you are a USA based supporter of Gary McKinnon, please take the opportunity of using the new site an initiative site setup by Barack Obama, to press the US Government during Transition to drop the counterproductive, and potentially damaging extradition case against Gary McKinnon:

A look back on Stephenville Texas Ufo event:

A glance back to January when the world attention was on Stephenville - a Witness Recounts the Stephenville UFO

Monday, November 10, 2008

UFOs over NEW JERSEY nuclear power plant 2001 - The Ufo nuclear connection?

I have posted numerous times the ongoing link between Ufo sightings over nuclear power sources and weapons silos all over the world. Its seems like the are monitoring what we are doing with nuclear energy, probably to make sure we don't destroy our world.
Also with the disturbing news that mini - nuclear plants will now be installed over the world the question of safety and regulation of nuclear waste is now a big issue that we should all consider - read article. (also its interesting to note - what is the technology behing these new mini nuclear power plants - no moving parts?)

On July 14/15th 2001, it was a clear summer night, when out of no where, a massive array of lights traveled, silently and slowly over neighboring towns of New York and New Jersey. The lights started going out one by one just passing Newark International Airport, New Jersey and disappeared over the Carteret/Linden, New Jersey, (right around the power plant off the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE SOUTHBOUND) ar More..ea over New Jersey.

Phoenix Lights Close look at

Posted this before guys but its good to check out:
Closer look at footage analysed by Jim Dilettoso and Michael Tanner at Village Labs in Tempe. At least one more video exists, showing what appear to be mystery lights moving over Phoenix. The difference in this tape: Dilettoso says a pilot from Luke Air Force Base captured the images with a camera in his cockpit, as he pursued the lights over Maricopa County. While the video is not yet released to the public, Dilettoso does describe it exclusively for us:

ufo and helicopter oct 7th 08

ufo in germany fires same laser as bristol ufo

Ufo over germany on 18 October 2008 fires red laser like bristol ufo

Sunday, November 09, 2008

UFOs in the News Oregon August 2008

Home video from a man in central Oregon showing what appears to be a UFO has experts scratching their heads.

ufo or STS Videotaped in South Central United States

"South Central United States-On October 25, 2008, at approximately 01:00 AM, I was outside facing due south. I had noticed this pulsating object which was quite distinct in the night sky, and had already taken several still frames of it.

I decided to take a video of the object, as we had not done this in the past, and were curious as to what could be obtained. The video is three or so minutes long, and shows the object moving off the camera screen which was sitting on a tripod, and focused the object in the center.

I am providing a still shot of this same object, and what is most bizarre is that this object is constantly moving and morphing from one object to another. We are located in the south central United States.