Monday, November 10, 2008

UFOs over NEW JERSEY nuclear power plant 2001 - The Ufo nuclear connection?

I have posted numerous times the ongoing link between Ufo sightings over nuclear power sources and weapons silos all over the world. Its seems like the are monitoring what we are doing with nuclear energy, probably to make sure we don't destroy our world.
Also with the disturbing news that mini - nuclear plants will now be installed over the world the question of safety and regulation of nuclear waste is now a big issue that we should all consider - read article. (also its interesting to note - what is the technology behing these new mini nuclear power plants - no moving parts?)

On July 14/15th 2001, it was a clear summer night, when out of no where, a massive array of lights traveled, silently and slowly over neighboring towns of New York and New Jersey. The lights started going out one by one just passing Newark International Airport, New Jersey and disappeared over the Carteret/Linden, New Jersey, (right around the power plant off the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE SOUTHBOUND) ar More..ea over New Jersey. Rate this posting:

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