Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Ufo documentary - Investigation X UFO Outbreak

This new ufo documentary looks at Stephenville and new sightings - the 5 part video is an investigation into Ufo sightings by credible witnesses, there are some tests conducted on footage and photos etc, Discovery channel presentation




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Anonymous said...

Attn: 'UFO Hunters'--THIS is how it's done. Great video!

Anonymous said...

LOL..by showing that the saucer would have created a larger boom the guy has also shown that the saucer would be less efficient at that speed than a fighter jet. In other words the Saucers were a less aerodynamic design than our own craft yet they are supposed to be more advanced intelligence.

This is a very entertaining video to watch but these are very poor excuses for ufo sightings.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it is probably designed to be more suitable for an array of atmospheres. Plus, it's primary fly zone would be outer space. Additionally, I have seen other tests in air tunnels of UFO designs and most of which, the ones found to be credible, can actually easily handle higher speeds than Jets. Speeds reaching past Mach 14.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, much better analysis than the hyped 'UFO Hunters'. I caught this rerun in Thailand on 30 Dec 09.
The mass of the alleged saucer is an unknown quantity, therefore, how to estimate the decibel level of a sonic boom and aren't those all roughly the same anyways.

Terry C. in Thailand

Anonymous said...

Aliens use gravity drives to travel and would not be effected by wind currents

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